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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Crystal Collection And Portable Crystal Storage

I have been happily collecting rocks and crystals for a few years now. From early on, rocks have always intrigued me. As a kid I received a rock tumbler for Christmas and made my Ma some jewelry, that she so kindly and dutifully wore, from the polished rocks. Also as a child, I received a box of mounted minerals that I have admired and kept through the years. Even now, when Chris and I take our walks together, rocks often make their way back to our place...either to join other rocks in our rock garden...or to my altar...often displayed on various windowsills or furniture...or, if the rock looks like a nose, to our "Looks Like A Nose Gallery," located in my spinning room.

Before I continue, not having any geology background, I wanted to know the difference between a rock and a crystal, if there was one. I found this, posted on Mad Sci Network , by Sarah Fretz, Undergraduate, Biology, New Mexico Tech: "Crystals are most definitely rocks, but not all rocks are crystals. Crystals and rocks form in similar ways, either with heat, or time and water or oil. The biggest difference between rocks and crystals is that crystals are more pure than rocks. You see, both rocks and crystals are made up of minerals. Minerals come in all shapes and colors and act differently when they’re treated with chemicals or broken with a hammer. How these minerals form can change from rock to rock, but here again comes the issue of purity. If a mineral is mixed with lots of different minerals, or some dirt, or even some water when it’s made, chances are that this mineral will be a part of what seems to be a plain old rock. If by chance the mineral is heated slowly and evenly in the depths of the earth (and later pushed to the surface over millions of years), it may become a crystal like the ones you found. This is how quartz crystals form, and a lot of the most common sand is just very small, worn down quartz crystals."

In my humble opinion, there's nothing not to like about crystals. Often they're more beautiful than not. And even when they're not so gorgeous, they all resonate various healing energies and have metaphysical qualities that make them useful and desirable (please see the past posts, Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Di..., More Crystal Book Sources; Another Dream, and Another Crystal Book Source; Thoughts On Hand Posi...). Then there's the range of colors available to admire and applaud. Some crystals sparkle; some are luminescent; some are shiny whereas others are matte; some are smooth whilst others are rough (often, but not always, due to whether they've been tumbled or not); some are striped and others spotted; some are hard and others relatively soft; etc... It seems to me it matters not whether you are 5 or 95, crystals are appreciated, often quite affordable (well, there are exceptions...), and can be rather addictive from a collecting standpoint.

My friends, the Lunar Ladies, get together once a month. Quite awhile back I thought it would be fun if I brought a different crystal each month for all of us. It was neat to see how we went from being ignorant about a crystal's qualities to being excited and better educated regarding what a crystal was known for and what it could do for us. Within a few months, ALL FIVE of us had our own copies of "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals ~ A Comprehensive Guide To 150 Crystals and Gemstones," by Cassandra Eason...still a fave book of mine.

The pic at the top of this post shows my most excellent black cat, Chloe, inspecting the way I've been storing my smaller crystals. Because I KNOW I will be using crystals in healing work in the future, I wanted to make sure I knew the names of all the crystals I had, and this requires I keep some sort of order amongst my crystals. Eagle eyes will note that the plastic boxes are compartmentalized and often used by beading enthusiasts. I've gotta admit, I'm not thrilled by the use of plastic to house my crystals. I'd love to have wooden boxes with compartments...or even glass would be nice. So far, no luck on finding such preferred housing. I will admit the plastic storage boxes are cheap and lightweight. Plus, with permanent marker I can write a number on a wall of each crystal compartment; the number corresponding to a sheet listing said name of the crystal. It's my plan to fit some cardboard on the inside of the lid in which to list each crystal's name and number in that particular box.

Do you love crystals and rocks, too? How do you store them? What are your favorites and why?

I thought it would be fun to list the crystals I keep in my boxes:
1. Mookaite; 2. Rhodochrosite; 3. Bloodstone; 4. Tree Agate; 5. Azurite; 6. Quartz; 7. Peacock Stone - Bornite; 8. Iolite; 9. Selenite; 10. Citrine; 11. Blue Lace Agate; 12. Sodalite; 13. Scenic Jasper; 14. Smoky Quartz; 15. Amazonite; 16. Jet; 17. Cabochons of Malachite, Onyx, Adventurine, and Carnelian.

