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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spiritual Insight Training 1

When I returned back from last weekend's workshop at Lily Dale, specifically spent at Fellowships of the Spirit, I wrote this on Facebook.:

How does one write about a weekend so life changing, so exhilarating, so welcome, and so needed? Going to Lily Dale for me was truly "going home." Once I settle and process my thoughts, I'll try to write about this profound experience on my blog. Until then, you can find me sitting under a tree or perhaps lounging on the nearest cloud...grateful, happily exhausted, and with a twinkle in my eyes.

I'm still not sure I can do the experience justice via writing, but I'll try. I'll begin by saying that Chris drove "Miss Jenny" to Lily Dale, stayed with me at a motel in Jamestown, NY (he brought his keyboard and worked whilst I was in class), and once the workshop was over, he drove me back home. Why? Well, for one thing I do not drive. Why? Well, for one thing I have perspective/focusing issues with my eyes and no one would want me driving on the road when I can't judge how far the car in front of us is from our car. But Chris also brought me to Lily Dale because he loves me, wants me healthy and whole, and is protective of me. There was no way he was going to let me go to Lily Dale without checking it out firsthand.

We arrived a little over an hour early at the Fellowships of the Spirit and the building wasn't open yet. Chris suggested we mosey over to the village of Lily Dale. All I had to do is get out of our car, put my feet on the earth, and I could tell this place was for me. Chris, very intuitive and empathic himself but protective as all get-out, said the following as a warning to counter the overwhelming sentiments he was sensing from me, "Now sniff deep, Jen. If something doesn't feel right you need to be clear and open enough to take it in." Yeah right. I got the same feeling when I saw the house we're living in now...KNOWING then and there it was for us. At least I didn't cry my eyes out with emotion as we walked around Lily Dale, as I did when I saw our present house for the first time. We walked up and down the house-lined streets at Lily Dale, with their gardens in various degrees of tidiness, but all beautiful, nonetheless. I'd have to admit that a fair number of the gingerbread-style homes were not in the best of shape, but that somehow didn't bother me in the least. I watched Chris out of the corner of my eyes as he read sign after sign, each with a name advertising the psychic medium who lived in that particular home. It occurred to me that even I couldn't have imagined just a few years ago that we'd find me comfortable and happy in such a place, eagerly anticipating going to school there. Before we left I stopped to swing on a swingset awhile. Chris was busy finding rocks to take back home as momentos.

Chris dropped me off at the Fellowships' building when the time came closer for all to begin, and off he went, back to our Jamestown motel room. As I walked in I was definitely excited, but neither anxious nor scared in the least. Two tables filled with book offerings were set up, so I browsed while we waited for all to arrive. I believe there were about 13 or so folks in all participating. To understand what is involved with Spiritual Insight Training 1, I think it's best to read about it directly from the Fellowships' website: SIT 1. Rev. Elaine and Don were our amazing main presenters for the weekend, but also present were a group of wonderful staff mentors, as well. For more information about the presenters' incredible backgrounds, please go to the Fellowships' website: Faculty.

I wouldn't want to give actual techniques that I've learned here on the wouldn't be ethical and I'd hate to miss sharing something that was vitally important...better to not go there at all. For techniques, you'll have to consider taking this workshop yourself. But I can share snippets of important moments for me that occurred during meditation, healing, and channeling.

Friday evening we were introduced to meditation techniques that were fabulous. I so loved meditating with this group of very nice, very kind people. During a visualized journey that was led by Rev. Elaine, I ended by going to the Temple of Healing. We were given choices of which spiritual temple we'd like to spend time at, and while some part of me wanted to go to the Temple of Wisdom which is full of scrolls, books, and more, those who joined me on this journey...Light beings; my mother and father; my brother, Jack; my Aunt Loraine; and more gently shook their pointer fingers at me and said, "Uh uh, no, no," and pointed to the Temple of Healing. I heard, "Healer, be healed." So to the Temple of Healing I went. The temple was GORGEOUS. The whole thing was made of rose quartz and the light that was within was breathtaking. I was placed on a rose quartz slab and all who were with me laid their hands on my body. All of a sudden, I saw the spiritual essences (that stayed behind in the spiritual plane) of my brother, Bob, and my childhood girlfriend, Margaret...both of whom are still alive on earth and also both of whom are sadly estranged from me. They joined the others in my healing. I could feel tears stream down my face as I felt everyone's loving kindness. All of a sudden, myself and the majority of those with me rose and began to take part in a dance of the most exquisite fluidity and beauty. My brother, Bob, had a hard time and held back until finally we did a rather formal, English country-style dance with each other. Unfortunately, Margaret stayed below us all and refused to take part in the dance (Margaret is staunchly Catholic, the religion we both were raised in and studied in school together). Margaret is not ready to accept my spiritual growth beyond strict Catholicism, but I was grateful that she showed up for my healing. And as for my brother, Bob...well, he's very shy and very stubborn, so taking part at all was a triumph. When I "came back" from the meditation/visualization, I realized that what I had experienced was profoundly important.

