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Friday, June 11, 2010

Communicating With Those Crossed Over...and those not quite crossed over...

Two friends, both high school classmates from back in the '70s, have graciously agreed that I reprint their stories regarding communications with crossed over spirits and, in some cases, earthbound ghosts. Thank you so much, Mary, Kathy (Mary's sister), and Rose.

Mary wrote: I totally believe our loved ones can communicate with us if we have our hearts and minds open to it. A few of my family members have experienced such things and I absolutely believe they are true. One was my sister who lost her daughter in a car accident when she was thirteen. Although it was very hard on her she is so my inspiration. Her faith has helped and brought her through her darkest days. She has had many signs through the years but I am sharing a letter from her from one of her more meaningful signs.

Kathy wrote: Three weeks ago, a young girl joined our church choir. She just turned 14 years old. Since she sat next to me during rehearsal, I asked her name in which she answered, "Megan". She told me she was from Guam and visiting her aunt for the summer. After we sang one of the songs, she commented how beautiful my voice was and how it reminded her of her mother - that her mother had been an opera singer.

Since she was talking in past tense, I asked her where her mother was. She told me her mother died when she was 10 years old in a bicycle accident. The death was instant - a head injury. I told her I had a daughter, Meg, who also died instantly with a head injury. Megan was really drawn to me since we had some similarities in our life as well as her name being so much like my daughter's. Her attitude, by the way, is so refreshing and sweet. She knows her mom is in heaven with my Meg and has a good outlook on life.

Last Sunday, Megan sang with me at Mass. She has a lovely singing voice and we harmonized very well together. I felt I needed to tell you all the above so you can understand more fully what happened next. As I said, Megan really felt drawn to me.

Megan's aunt came up to me after Mass and asked if she could talk to me privately. Since I coordinate Grief Support Groups at my church, I naturally assumed she wanted to talk about the death of her sister-in-law and how her niece is adjusting. What she told me filled me with awe and brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I will try to relay it as close as possible to the way she talked to me: "Kathy, I am a very spiritual person. God has gifted me with a very special insight that most people do not have and I have something very important to share with you.
"Kathy, last February I was driving by and had an overwhelming urge to enter this church. I actually lived near Maryland (about a 40 minute drive from us) and had never been to St. Joseph's, but I felt God telling me that I must go in. As I opened the church door I heard you singing, "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman". It was so beautiful! You were practicing with a pianist and your voice was full of God's spirit. I prayed and listened to you for about a half hour. Then I realized they were setting up for Mass and decided to stay for the Service. But what I have to tell you about is what happened as I prayed and listened to you singing.

I had a vision from God. When I have visions, I don't actually see people, but silhouettes. This is what I saw. Your daughter, Meg, was standing next to you as you were singing. On the other side of you was my niece, Megan's, mother. Next to Meg was a tall gentleman. Did you have any male deaths in your family? (I told her no at first, other than my grandfathers' But that was so long ago. Then I remembered that Keith's dad died, Meg's grandpa, and she was very close to him.) Kathy, that is probably who the man was. Was he taller than you? (I said yes) Then I feel that is who he was. Kathy, Meg was holding a pink rose and told me to tell you the rose was for you and to let you know that she is all right." Helen (Megan's aunt) asked me if I knew the significance of the pink rose. I couldn't tell her then, especially since pink would have been the last color my tomboy daughter would have picked! But as I thought about it, I really do think I know what this means. I don't think the color is as important as the rose itself. Roses are often associated with the Blessed Mother. When Meg died, I prayed constantly to Mary, our Mother. I asked that she be with Meg and take care of her and welcome her with open arms. Since I could no longer take care of Meg, the only comfort that helped me accept was to know that the most perfect of all mothers had taken my place. I feel the rose was a sign from Mary telling me that she was and always has been with Meg. Remember the song I was singing when Helen entered the church? "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman"!

Helen also told me that the beginning of summer, she had a strong feeling that her niece had to come to the States for the summer. She didn't know why at the time, but it was so urgent that she called her brother-in-law in Guam and told him he had to send her to Pennsylvania. She could not help financially with the air fare, but that Megan really needed to be here. Megan's father scraped enough money together and also found an unheard of price and sent her out. Since Megan's been here, her mom's presence as been felt by Helen giving deep thanks for getting her daughter here. Now Megan's dad is coming in a couple of weeks. He hopes to find work and enroll Megan in our schools. We'll see what happens. If it's God's will, I'm sure it will work out fine.

Helen said that she felt God's presence so strongly at St. Joseph's and was so moved spiritually, that she moved to Dallastown (close to the church) and joined the parish soon after her vision. We both feel that God brought our families together in a very special way. Our loved ones are together in Heaven and they are looking down on us in prayer. It was extra special to know that Meg is with her grandpa and making new friends! The fact that Meg and Megan's mom died in similar ways makes me think they reached out to each other and are able to look after us all in a very blessed way. I thank God for bringing Helen and Megan into my life and giving me such a beautiful glimpse of how loved Meg is in Heaven. Not that I ever doubted it. It's just nice to be given these miracle messages from our Father in Heaven. God bless you all! Love, Kathy

Mary wrote: We went on a Gettysburg ghost walk this past weekend. Though I believe in these kind of things I am skeptical always looking for a hoax. Son of a gun! When my sister down loaded her pics there were orbs in several. One pic had many lights in a row. We thought it could have been soldiers lined up and firing rifles. Whatever it was I was there and ...

I wrote: Tomorrow would be my Dad's 96th birthday. He crossed over in August of 1983 and a day doesn't go by that I don't miss him. I know he's visiting when I smell cigarettes wafting about the house. And no, Chris and I don't smoke. My Dad never smoked cigars that I knew of, but he did smoke pipes. In fact, when I chose some things out of his top dresser drawer to remember him by, I chose a few of his pipes.

Rose wrote: My dad lets me find pennies where I swear there were none a minute may think me weird for this, but i swear it's true. My son lives with my ex-husband-now-boyfriend (I know) and there is a little boy that lives there. My son has seen him many times and I saw him tonight again. He is a flash in the corner of my eye. But one night when all was quiet and I was watching TV by myself, I swore someone was staring at me. When I looked up I saw a flash. He runs back and forth between my son's room and the rec room along a bridge. He is about 7-9 years old and I think his name is Michael. Later, I will tell you about the spirit that hitched a ride with me about 10 yrs ago...

Rose wrote: It was about ten years ago, and at that time, I was driving an Expedition. It was a sunny day and I was heading home from Target (my favorite store). I was coming up to a stop and looked in my rear view mirror and saw someone sitting in my back seat! He looked to be about 30 or so, brown hair with a beard, just looking out the window. Well it happened so fast I had to look again and he was gone. I went home and told everyone. No one believed me and thought I was a bit nuts (the usual reaction to all this stuff). When I pass that corner now, I always wonder if he'll hop in the back seat again. And who the heck was he anyway??

Rose wrote: Yes, they (Jenny notes: visits from spirits on the other side) are comforting and sometimes amusing. My dad is always present at Christmas and Easters, most summer holidays. He always gives us a little surprise --he had a wacky sense of humor..and we all know, Dad's here.

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  1. That was interesting to read those stories and I enjoyed it very much.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the stories, Jody. Thanks so much for letting me know.