18. Yellow Jasper; 19. Amethyst; 20. Labradorite; 21. Carnelian; 22. Hawk Eye; 23. Amber; 24. Mahogany Obsidian; 25. Red Jasper (polished); 26. Red Jasper (unpolished); 27. Celestite; 28. Howlite; 29. Rose Quartz; 30. Adventurine; 31. Moonstone; 32. Carnelian; 33. Chalcedony; 34. Hematite.

35. Kambaba Jasper; 36. Serpentine; 37. Black Onyx; 38. Tiger Iron; 39. Green Onyx; 40. Kyanite; 41. Pink Selenite; 42. Red Calcite; 43. Zebra Jasper.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thoughts On Tarot Deck Hierarchy and Symbolism

Not long ago a friend and I were corresponding about the MANY, various Tarot decks that are available these days. Both of us agreed that Tarot decks featuring dressed-up cats and the like weren't usually our cuppa tea. I'm not into really "dark" decks, either. Tho' being a Halloween lover, I will admit to a fondness for using the Halloween Tarot deck around my favorite of holidays. And at least one delightful faerie deck has made it in my small collection. In any case, I think folks should pick decks that they like and that they personally gravitate to, so if costumed cats make one's bells start to ring, then so be it. Which brings me to hierarchy regarding Tarot decks...

I truly don't think one type of Tarot deck is more professional than another type, whether there's featured illustrations and/or pics or not (ie. regular playing cards) on the cards themselves. In other words, I'm not of the camp that feels if a reader uses...let's say, the Crowley "Thoth" deck (Also, Thoth on the Aeclectic Tarot site)...that that reader is necessarily any more professional or excellent of a reader than if he/she used any other deck of their choice. I feel that being a wonderful Tarot reader goes waayyyy beyond what deck they choose to read with. No doubt a future blog post down the line will deal with some of what I feel makes for a good Tarot reader...compassion, solid ethics, honesty and confident delivery being four important qualities, for instance. Until that future post gets fleshed out, there is a blog post I wrote last summer that you may find interesting: Some Tarot Thoughts.

So, since I don't think there's really a hierarchy of what's a more "professional" deck over another perhaps it would be good if I explained my reasons why. There's tons of symbology one can learn...if one wants matter what deck is used. We can pick, choose, and inhale the symbology that resonates with us; that makes sense to us; that we can use for inspiration during a reading. If we like the way some author or so-called "authority" discusses THEIR take on symbols, then we can study and use that. But I think it's important to realize that it IS the author's take and nothing more. Same with the Tarot classes...even unto a "Tarot certification" of one type or 'nother. In my next Spin-Off magazine article I actually write about this topic from a fiber technique standpoint. If you're part of a spinning certification program, you'd be wise to learn what the judges deem as "truth"...because their truth is what you'll get graded by. But is it truly TRUTH? Well, perhaps that, at least somewhat, has to do if you agree with them, eh? Same with Tarot symbolism. The bottom line for me: I think what each reader intuitively sees, hears, feels, and knows is really what's important.

Now please note that I don't mean it's not good to study an author's "take on symbolism." That's fine if that's what is wanted. Doing so certainly expands one's ideas and let's one have a deeper well of information to draw from. For instance, if you want to address astrological symbology in your Tarot readings, you can educate yourself on astrology and do so. Additionally, picking a deck already infused with astrological symbolism might be a good choice for you. If you want to include symbolism dealing with the Kabbalah in your readings, you can study this vast discipline and incorporate what you learn in your Tarot readings. If numerology interests you, you can use in your Tarot readings what you learn about numbers and formulas. And so forth...

Those who know me KNOW that I'm all about education. BUT, after 30 years of studying fibers...realizing that I can make my own decisions, choose my own directions of study, and develop my own "takes"...I'm more empowered regarding my Tarot reading, even though I've not been involved with Tarot nearly as long as I have been a fiber artist. Plus, add my ever-growing intuition and continued psychic development, and you have a Tarot reader who is definitely going to trust herself more than what some author is touting regarding his/her own "take" on symbolism.

