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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hopping Right Back On The Good-For-You Wagon

We're spirits housed in a human body. We've chosen to live another life here on earth. As humans, we're faced with lots of decisions over our lifetime. Some of these decisions involve choosing one thing over another...people, situations, practices, beliefs, etc. Sometimes we choose things that are good-for-us. Sometimes not. No matter what, free will comes into play.

There are things that I know which are good-for-me. For instance (in no particular order and not totally complete):
  • Surrounding myself with people I love and enjoy being with
  • Doing things which make me happy and help me grow: choices involving work, choices in learning/reading, choices in entertainment, etc.
  • Walking and talking my truth as best I can over each 24 hour period
  • Ingesting healthy food and drink
  • Daily exercise
  • Avoiding that which doesn't feed my body, mind, and soul
  • Monitoring and balancing throughout my day:
  • Not forgetting to smile and laugh
And sooo much more... Have you ever made a list of what's truly good-for-you? Consider trying it sometime. There may be revelations that surprise you!

One thing that I've been thinking a lot of recently is how we make choices to do something good- for-ourselves, and every now and again we "fall off the wagon." We stray from that which we earlier committed ourselves to. This can lead to all sorts of things, including guilt. We feel bad about not sticking to our plan. And sometimes this guilt leads us to moving even further away from the good stuff we chose. Perhaps we adopt a "What the heck" kind of attitude..."May as well let it all go." And then, to make matters worse, we start rationalizing why it was OK to leave that which is good-for-us. We may even start condoning our negative actions and come up with all sorts of reasons on why it's OK to let it all go to hell in a handbasket. And then blame comes into play. We may blame ourselves for falling in a downward spiral, but we may also find some scapegoats for which to blame. Things go from bad to worse...

How do we stop this negative mess? Love and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness of ourselves first is crucial. Love and forgiveness of anything or anybody that helped contribute to us falling off the wagon is next. Throw guilt out the doorway and tell it that it's not welcome. Give the boot to blame, as well. And if too much pride is playing an unsavory role in all of this, put it in its place. Take a deep breath. Assess what is needed to put you back on track. Bring the good-for-you stuff back into your life. And keep on keepin' on the best way you know how.

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