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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Fine, But Definite, Line Between Ethical Questions And Those That Are Not Quite

A few months ago I wrote a post on the word "no": Strength In The Word No. Something recently came up that has got me thinking about this word again, especially relating to ethics as a psychic. I'll explain...

As a psychic reader, be it regarding Tarot readings, Empath readings, or other readings, I thankfully only occasionally get requests to do a reading based on a question that doesn't sit well with me. For instance, when someone wants to know how someone else (interestingly, often someone they don't know well and often someone that they are interested in romantically) is actually thinking, my ethical red flags go up and start waving wildly. For one thing, it's truly an invasion of a person's privacy if I tap into what a person is thinking without them knowing it. So I don't. But then I'm also left with the issue on how to gently tell the person wanting a reading what I can and cannot do from an ethical standpoint. This can be tricky, but usually I just say that ethically I cannot attempt to read another's mind, but perhaps we can go another route. So for instance, a person (let's call her Sally) asks, "How does, (let's call him) Harry, feel about me?" I suggest to Sally that the question be instead, "What does Sally need to know, for her highest good, regarding Harry?" There's a fine line between the two questions, but a definite line, nonetheless. In the first question, I'd have to tap into Harry's feelings directly. In the second question, I am tapping into the Universe and my own Guides for Sally, who is the one who wants a reading in the first place, and asking for guidance for her highest good regarding Harry. Okies? Understand the difference? When the question is asked ethically, I then know that whatever I it what I see, hear, what is meant to be shared and is kosher, so to speak.

To continue on another path, but closely related to the above, is when I have to tell someone that I don't think I'm the person they need to help them. I have to gently tell them no, I cannot do a reading for you. This has happened very, very infrequently, but it has happened. Basically, I get a STRONG gut feeling not to do the reading. I've gotten to the point that I don't question this strong intuitive message anymore, even if I don't always know the reason why I shouldn't read for the person. The person sometimes gets disgruntled, but I have to look past that, knowing that my decision is best for all concerned.

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