For the record, presently I'm primarily reading with the World Spirit Tarot deck. For the few years prior I was mostly using the Robin Wood Tarot deck. I switched because it began to make me crazy that all of the characters in the Robin Wood deck were Caucasian and pretty! Also, I like that folks depicted in the World Spirit deck were of various sizes and shapes. I have other decks that I read from occasionally, but the World Spirit Tarot is now my main, go-to deck. And though I'm not a Tarot deck collector per se, I AM looking forward to when the Gaian Tarot Tarot deck gets commercially published by Llewellyn Worldwide in September 2011.

Tarot readers and non-Tarot readers, what's your thoughts on symbolism and deck hierarchy?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Spring '10 Whole Health Expo; Gary McKinstry - Psychic Medium

This past weekend I was delighted to spend my time at The Whole Health Expo in Northampton, Massachusetts. I have been to these Expos twice prior and simply love them. (Please see the past posts: The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More, and Inner Child). For two full days I attended the classes of my choice. Every single workshop that I attended was wonderful in a variety of ways. Most of the classes dealt with alternative health information. Many of the class offerings concentrated on metaphysical topics. I did all of this, including the ability to be part of a special, AMAZING presentation by psychic medium, Gary McKinstry, for $35. And because I didn't want to miss a single thing by taking time out to eat a formal lunch, I brought a thermos of water and a baggie of unsalted almonds and raisins to keep me hydrated and energized. With events such as this, I actually play better by myself, so whilst Chris drove me there and back each day, I had the days to me, myself, and I.

Before I forget, I should add that there were plenty of vendors to excite and entice. I only bought one thing...a "spirit quartz" from Jerry Marchand Celtic Harp And Crystals. Jerry has a great collection of crystals to choose from and one pretty lavender cluster, that reminded me of a castle in the clouds, became my souvenir from the show. It now resides happily on my personal altar.

Here's the workshops I took on Saturday, April 17th (each workshop was 45 minutes long):
  • "The Golden Chalice of Alchemy," by Brenda Edwards of Quantum Life Management Center.
  • "I am Menraa-Saras 'Alien Magician'...I have returned," by Aaron Singleton of The Way To Balance.
  • "Shamballa Multidimensional Healing," by Phyllis Brooks of Taliloquay.
  • "Top 10 Reasons People Don't Heal," by Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive, of The Way To Balance.
  • "The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage," by Chaya Leia Sylvia, RN, of Purple Rose Healing Arts.
  • "Full Spectrum Reiki," by Diane Tellier of Abundant Wellness Center.
  • "Communicating with Guides and Awakening Spiritual Perception," by Kristin Kirk.
  • "Energy Psychology and Inner Child Work Transform Your Life," by Debra Franklin, LCSW, of Progressive Psychotherapy (btw, this is the same psychotherapist who was featured in my past post, Inner Child, and the workshop was equally profound for me this time 'round).
Here's the workshops I took on Sunday, April 18th (again, each workshop was 45 minutes long, except for that with Gary McKinstry, which was 1 hour 45 minutes):
If you'd like to know more about any specific class I took, I'd be happy to oblige. Just ask in the comment section, please. In any case, what I will finish up this post with is an account of what I experienced in Gary McKinstry's session.

I did not know of Mr. McKinstry's work prior to the Expo. I simply saw that there was a program being given by a psychic medium, and because I know I need to witness the work of many psychic mediums from here on out, I felt compelled to sign up. I settled into the end seat of the second row, in the section to the right of the room (when facing to the front). However, I think it's important to mention that I believe if messages from the Other Side are meant to come to you, it really matters not where you are seated in the room. Front, back, or's all the same to the Spirits. I just try to get up front, if possible, so that I have no problems seeing the speaker.

As I was waiting for the program to begin, to my pleasant surprise, two friends appeared...Shirma and Rye. I used to read Tarot at Shirma's metaphysical shop in Brattleboro, VT, "Kindred Spirits." Shirma said something like, "I knew you would be at this." She was right!

