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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Spiritual Healing Temple

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending an evening service at the The Spiritual Healing Temple. It was Rev. Lorraine Willey, the visiting reverend at TNSA a few weeks ago, who told me about the Temple. The experience at the Temple was similar and yet subtly different from my experiences at the various Spiritualist churches I've been attending.

Both the Spiritualist churches and the Spiritual Healing Temple stress that people of all religions and spiritual backgrounds are welcome. Both include music as a way of raising vibrations during the services and, of course, as a way to make the time of worship richer and more beautiful. Both feature a sermon/teaching. Both include psychic/spiritual readings of those in the attendance. Both include aspects of healing, although hands on healing was not done at the least not at the one service I was at. Both include an after-service social.

At the Temple, we did not jointly read the Spiritualist church "tenets" because the Temple does not classify itself under the Spiritualist church umbrella. That said, there was a page devoted to what those who go to the Temple believe in, and it's very similar to the "tenets."

Also, the Temple included a WONDERFUL, healing meditation that was about 15 minutes long. Not all of the Spiritualist churches I've attended thus far include such a least not one that was that long. After the meditation, we were encouraged to share anything we experienced during meditation.

The sermon/teaching/class at the Temple was conducted by both of the reverends present. Each would take a turn reading and discussing. I enjoyed the class a lot.

Another thing I really liked about the Temple was the plentiful candles and statues representing various faiths and thought. The Spiritualist churches always have at least one candle going, but at the Temple, the many candles provided much warmth and a pleasing atmosphere.

The two reverends, Rev. Nancy Higgins and Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, at the Temple made me feel truly welcome, as did the few folks who also attended the service. I can say without a doubt that I'd like to go back to the Temple again.

Rev. Nancy separately chatted with me after service for awhile, finding out a bit more about my background and interests. She kindly handed me a calendar for their upcoming events and a brochure and business card about the Temple. One thing that really interests me is that they make rosaries and prayer beads for all faiths as a mission project once a month. These rosaries are sent to the military Troops and others in need, such as in nursing homes, etc. I LOVE ROSARIES AND PRAYER BEADS! I love saying the my case, it's the Catholic rosary that I was brought up with. I think I've mentioned on this blog before that my idea of fun was to attend an after-school rosary making class back when I was in 5th grade. I have a strong feeling that I'll be making rosaries at the Temple in the future!

Thank you, Rev. Nancy and Rev. Mary Ann, for making me feel so welcome and at home in the Spiritual Healing Temple. And I can't forget a big thank you to Rev. Lorraine for telling me about the Temple.

Tomorrow I head to Lily Dale at Fellowships of the Spirit for Spiritual Insight Training Part II. I'm bursting with excitement! No doubt I'll write a post in the near future about it. Can't wait!!!!!


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I'll be thinking of you this weekend. I hope that it is everything that you need (for the highest good, of course!)
    Love, Leslie

  2. Hi Leslie,
    THANK YOU!!!! I'll be thinking of you, too. I'll send some Reiki...