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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Dreams

Of late I have not written down my dreams. One after another were of the kind I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to EVER read about, let alone admit that I had dreamed them. LOL! Starting tonight I'm going to go to bed with the intention of recording my dreams again because I miss not doing so. Hopefully they won't be soooo...blush...soooo embarrassing!

Here's a few dreams that go back a ways, but haven't been recorded on this blog yet...

Chris was conducting a concert of his students and things were not going so well. Suddenly, a red-haired boy who played some instrument like a clarinet, began singing. His singing raised everyone's spirits. Others in the band began to sing, too, and the concert's quality rose many levels. The whole audience got involved singing. I was very proud.

Both Chris and I had the same sort of dream. We had to move to NYC and were living in a mixed neighborhood in a borough. My dream has us in a brick house (may have been a lower flat), the second house from the end of a dead-end street. I noticed that neighbors were cooking on a hibachi grill. These same neighbors had beautiful, large, different-colored tomatoes cut in slices and arranged beautifully on the table, waiting to go on their burgers.

Chris dreamed that Alexander (our youngest son), or an Alexander-like-figure, helped us move. Chris was upset that Alexander's friends had "roughed up" Chloe (our black cat) and didn't take care of her properly whilst we moved.

I dreamed the house's rent was pricey, but do-able.

I was at either the old Cunningham's drug store or the old Kresge's Five and Dime at Eastland in Harper Woods, MI...pre-mall time period. Chris was in a customer's booth at the food counter, and left stuff in the booth while he went off to do something. I was a waitress there. Some thieves sat at the booth that Chris was just in, and one started to go through and steal Chris' black gig book. I yelled at them to stay where they were and told folks behind the counter to call the cops. Two of the guys got away. I woke up before the cops came.

I was driving in St. Paul, Minnesota. I stopped in an old, run-down, neighborhood and went into a Five and Dime store. The store was dark and had rather motley stuff for sale. I stood in an aisle featuring cardboard holiday decorations. Sandy K. (a girl I had really went to grade school with) took the last sparkly Santa decoration and I was bummed. I settled on white snowflakes but was hard-pressed to find any in good shape. I bought some of the snowflakes anyways and a sheet of pierced blue paper that also had a snowflake design. I had planned to put the paper on the front of my University of Detroit Holden Hall dorm room door. When I left the store, I didn't know which way to go and found myself almost making the mistake of going the wrong way on a one-way ramp. When I eventually opened the package of blue snowflake paper, I found it defective. You couldn't tell the piercings were snowflakes at all.

Chris and I were driving in our car. We reached an underpass where we saw a golden collie-mix dog at the corner of the underpass. I said, "Chris, we have to get that dog or it's going to get killed." Chris said, "We do?" I said, "Yes. Pull over!" Chris looked sadly back at the back seat of the car, worrying that the dog would muck up the interior. I opened the back door and said, "Come on," to the dog who obediently jumped in and settled down immediately, head on the seat.. The dog had tags but I never looked at them, knowing I would have to find the owner. We brought the dog home and named her "Holly" and she was loved by everyone. I never did get around to calling the owner of the dog, but had full intentions of doing so, even tho' this made me sad.

We were in a large, old house. Both of our boys were with us as they look now. I discovered that the bathroom tub and shower that the guys used was covered in mold and fungus spores...dark grey spots all over. I freaked when I saw this because apparently I had been treating it for that fungus all along.

I was involved in some kind of Olympic fundraising for 1) The Master Spinner Course in Ontario, Canada; 2) The Library; and 3) The Olympics itself. Alexander (our youngest son) and a friend were actually IN the Olympics, as was Chris. There was a combined sport where you went in carts around hairpin turns on the ocean's edge. Next came rock climbing. And scuba diving, and more.

Chris and I lived in a Victorian-like house; rather communal with other people. Two women in the house were each starting their own businesses, dealing with interior decorating and the like. I went in to get my jeans but Chris had either gotten rid of them or moved them. In their place were car-greasy old men's jeans. All of Chris' clothes were gone, too. While Chris was upstairs, I found myself going to the bathroom right where I stood, horrified Chris would see what I had done. End of dream.