Mrs. McKinstry was present with her husband and introduced him. She appears to be his business manager. Both she and her husband seemed about as down-to-earth as a couple can get and had a lovely rapport between them.

I should mention here that unlike the John Holland event (please see the past post, A Vermont Evening With John Holland), I didn't talk to...well, let's call it trying to "coach" loved ones who had already crossed over. In other words, I didn't telepathically say things like, "Now Dad, you're gonna have to get out in front and make yourself known," etc. Still, I had the sense that all those I love who have crossed over (my Dad, my Ma, my brother Jack, my Aunt Loraine, all grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.) WERE present at the John Holland program, but other Spirits, with pressing issues, needed to get through that night. Soooo, I came to the McKinstry event with no particular expectations and no Spirit coaching. That said, as the program was about to begin, I felt as if my people were lining up around me.

Gary began and gave a brief...and I mean brief, thank goodness...intro on who he is and what he does. Rather than spend a half hour or more going on about himself or a book (if he had written one), he got down to the business at hand quickly. Messages from the Other Side are what we all came for and THAT is just what he did. As a late-blooming psychic myself, I took note. Plug any books, if you have them, AFTER the event, not during. Thank you, Gary, for giving us what we wanted. Oh, and btw, Gary is funny. Surely his sense of humor and audience laughter gave a boost to the vibrations that morning.

Right off the bat, Mr. McKinstry looked my way. He settled in on Shirma, next to me, but I had a hunch... He talked about a woman...not young (which he humorously qualified as being 70's-80-ish)...with fluid in her chest area. He put his hands on his chest. Shirma couldn't think of anyone who she could relate to regarding this, but I sure could. I said, "Um, my Ma died of congestive heart failure." I didn't tell him this, but Ma had died at age 80 in 1995. Gary said, "Boy, she sure has an attitude!" I started to laugh. Yep, that would be her. He said, "She's got her hands on her hips. What 'house' is she going on about?" That would be mine. He said, "Well, do NOT sell the house." That's just what we've been contemplating. For the record, Ma never owned a house once I was born. They had owned a house briefly early on, after WWII, but had to let it go. Gary said, the woman (my Ma) is with her sister. I KNEW the "sister" was Aunt Loraine, tho' they were sisters-in-law. I had been feeling that ever since Aunt Loraine crossed over this past fall (see the past posts In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine, More Revelation...The Hard Way, Prayer Shawl, Letting Go. Letting God., and Yesterday's ADC), she and my Ma were in cahoots, trying fervently to get my attention. Gary then said, "I have a tall gentleman here." He literally floored me by saying, "Jack is showing me a pile of books." Jack was my oldest brother who died of a brain tumor in 1998. Jack and I shared a love of learning; a LOVE of books. Gary continued, "Jack says NY is fine. Not the Carolinas." Chris and I have been contemplating moving to NY...specifically NYC...but also I'll be attending school at Lily Dale, in upstate NY. Now as for the Carolinas, I had been thinking maybe warmer weather would suit Chris and I better. Guess not, eh? LOL!! And for the record, Chris has reminded me not to discount the wonderful possibility of keeping the house in Vermont AND having a place in NY. Gary mentioned that Jack said that my husband was "very talented, but needed to up his ego and self esteem." SO TRUE. Gary added that Jack was very nice; very polite. He was! Gary continued, "They're showing me a house with old...50's style furnishings...lamps and stuff..." Um, that would be my house. I have many of the sentimental items of my childhood in my home. It's those things that mean something to me because they remind me of the people I love. Next, Gary said, "I have a man here. John. He's short. Balding." I couldn't place who he was right at the time, but moments later, once Gary had moved on to another reading for a person, I remembered who it Uncle John Ilk. Uncle John was married to my Ma's oldest sister, Marie. Uncle John crossed over when I was very little so I don't remember him well. I do know that Ma always said Uncle John loved me, not having children of his own. I have to say, I didn't expect Uncle John to come to this "party" but I sure am glad he did!

