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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding Your Birth Card And More!

A few weeks ago yet another kindly numerologist did an impromptu reading for me as I was awaiting Sunday service to start at TNSA. It's neat that I'm meeting various numerologists these days. The numerologist's name is Wayne Ralph Baxter. He arrived at the church with someone who I believe is his significant other, Linda Kay de Jesus, who is the Program Director of The Fox Center. Wayne is the VP of The Fox Center. I've not been to The Fox Center yet, but it sure does look interesting.

Before I attempt to remember (Note to self: Must jot down readings right away when I get them!) Wayne's numerology reading for me, there was another website folks may be interested in that he mentioned: Your Destiny Online. Wayne said, "I believe you're the 10 of Hearts." When I returned home that afternoon, I looked up my birth card here: Your Birth Card. Wayne was correct...I AM the 10 of Hearts! And here is what it said about me: The Ten of Hearts. Neat! Do consider looking up your birth card and check out what it says about YOU! Once you find your birth card, check out your two "Karma" cards (listed near the bottom of your birth card write-up), as well. My Karma cards are: The Jack of Clubs and The Five of Spades. Interesting! Now, once you know your birth card, take a look at Metasymbology. Here's what that site says about my 10 of Hearts: Metasymbology's Ten of Hearts. Neat!

So as I was saying, I was given a numerology reading by Wayne as we were waiting on the couch for the church service to begin. We had exchanged business cards and I saw him busily calculating something in his head. Here's what I can remember from Wayne's reading of me (I KNOW I've forgotten some of this reading! Argh!): I have strong male AND female tendencies. Wayne laughed and said I surely know what he means...upon thinking about this, I'd have to agree! I am a healer and need to be expanding and doing healing now. I'm very independent, and yet even as a child, I always had someone to take care of me; to watch over me. When I'm not allowed my independence and forced to do something I don't want to do, I'm definitely not fun to be around. So true!!! It's a time for me to complete something (the BOOK!) and move forward with new studies and interests. I am going for ordination (true!) and this is as it should be; it's what I need to be doing now. Thank you, Wayne!

I'll end this post by saying that one never knows just what wonderful things are going to happen when one attends a Spiritualist church! As I was sitting in the pew recently, a lovely woman named Alice, who is an automatic writer, came up and gave me a message that she had received just for me! The message said "Help is in your heart. Open and let the world in. The heart becomes overloaded and darkness prevails. Light will lift the load." Thank you, Alice!

Then, Reverend Lorraine (I think her last name is Wiley, but not totally sure of this), a visiting reverend to TNSA this past Sunday, read for me during the message portion of the service. She said something like, "Wisdom. I see wisdom regarding you. Very soon you will be ready to gain much wisdom...6 weeks from now. This wisdom will come in the form of education and will be of a spiritual nature." Now what's cool is that I'll be going for Spiritual Insight Training II at the end of August!!! Amazing!


  1. That's an interesting site Jenny (Birth Card). I used to be into Horoscopes and it sounds similar to that.

  2. Hi Jody! Glad you like the linked site. It's rather cool, me thinks.