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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Crystal Collection And Portable Crystal Storage

I have been happily collecting rocks and crystals for a few years now. From early on, rocks have always intrigued me. As a kid I received a rock tumbler for Christmas and made my Ma some jewelry, that she so kindly and dutifully wore, from the polished rocks. Also as a child, I received a box of mounted minerals that I have admired and kept through the years. Even now, when Chris and I take our walks together, rocks often make their way back to our place...either to join other rocks in our rock garden...or to my altar...often displayed on various windowsills or furniture...or, if the rock looks like a nose, to our "Looks Like A Nose Gallery," located in my spinning room.

Before I continue, not having any geology background, I wanted to know the difference between a rock and a crystal, if there was one. I found this, posted on Mad Sci Network , by Sarah Fretz, Undergraduate, Biology, New Mexico Tech: "Crystals are most definitely rocks, but not all rocks are crystals. Crystals and rocks form in similar ways, either with heat, or time and water or oil. The biggest difference between rocks and crystals is that crystals are more pure than rocks. You see, both rocks and crystals are made up of minerals. Minerals come in all shapes and colors and act differently when they’re treated with chemicals or broken with a hammer. How these minerals form can change from rock to rock, but here again comes the issue of purity. If a mineral is mixed with lots of different minerals, or some dirt, or even some water when it’s made, chances are that this mineral will be a part of what seems to be a plain old rock. If by chance the mineral is heated slowly and evenly in the depths of the earth (and later pushed to the surface over millions of years), it may become a crystal like the ones you found. This is how quartz crystals form, and a lot of the most common sand is just very small, worn down quartz crystals."

In my humble opinion, there's nothing not to like about crystals. Often they're more beautiful than not. And even when they're not so gorgeous, they all resonate various healing energies and have metaphysical qualities that make them useful and desirable (please see the past posts, Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Di..., More Crystal Book Sources; Another Dream, and Another Crystal Book Source; Thoughts On Hand Posi...). Then there's the range of colors available to admire and applaud. Some crystals sparkle; some are luminescent; some are shiny whereas others are matte; some are smooth whilst others are rough (often, but not always, due to whether they've been tumbled or not); some are striped and others spotted; some are hard and others relatively soft; etc... It seems to me it matters not whether you are 5 or 95, crystals are appreciated, often quite affordable (well, there are exceptions...), and can be rather addictive from a collecting standpoint.

My friends, the Lunar Ladies, get together once a month. Quite awhile back I thought it would be fun if I brought a different crystal each month for all of us. It was neat to see how we went from being ignorant about a crystal's qualities to being excited and better educated regarding what a crystal was known for and what it could do for us. Within a few months, ALL FIVE of us had our own copies of "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals ~ A Comprehensive Guide To 150 Crystals and Gemstones," by Cassandra Eason...still a fave book of mine.

The pic at the top of this post shows my most excellent black cat, Chloe, inspecting the way I've been storing my smaller crystals. Because I KNOW I will be using crystals in healing work in the future, I wanted to make sure I knew the names of all the crystals I had, and this requires I keep some sort of order amongst my crystals. Eagle eyes will note that the plastic boxes are compartmentalized and often used by beading enthusiasts. I've gotta admit, I'm not thrilled by the use of plastic to house my crystals. I'd love to have wooden boxes with compartments...or even glass would be nice. So far, no luck on finding such preferred housing. I will admit the plastic storage boxes are cheap and lightweight. Plus, with permanent marker I can write a number on a wall of each crystal compartment; the number corresponding to a sheet listing said name of the crystal. It's my plan to fit some cardboard on the inside of the lid in which to list each crystal's name and number in that particular box.

Do you love crystals and rocks, too? How do you store them? What are your favorites and why?

I thought it would be fun to list the crystals I keep in my boxes:
1. Mookaite; 2. Rhodochrosite; 3. Bloodstone; 4. Tree Agate; 5. Azurite; 6. Quartz; 7. Peacock Stone - Bornite; 8. Iolite; 9. Selenite; 10. Citrine; 11. Blue Lace Agate; 12. Sodalite; 13. Scenic Jasper; 14. Smoky Quartz; 15. Amazonite; 16. Jet; 17. Cabochons of Malachite, Onyx, Adventurine, and Carnelian.

18. Yellow Jasper; 19. Amethyst; 20. Labradorite; 21. Carnelian; 22. Hawk Eye; 23. Amber; 24. Mahogany Obsidian; 25. Red Jasper (polished); 26. Red Jasper (unpolished); 27. Celestite; 28. Howlite; 29. Rose Quartz; 30. Adventurine; 31. Moonstone; 32. Carnelian; 33. Chalcedony; 34. Hematite.

35. Kambaba Jasper; 36. Serpentine; 37. Black Onyx; 38. Tiger Iron; 39. Green Onyx; 40. Kyanite; 41. Pink Selenite; 42. Red Calcite; 43. Zebra Jasper.


  1. Most of them are too big to store. The smaller ones are either on display or kept in a wooden jewellry/toolbox I have. Still others are in pouches I can wear around my neck or set in silver as jewellry.

  2. Hi Inyan! Thank you so much for commenting. I, too, have some big ones: an amethyst cave with a full moon quartz embedded in the middle sits on my altar, and I've a LARGE yellow calcite sphere that's on it's own stand near to where I spin and knit. I love the idea of having crystals in pouches and am contemplating making some in the near future. Thanks for the great ideas.

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  4. Let me repost:

    It occured to me that you could also use a cheap jewelry box or sewing box as some of them are made of wood. I needed to repost this because I forgot I mentioned jewelry boxes before. The one I'm using was not cheap.

  5. 'tis a really great idea, Inyan. Thank you!