By the end of Gary's messages from my crossed over loved ones, I had all to do to hold my tears from pouring down my face. I was overwhelmed with joy and awe. I KNEW there were others of my loved ones waiting to get through, but hey, this couldn't be the "Jenny Bakriges' Show." I felt my Dad was there, but had stepped back because I regularly talk to him anyways. Aunt Loraine was there, but wisely knowing just who I needed to hear from, gently "pushed" my Ma and Jack to come forward. And as for Uncle John, I remember being told that he was exuberant, so surely he stepped forward on his own accord.

The rest of Gary McKinstry's program was action-packed and EXCELLENT. He often gets full names, as opposed to just beginning letters of names. He also accurately describes cause of death, and believe me, not just your average causes of death either. Hands down, I can recommend Gary McKinstry as an incredible psychic medium. I want to save up for a psychic AND further mediumship reading with him. I also can see myself studying with him in the not-so-distant future.

Thank you, Gary, for priceless messages that I'll never, ever forget!

Oh...almost forgot...when messages were coming through for someone else in the audience, Gary asked, "Who is 'Red?'" This meant nothing to the person he was relaying messages to, but I had an Uncle Red...a brother of Ma. I have a feeling...

Another almost forgot...I won a door prize at the Expo. Yep. I walked past the registration desk at the end of the day on Saturday and felt a "nudge" to ask the attendant about the door prize winners for that day, which weren't posted anywhere yet. She looked through the pile of winning registrations and sure enough, there was my name. I chose "The Healer's Kit" from Taliloquay, one of many nice gifts that the vendors donated. It's a little box containing three flower and gem essences: "Deep Release," "Healers," and "Diamond Light." Each contains essences, all detailed in an accompanying flyer, that aid a healer. According to Phyllis of Taliloquay, "Deep Release" is for cleansing the old blockages; emotional baggage; life patterns that no longer suit us; and for spiritual growth. "Healer" enhances one's own healing capabilities; opens heart to pass on healing (as in Reiki, etc.); and connects to Higher Self and spiritual guidance. "Diamond Light" helps the body to integrate the high powered energies now available to humanity for our evolution; and is also good for students' initiations to Reiki, etc. When I went to Phyllis' booth at the Expo to personally thank her for the door prize, she said, "I figured the prize would go to who it should go to." Well, that would be me! Thank you, Phyllis!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eye-Opening Books

What makes us choose one book to read over another? What causes us to hold back on a book recommendation by a friend at one point and feel an urgent tug to read that very same book at a later date? I often think of the author of a book as a "teacher"...a teacher of my choosing. Consider the Buddhist Proverb, "When the student is ready, the master appears."

A few years ago my friend, Jenna, suggested STRONGLY that I read, "Agartha - A Journey To The Stars," by Meridith L.Young-Sowers. I read about 30 or so pages and knew that I wasn't ready for the book yet. Months that turned into years went by and I never went back to the book...until...

Last week, I mentioned to Jenna that she should consider reading a book I couldn't put down, "Growing Up Psychic - From Skeptic To Believer," by Michael Bodine (more on this book in a bit). Jenna replied, "I'll read that book if you'll read 'Agartha.'" Jenna plays hard ball, to say the least. I had just finished reading, "Born Knowing," John Holland (more on this book in a bit, too). I asked myself, "Hmmmm...what do I need to read next?" I heard, "Agartha!" OK, OK already. I began reading "Agartha" and about 30 pages later I found myself dialing Jenna's phone number around 9:00 pm. I was so excited I couldn't speak fast enough. I said, "You know, 'Agartha?' Well, I'm ready for it now!" Jenna said, "You've grown and changed over these last years, and that's why you're ready." Then Jenna said, "And btw, calling me at 1:00 am to say you've finished the book does NOT constitute an emergency." LOL! Well, I didn't finish "Agartha" that night and after a 4-hour reading session yesterday (that felt more like 10 minutes), I'm about halfway through with "Agartha" at present. It's not exactly easy reading, but I'm SO READY and very, very excited to be reading this book.