And EPIC-style dream that seemed to last all night. (Note: I had even gotten up to go to the bathroom and the dream continued once I went back to bed.) The dream began with me dealing with illnesses and diseases of all kinds in all parts of my body. Just as I'd get one bout under control, another illness would escalate. It was like trying to plug a dam with my pinkie finger. This dream effortlessly segued into me being a dancer, studying in England. I was already well-known as a dancer. I arrived in a famous teacher's class late, not in the correct garb, but because I was so good the teacher re-explained everything to me. She let me dance in my jeans and bare feet. Next thing you know, everyone in the class was dancing and leaping in the streets. I followed them upstairs but because I don't "do" stairs well, folks passed me by. As they went on, I somehow couldn't keep up and got lost. I found myself in an all men's painting class very far away from the dancers. The men said that I was miles away from where I should be. I went outside and found myself in one of the roughest ghettos in England. I danced my way towards where I was supposed to be.

A really strange dream. It was as if my human body was talking to my higher self.

I was at a Tarot "convention," set up like an outdoor rock concert but in a huge cathedral. Everyone was in sleeping bags on the ground. I was set up next to a friend and on the other side was a college-age boy. At the end of the first day, the boy asked if he could keep his stuff with mine. Before I could answer, he began plopping his stuff with mine and got ready to take off to play squash or polo. The Tarot "master" was like a minister. He was cleaning huge piles of garbage on the end of the first day and nearly destroyed my belongings and my Tarot deck in the process. My friend went up to complain to the "master" but he shrugged and seemed non-plussed.

I dreamed I went to Lily Dale. It started off as a church service involving props and a huge children's choir. Often the kids wouldn't say anything or would miss their cue. A woman in the pew ahead of me rolled her eyes over the whole thing. We got to the church via boat and went to class via boat. After "mass," Chris left and went back to his own room in the dorm. I sat with several women. The woman next to me was pretty strange. She, and the others, wore clothes that "exposed" themselves. They all seemed pretty nonchalant regarding their "gifts."

Chris and I were gifted two black rats and several white mice. This didn't seem to bother either of us. In fact, I learned they wouldn't bite us any more than a dog or cat would, just as long as we respected and understood them. For some reason, we kept them all together in a tall, rectagular, cardboard box with no lid. Something or t'other came up and we had to move them from one spot to another. Chris did so by collapsing the sides of the box. I loudly protested that the animals could get squished and that their water bowl would spill. The animals did not get squished but their bowl did spill.

I was teaching a 3-day-blitz spinning class. It was awful. The class seemed disinterested. They hardly listened and wandered off here and there. Near lunch, they left early without even asking if it was OK. The class seemed to be held on a college campus. When I met up with Chris at lunch he could tell things weren't going well. I told him it was the worst situation I had ever been in. At first Chris was skeptical, but as I explained what was going on, he understood.

Lynn Z. (a gal I had actually gone to high school with) and I both worked at a boutique. A class of multigenerational students with various learning disabilities and social skills came in to the boutique. One little girl went to the bathroom in her pants near a wall. I went to a back room and couldn't find a bucket. Lynn knowingly said, "Make do," and handed me a plastic freezer bag into which I put water and a cleaning solution. I went off to clean up the mess.

A long, convoluted dream. I was staying at an aunt's house...sort of an Aunt Dorothy figure. She had another older woman living with her, too. I was there with my aunt because she was to celebrate an anniversary of some type, with a big party that was to be held at a church. Rita B. was a guest speaker. The event was a fiasco. All the people there could not hear anything coming out of the speakers because there was no microphone. Afterward, I got lost walking back to my aunt's place because no one had offered me a ride home. I stopped at a garage and the garage owner gave me a lift to my aunt's home. When I arrived, my aunt was frantic because the landlord was going to inspect her place. We tried to tidy up.

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