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Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Being More Aware

Every day it feels like my awareness is expanding wider and wider. What a blessing this is. Rather than taking and accepting things as they come and feeling rather helpless regarding what folks often refer to as "what life throws at them", I'm being shown on multiple levels ways to do more than just cope and YOU CAN, TOO! Information is, indeed, readily offered from the other side. How do we tap into this treasure trove of knowledge? For one thing, the mere act of wanting to sets an intention that lets your Guides and Angels know that you're ready and willing to listen and act on their guidance. And from what I can tell, the more one listens and acts on what they so freely show us, the more they show us. Said another way...the more aware we are of their help, the more they'll help.

Another important point is to be ready to ask for help. I've read in more than one metaphysical book that due to each of us having free will, Guides and Angels need to be asked if help is wanted. I think an exception to this is during a true emergency, when they KNOW we need help but we may be too caught up in the dramatic moment of it all to ask...then they're Johnny-On-The-Spot, so to speak. I'll speak for myself when I say that at first I worried that I was wasting their time asking for help regarding the many little things we encounter in life. NOT SO. No situation is too small... nor too big, for that ask them for assistance. From what I've experienced thus far, they LOVE to help us and are happy to be called on.

Here's a couple of recent examples of help from the other side... Chris and I were in the Bennington, VT Goodwill store. Over the years, this has become my fave place to shop for clothes because I can usually find something really good for really little. My usual mode is to head straight for the clothing racks. This time, however, I mumbled to Chris that I needed to head for the book area...albeit a small area in this store...but you never know... The important thing is that I felt the nudge and acted on the call. As I stood in front of the shelves of non-catalogued books, I quickly said, "Book Angel, please help me to find a book, should it be one that I need to read. Thank you." My hand was guided immediately to an oversized, floppy paperback. As I gently moved this book to one side, hidden behind it was Doreen Virtue's, "The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal." Now let's just say that I have never, up until this point, found any metaphysical books at the Goodwill...other thrift stores? yes...but the Goodwill? no. This book turned out to be JUST THE BOOK that made another book I was presently reading at home...a book that I was finding difficult to read...much more clear. I'm just about finished with Virtue's book, and I'm flabbergasted by just how important and this very moment in time...her information is for me.

Another example... Last Sunday I attended a service at TNSA again. The usual practice is that Chris drops me off and goes to the tennis courts to hit a few balls or to some nearby bench to read while I'm in church. Because I don't want him to have to wait longer than necessary, I generally don't go to the social after service. This time, however, I walked outside after service and his car wasn't there yet. I asked, "Am I supposed to go back in for a reason?" The answer I heard loud and clear was, "Yes!" So back in I trotted. I made myself a cuppa tea which I brought to the table where others were chatting and having a nice time. I got to speak to the visiting reverend and was given really important information that I wouldn't have received had I not gone back in. Awhile later, I walked out of the church and said telepathically, "Thank you!"

And that "Thank you" is ever so important, because when all is said and done, we ALL appreciate when someone is thankful for help given and services rendered...spirits included!!!!!

Talk to them and then trust what you hear.


  1. Jenny,
    I'm really enjoying your blog. It's quite a service you're doing.
    Speaking of service, I won't be going to services for the next 2 Sundays because I have to go on a business trip to Seattle.
    However, I was able to attend the Tuesday night Psychic Devt. group and it was great! I was the only one there (out of 10) who didn't receive any messages. The amazing thing is that 9 others did! I have a long way to go, but what a great trip!

  2. Hi Jeri! That makes me happy that you like my blog. Thank you!!

    I won't be at TNSA either next weekend because I'll be in school at Lily Dale. And the following weekend I'm not sure about...I'm still in a "checking out other churches" mode...

    How very cool that you went to and enjoyed the Tuesday night Psychic Development group. That's simply wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Safe travels to you on your trip to Seattle. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.

    All the best,