What's "Agartha" about? It tells the story, which began in the early 1980's, of how Meredith found herself as a channeler of multidimensional beings who go by the name of Mentor. Agartha is the name they gave Meredith. When Meredith asked Mentor how information is communicated to her, this is what was channeled: "We do not use language per se. We use brain waves which are telepathically processed. Your need of a particular language is very basic and presents many difficulties even in communicating with others of your same planet. We communicate with Agartha telepathically. We do not feed her the words, we feed her the thoughts, and then she puts them in her own words."

As I have mentioned, I'm only half done with the book but can't recommend it enough. I found my copy in a used goods store for $1...a bargain for something that is priceless, if you ask me. In the past post, Meditation - Making A Date With Myself And Spirit, I talked about finally making a commitment to meditating daily, same time/same place. In that post I discussed the techniques that I've been using thus far. In "Agartha," there are more meditation techniques that Mentor has given that I'm itching to try. For instance, when you're in need of meditation but have only a tad of time, you can do a "momentary meditation," wherever and whenever. This meditation could be done at work, at school, at home, etc. It's comprised of the following: "...stop whatever you're doing and close your eyes, or if this is not possible, gaze at a solid object. Say to yourself, as you visualize energy flowing from head to feet, flowing out through your feet:"

There is purpose to my existence,
I live, I love,
I work, I die, I am refreshed and begin my life anew.

Another suggestion that Mentor relayed had to do with putting yourself in a state of calm prior to sleeping. Mentor said, "In meditation into sleep you are striving to see and feel a sense of tranquility and to realize, on a conscious level, that your body and mind are under control and are functioning according to their intended purpose. As you are falling asleep, see the calmness of your favorite scene: the ocean, the mountains, whatever immediately presents itself as a place of rejuvenation and peace. Experience the scene, either by remembering how it felt the last time you were in such a place (running your fingers through the sand or crunching through the snow) or by imagining how it would feel if you were there. See yourself as calm, tranquil and fulfilled. All worry has fallen from you and you are totally unencumbered. Feel the confidence of being peaceful and knowing that your life is under control and functioning according to plan. This image is important to present to your conscious mind even if you do not really feel that your life is under control." Mentor continued, "This type of meditation is different from the lengthy meditation and the momentary meditation, for these two types of meditation strive to put you in touch with your higher self and the Universal Connection. Meditating into sleep puts you in touch with your own bodily energies, and allows you to control these energies which you normally do not."

WOW is all I can say about this book and Mentor's teachings. See if "Agartha" doesn't set your bells to ringing, too!

Now as for Michael Bodine's book, "Growing Up Psychic - From Skeptic To Believer," (which I had recommended to Jenna) it was simply wonderful. Michael is the younger brother of Echo Bodine, who I talk about in these past posts, Beginning Healing, A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading, Inner Child, Echo's Healing Pen Pals, and Protection. Obviously, I LOVE Echo's books, but I was unprepared for how utterly moved I was regarding Michael's book. It's FUNNY and sad, all a the same time. But most of all it hit me as being extremely honest. I feel that a wide range of folks with a wide range of interests would all find Michael's book a worthwhile read. I had ordered it on interlibrary loan from Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, Vermont. Instead of getting this newly released book from another library, Brooks purchased their own copy. YAY! Maybe your local library will do the same if you but ask! I may need to own my own copy of Michael's book down the line...

And finally, there's some backtracking I've been doing with John Holland's book offerings. After finishing his newest book, "The Spirit Whisperer," and loving it, I ordered and read a used copy of John's, "Born Knowing," which is equally compelling. The story of John's life, highlighted with psychic readings he did for others, is told beautifully in this book. And if that weren't enough, I think that chapter 20 - Fine Tuning Your Awareness - is worth more than the price of admission alone.

Well, I could go on and on about books that get me all excited. I'd like to know what metaphysical, healing, etc. books you've been reading that YOU highly recommend? Please comment and let us know why you like a book. We all win when we discover a book that teaches what we need, especially when we're ready for it. Thanks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meditation - Making A Date With Myself And Spirit

I've read the recommendations of multiple authors who have all stated that meditating is highly beneficial for the overall health and well-being of the individual who practices it. For the last few years I have been a dabbler in meditating. I'd try this technique or that technique and get all enthusiastic and determined to meditate. However, before long the days between meditation sessions turned into a week; a week turned into a month; and one month led to several months from one meditation session to the next.