I gratefully soaked up everything...EVERYTHING...that we did during SIT 1, but I have to admit to particularly loving deeply all that is involved with giving and receiving readings. The very first reading that Rev. Elaine gave was for me. She had asked Spirit who she should give readings to that would be of benefit for all present. I did take notes after my reading so that I wouldn't forget it, and hopefully I've more or less correctly wrote down what Rev. Elaine relayed. She said if we think of the average person's mind as being in 2nd or 3rd gear, mine was always...even as a 5th or 6th gear. She said I don't have OCD or anything, it's just the way my mind works; always operating in "high gear." If my parents had named me "Patience" it couldn't have been more opposite of what I am. I've had to work hard at holding my tongue and/or biting my lips, and have been quite successful in toning down sarcasm that can bubble up unwanted. I don't so much have a problem when someone can't do something...instead I abhor when someone doesn't try or doesn't utilize their full potential. Rev. Elaine said that a MAJOR shift of thinking/feeling has occurred for me recently. It involves knowing that "You can't teach pigs to sing." The great thing is that I'm OK with this knowledge and now don't feel responsible for this fact. She says this new way of thinking and being will be helpful in all areas of my life, from here on out. And finally, Rev. Elaine asked what's up with carrying bugs outside? I told her, "That would be's not just a's what I do." I carry bugs out to my dye studio if it's winter and they're in danger of being eaten by Chloe, most excellent black cat, or a squishing by Chris. I carry the bugs outside if it's warm enough outdoors. But if they're spiders, I generally simply move them to a higher spot, away from danger. Spiders are always welcome in my house.

Now as for us giving readings to each other, we were taught methods that are brilliantly direct. After we were given the pertinent techniques, we began giving readings in a rather "trial by fire" way: Chairs were set up in two, straight rows so that we'd be directly facing someone in the other row...kind of like musical chairs, except everyone has a chair. We had only a few minutes to give a reading to the person opposite us. Once finished, the person we just read for then read for us. When signaled, a person on the end of one of the rows moved to the beginning of that row and everyone in that same row slid down into the chair next to them. The new partners then gave readings to each other, etc., etc... It was wild and wooly and I LOVED IT!!! But for some, I could see it was obviously daunting. One person said it was akin to speed dating. Another called it "firing line" readings.

At other times, we formed small groups and gave readings to each other. These readings could be more lengthy and the person being read for had the option of asking questions. Again, as one mentor told me, "This weekend has been a goldmine for you. You're like a duck in water." Quack.

Last, but certainly not any less incredible than meditating or channeling, was the healing component of the weekend. We learned to give healing energy one-on-one and in small groups. During the group healings, I found myself crying, but I wasn't sure why. I cried sometimes when I gave healing and when I received it. Please understand that I wasn't in any physical pain or was simply and beautifully profound in every way imaginable.

I could go on and on. One more thing, tho', that I'd like to share is that when I began to see a deep indigo/purple being behind the right shoulder of Rev. Elaine, and I asked, in my mind, if I could please see more detail, I heard a firm, "This is NOT the time for that now. Pay attention." Whoah. No problem...

I paid for my workshop with monies from writing an article for Spin-Off magazine. I have finished another article for Spin-Off and am hoping to pay for it in the same way for SIT 2. In the back of my mind is concern for how I will pay for school at Lily Dale after I complete SIT 2. I'll pray and set my intention towards school and know that a way will come that will take care of my tuition. After all, I've found "home" again on earth and it's time to visit it regularly.


  1. wow my arms were tingling. what a great experience for you. was it nice coming home? Is Chris better with all this?

    tomorrow is a big day - big project into new boss last week - talk to him about it tomorrow - feeling a little nervous

    send help. meeting from 9 to 10:30- also please help my right wrist

    will try to call before late afternoon

  2. Hi Jofran,
    Thanks for commenting! Chris is fine with all of this...tho' I do have to introduce him to new stuff slowly.

    Good luck regarding your chat with your boss over the "big" project you submitted last week. I will say a prayer for you. What's up with your wrist?

    Love, Jenny

  3. Most excellent Jenn! You certainly sound as though you were in your element. How sweet is Chris to be so supportive of you. It truly makes all the difference. I should know, I have someone like that as well.
    I do hope everything comes together for your second session, I feel you will get some information that you were seeking during the first one when you return. I will email you more, I have had much going on.

  4. Ha! Glad you liked the write-up, Ed. We're both very lucky to have partners who love us. And as for the second session, I think the "mediumship" portion of what I'm looking for will be introduced.