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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No One Died. Nothing Burned Down. Blessings All Around.

It all began when Chris and I were watching the Olympics one evening and I said to him, "Do you smell that?" He said, "No. What?" I said, "It smells like burnt toast." This was around 9 pm or so. I have started to pay close attention to what I'm smelling these days from a metaphysical standpoint...clairscent giftedness, to be exact...which seems to be getting more intense by the day. For one thing, my father (who crossed over in '83) has been around me quite a bit these days. I can tell by his tell-tale cigarette smoke presence, strongly wafting in our house where no one has ever smoked. So even though Chris couldn't smell the "burnt toast," and I wasn't sure what to make of it yet, I knew enough to take note.

In the middle of that night we woke up to our downstairs smoke alarm blaring. This time both of us smelled burnt toast in the extreme. There was a snowstorm raging outside, but Chris threw on a coat and shoveled the area around our boiler exhaust pipe so that it was as clear of snow as possible. I checked every nook and cranny within the house, but found nothing amiss. I felt walls in order to see if they were hot. When Chris came in, I told him we should get a boiler expert AND an electrician in to check things out, just to be on the safe side. Why did I smell the burnt toast earlier that evening? A warning? Hmmm.

The boiler and electricity experts came over and gave us the all clear. Neither expert knew for sure what really happened though there was a whole lotta guessing going on. The best we could figure was that the boiler's exhaust pipe was clogged for a bit. We did order two new smoke/CO combo detectors (we only had two smoke detectors), so maybe this is something we were being nudged to take care of. Hmmm.

The next exciting event occured a few days later. I woke up and said boldly, "We're going to the movies." Now this isn't too unusual except that I usually say, "Would you like to go to the movies today?" Or I might proclaim, "I'd love to see a movie!" Chris responded immediately to my bold statement and said, "Sounds good. Find out if that flick about Tolstoy is at Images Theater." I said, "I think it's gone already from there, but I'll check." I checked and it was still on. Now please note that if the movie was playing anywhere else, we would have had to take an expressway to get there. Not so with Images...we could take the back roads.

It was Sunday and we opted to go to an afternoon showing. After driving about a half hour, the car began to make clicking noises (which eventually escalated to thunderous clacking) prior to the break down. We decided to turn around and head home. Chris said, "Hmmm, maybe the transmission." I said, "Nope." Chris said, "Could be something with the front brakes." I said, "Nope." Chris said, "Maybe the noise is something dragging below." I said, "Nope." Let it be known I know NOTHING about cars (obviously, neither does Chris). I then quietly did a reading on the car. I've never done a reading on anything inanimate. I said (before all hell broke loose), "What exactly is the axle?" And then I said, "And tell me about a tie rod (now I don't know the difference between a tie rod from A Rod)". And I finished by saying, "By the way, chances are there's a crack in one or the other." Also, I smelled something acrid and felt a burning in my throat. Chris smelled nor felt nothing. A taddy bit later we were lopsided by the side of the road. Thank GOD we were not on an expressway, because we would have easily veered into oncoming traffic, going at a much higher speed than on the back road we were on.

Chris later confessed to me that he had planned, upon waking, to go to Acton, Massachusetts that day, where a jam session was to take place. When I said we were going to a movie, he didn't think twice about not saying yes. If he had gone to Acton, he would have been on a major expressway when the tire began to come off.

When we got out to check the car, all the lug nuts on our front left tire were off. The tire was nearly sideways. A truck with two very nice folks and their two beagles stopped right away. We have no cell phone and even though they did, it wouldn't work amidst the mountains. Another truck stopped and went to get us a tow truck guy. The tow guy shook his head in disbelief as he saw all the lug nuts gone. He "stole" three lug nuts from the other tires and we crippled home, $100 lighter in our checkbook.

The next day, we slooowwwllly crippled the car on the back roads to our Brattleboro Suburu fix-it shop. An actual crack was never found, but my guides who spoke to me did get the problem area correct. Another $550 and we were back on the road by the following day.

We still owe the boiler man and the electrician $$. Add it all up, multiply by 100, and we still would have gotten off pretty darn cheap...considering our lives are priceless.

As we came out of our car towards the house, we saw that the entire gutter on one side of the house was on the ground. Chris and I smiled at each other. No one died. Nothing burned down. Blessings all around.


  1. Thankfully no one was hurt. I love how the intuitive side took over with the car trip. I had a ball joint go out, close to the same thing, and I was fortunate enough to be on a back road because the tire just tipped over. Your husband was very lucky that he was not on the expressway.

  2. Oh, you've got that right, Ed! Someone was shining down on us that day!!!

  3. Whoa...You are so lucky! I had that happen once on a trip to York (ME). There were 5 of us jam-packed in this car and we pulled over on the highway because something didn't feel "right". Turned out the bolts on the tire were worn nearly to a splinter, almost as though someone had been filing at them. We still went to the beach and had fun after the tire was fixed, but it was still pretty disturbing.

  4. Oh my, beggarmaid. I'm sorry you had a similar experience to Chris and I. Scary, indeed! And lucky for us both!!!