I think there's a few reasons why this lapse between meditating happened for me. In some cases, I either wasn't ready to take in or simply couldn't totally comprehend the instructions of the author/teacher. I'm someone who likes to fully grasp what I'm reading, and let's face it, I found some instructions on meditation rather ambiguous and others downright daunting. Knowing that meditation also has the benefit of further developing my psychic gifts, I'd try again, and again, and again... Another reason for my meditation sessions occurring less regularly than I would have liked, had to do with life itself. Responsibilities regarding work and family led to excuses, which in turn, tended to lead to no meditation time at all. But I think the most challenging reason I wasn't meditating had to do with my opinions regarding myself.

A persistent thought recently hit me like a brick: I AM WORTH IT. I am worth taking time for myself. It is worthwhile for me to meditate. This is not selfish. This is beneficial to all those I come in contact with. A Jenny-who-meditates will become much more pleasant to be around. Meditation will help make my thinking clearer, my body calmer, and my life more joyful.

Today is the 5th day I have made a date with myself and Spirit in meditation. I am finally following the sage advice of many metaphysical authors to meditate at the SAME TIME and SAME PLACE each day, at least as much as possible. I aim not to freak out if I can't make this schedule work now and again...after all flexibility is healthy and essential...BUT, I will endeavor to stick to my decision as much as possible.

On the day I began meditating with strong resolve, I explained to Chris my plan to meditate same time/same place. He thought this would be an excellent practice and fully supported the idea. Then, yesterday he was at the computer in my spinning room...the same room where my altar is set up...the same altar I meditate at (see the past post, My Altar). It was nearing the time to meditate. I mentioned this fact to Chris. When he didn't get up I said, "OK, I'll go in another room to meditate." He apologized and scooted out. Good Chris. Sometimes he can take a hint and sometimes I have to spell it out. Later that day, Chris took me in his arms and said, "I see the old Jenny coming back. Your hair, your eyes, your skin, your's as if you're coming back to life again." Good, loving, observant Chris. My Babes.

My meditation practice is at present about 15-20 minutes long, but with additional prayer, goes as long as I'd like. It's a combo of a few authors' techniques in addition to my own: psychic medium, Lydia Clar, and psychic medium, John Holland. (Ooh btw, I just found out Lydia Clar has written a new book, "Out Of Darkness, Into Light," iUniverse, 2009. I've ordered it sight-unseen. Lydia is THAT good.)

So here's what I do presently: I close my eyes and take a few deeeep vibration-raising breaths, in through nose and out of mouth. I count, breath calmly, and visualize the numbers 3 down to 1. This leads me "deep." From there, I count again from 10 to 1. This leads me "deeper." Then I count up from 1 to 3. This puts me in a "safe place" that I have created...I always visualize the same place. For me this is a room, not unlike my spinning room, but possessing a BIG, overstuffed, red velvet chair and additional padded benches for seating. There are many windows, bringing in beautiful light. My room is filled with shelves of books and beautiful art on the wall that pleases me greatly. A white cat named, Snow, and a gray Greyhound dog named, Seal, accompany me. Once there, I relax and settle into the chair, concentrate on my breathing, and watch as thoughts come and go through my mind. I don't dwell on these thoughts, but instead watch them float on the air away from me. After about 5 minutes, I then concentrate on a symbol of my choosing, seen through my third eye (6th Chakra). The symbol that came to me...that was "given" to me, I believe, by my Angels and Guides...looked like a rose quartz star. (After the meditation session I saw this symbol, I searched the internet looking for this image. It turns out to be "The Flower Of Life"...the Merkaba. It'll be wonderful learning more about this INCREDIBLE symbol.) Now that I have chosen a symbol, I meditate and view through my third eye, that same symbol during each meditation session. When thoughts punctuate my meditation, I simply go back to seeing the symbol to get me back on track. After about 5 minutes or more, I can ask a question of my Angels and Guides or an Ascended Master. If I choose, I can even push a button on the arm of my red velvet chair, which opens a screen. The screen reveals a brilliant Light, and through that Light I have had visitors walk through to be with me awhile. I've visited with my Dad, who likes to come through with Buns, our Standard Poodle. Also, I've seen Joshua, Ayala, and Bella; various types of Guides all. And Aloysius, my Reiki healer Guide. After such visits, they walk back through the Light and I close the screen with the touch of a button. I take a bit of time to contemplate the conversation with my visitor(s), and when ready, I take a deep breath and count backwards from 5 to 1, moving my fingers and toes, and becoming more awake with every number. On the count of 1, I open my eyes and take some deep breaths. From there, I tend to say prayers and protect myself with a cocoon of Light and Love for the day.

Perhaps my meditation practice will change and evolve with time. That is as it should be. But right now, I'm feeling sooooo good to simply be keeping my date with myself and Spirit.

Would LOVE to hear about your thoughts and practices regarding meditation. Thank you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - April

I have decided to offer 5 free Empath readings each month. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll repost this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

#1: Sue - completed
#2: Patti - completed
#3: Denise - completed
#4: Maya - completed
#5: Heather - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading for YOU!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yesterday's ADC

Yesterday evening I was finishing up John Holland's, "The Spirit Whisperer." I had asked the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, VT to get it on interlibrary loan for me, but since it was so newly published, they opted to buy a copy for the library instead. Nice! The book is SO GOOD, I have decided I need it in my own collection and have sent for a used copy on Amazon.

Within "The Spirit Whisperer" John talks about ADC's, which are After Death Communications. He said that spirits will do their best to make sure you get their messages by any means. So the next time you find yourself asking if you just saw or heard something and tried to say it was just coincidence, think again.

So anyways, last night I was sitting on the couch reading and waiting for Chris to return from work. It was around 7 pm and dusk was setting in quickly. Chloe, most excellent black cat, was asleep upstairs on my futon in the spinning room. Next thing you know, I hear a bird's call. A LOUD, CONTINUOUS, BIRD'S CALL. Not a little chirp, but definitely from a bigger bird. I thought, "What the heck...?" It sounded as if the bird was actually right in our front vestibule. I put the book down and slowly walked to the front of the house, wondering how a bird could have gotten into the house. I looked around the vestibule, but the bird's call had stopped. I peeked out the front window. There by my garage dye studio door was a package. How strange that I hadn't heard the UPS guy deliver it. I went into the studio, opened the door to outside, and as I bent to pick up the package, heard the same bird's call, now in the distance, as if to say, "Good. You heard me. Don't want to be leaving that package outside all night now, do ya?!"

I brought the unexpected package in and saw that it was from my cousin, Jan, in Minnesota. Jan is one of Aunt Loraine's daughters. Most of my relatives are in/from MN, where my Ma, Dad, and brothers were all born. Me? I'm a Detroiter. Please see the past posts: In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine, More Revelation...The Hard Way, and Prayer Shawl.

Inside the package was a note from Jan saying that the beautiful crystal dish was her mother's and is a gift to me. In addition, Jan had included a letter from my Ma to Aunt Loraine, dated February of 1979. I read the letter...a beautiful letter with my Ma's exquisite handwriting. I always boasted about my Dad's gorgeous handwriting, but Ma had lovely penmanship, as well. Tears tumbled out as I read how Ma had told Aunt Loraine that no, I wasn't pursuing going into the airlines anymore...Ma wrote that that was just a "whim" of mine...but instead Jeannine was concentrating on finishing school. It hinted that Ma was actually proud of me going to university, something she never expressed outright to me...EVER... This was such an incredible gift to me; the gorgeous dish from my beloved aunt AND the letter from Ma.

I'll call my cousin, Jan, this weekend to thank her, when I can do so without fear of sobbing in her ear.

An ADC? As they say in Minnesota, YOU BETCHA!!!!! Aunt Loraine, an only child, used to tell me that she considered my Ma her sister. I could just see Ma and Aunt Loraine pulling this one off together!