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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Energy Reading Parties

Please note that these parties are no longer being offered. Instead, see: Reading Gatherings.
Here's an example of what folks can expect when booking an Energy Reading Party.

Energy Reading Parties

Reverend Jeannine Bakriges, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and intuitive empath, will be giving energy readings from 11 am until 6 pm. Participants can expect an approximately 40 minute session that includes both healing energy work as well as a psychic intuitive reading. Participants will be scheduled on the hour by a host. The host is encouraged to schedule 4-5 people, making for 5-6 total sessions including themselves. Participants can choose to stay and enjoy the afternoon or come just for their scheduled session. Hosts agree to provide simple, rejuvenating, snack fare (E.g. veggies 'n dip and/or crackers 'n cheese, juice, coffee/ alcoholic beverages, please) and in return get their session for free. A room with a door, and with two chairs, that is separate from the living/gathering room is necessary for the sessions.

Rev. Jeannine is a second-year seminary student at The Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, an independent Spiritualist Church, studying advanced spiritual healing and prophecy (mediumship). These energy readings are required as homework during both her first and second year of schooling. Participants will be asked to kindly fill out a brief, confidential questionnaire after their session that Jeannine is required to hand in to her instructors. A fixed donation of $30 per person (no donation from the host is necessary) is gratefully accepted to help Jeannine achieve her education goal. Hosts will kindly collect donations for Jeannine.

If you are interested in hosting an "Energy Reading" party, please contact me at:
Rev. Jeannine Bakriges: (802) 368-7217

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My First Week Of School

It's been a couple of days since I've returned from my first week of school at Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, a two-year seminary program that once completed, culminates with ordination: First Year Program and Second Year Program.  I'm bursting with a joy that totally fills my heart due to not only being back in school (I've always loved school!), but actually studying something that is beyond exciting and so very personal to me. There were many things we learned which, in my opinionated opinion, should have been a requirement to be taught even as early as grade school...and yet none of this was ever taught during any of my early or later, formal years of schooling. Furthermore, I learned more about teaching during the less than two weeks of training at Fellowships (includes the two weekend prerequisites...Spiritual Insight Training 1 and 2...I took before officially entering seminary) than during the whole four years of my art education university degree that I began in the late '70s. Rather than pitifully lament that this schooling did not come earlier, I am forever grateful that it is finally happening NOW.

What follows will be a little taste of what I experienced. My emotions during the week ranged from releasing and healing Aha! moments of the highest degree. As one of our teachers, Rev. Barbara Sanson, said, "This is BIG STUFF."

My class consists of 18 beautiful souls...two from Canada and the rest from various parts of the United States. There are two men with the remainder being women. There's a nice age range, with the youngest being in the 30's. The faculty includes two AMAZING co-directors, Rev. Elaine Thomas and Rev. Tom Cratsley. Additionally, two wonderful teachers, Sig Lonegren and Rev. Barbara Sanson taught us some of what they specialize in, each for two days. During most of the mornings I arrived early for a truly life-changing Kripalu yoga class with the kind and oh-so-talented Rev. Don Scott. Mentors, caring folks who have themselves graduated from the seminary, were also present and will help and assist us over the entirety of our 2-year program: Marie, Dave, Susan, (Angie will be joining us in December).

I have the good fortune to travel to and from school with Marie and Annie, both residing not too far from least not by New England travel standards. We have a lot of laughs along the way.

I opted to stay at the Sunset View Guest House, run by Cindie and Don Scott. My roomie is Roberta, who is a true gift from heaven. Kitty-corner to our room is Jeff Dragon Star from Toronto, who I already consider a brother. One late evening at school, Mark Thomas, Rev. Elaine's husband, administered a version of the Keirsey Temperament Test. We found many of us had high intuitive numbers that put us in what Mark fondly called the "Ozone Ranger" category. Since I had the highest number in this category in our wing of the Sunset View, I was proudly named the Ozone Ranger Captain. I plan to live up to that

So what did we do all week? We began each day with meditation. We learned about values from Rev. Tom Cratsley and worked with a partner determining our own personal values in different areas. We learned about Sacred Space, the differences between labrynths and mazes, and dowsing with rods and pendulums from Sig Lonegren. Plus, Sig instructed us in making a medicine wheel and took us to experience Lily Dale's own labrynth and medicine wheel. Sig's wife, gorgeous inside and out, Karin Schl├╝eter Lonegren, taught us via webcam because she was in Europe, wonderful techniques on healing. Rev. Barbara Sanson...perhaps the most amazing healer I have ever witnessed...also shared her healing techniques, and instructed us on using color and sound to inform and enhance our work. Mark Thomas continued the fascinating instruction begun in our Spiritual Insight prerequisite classes on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which helps us to accelerate our learning process, among many other things. NLP has been called "the new science of personal achievement." And finally, the incomparable Rev. Elaine Thomas gave us more fabulous techniques to help further our mediumship training. The week included much time for practicing what we learned. Plus, we were able to begin our year's worth of homework on each other: 70 readings and 70 healings. And let's not forget the absolutely delicious meals we were served daily!

Wow! What an unforgettable week! In a few weeks I'll be heading back to school for our December weekend of instruction. I cannot wait!

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Gaggle Of Dreams

Here's some dreams I've recorded since mid-summer. Some of these were beyond weird. Please note that I've kept the rather graphic and "colorful" language in it, just as I dreamed it, for authenticity's sake. However, no full last names will be given of anyone I dreamed about...after all, it's not necessarily their fault that I dreamed about them! ...or was it?...LOL!

All through this dream I kept trying to psychically read someone and kept waiting for just the right moment to do so. 'twas frustrating because the conditions never did become quite right.

Chris and I were living in a loft-like, open-concept space with neat, artsy-fartsy furniture. He had a scroll, no less, and was reading to me ALL my faults, including telling me what a bad eater I am. I protested and said, "Hey, this isn't fair. Isn't there anything I do right? Are you telling me I don't have good points?" He just smiled back at me and said that my positive stuff was a "given." End of dream.

I worked at a place that seemed a combination of Sam's Outdoor Outfitters and The Inn at Sawmill Farm. The boss was a combo of the one at Sawmill, the blowhard boss I worked for as a teen at Franklin Simon's retail clothing shop in Detroit, Michigan, and the "skimmer" boss (the woman used to skim money off her employee's wages and was actually prosecuted for doing so...and btw, we employees never saw a dime of that money) that I worked for just out of high school at Hickory Farms in Detroit, Michigan. The "combo" boss in the dream was trying to fire people because the place wasn't doing well financially. She used the fact that I had to take care of some emergencies and was not able to complete my regular duties as a way to fire me. She was sitting in the kitchen-like setting as she fired me. Chris was with me, trying to keep me from getting too upset and getting sick. As I walked out with him, I noticed an open window right where my now ex-boss was. I couldn't help myself and said loudly, "Fucking bitch." Chris rolled his eyes and looked at me with pity...grinning that I had gotten in the last word.

NOT your average dream...almost like a dream within a dream. Spirits from the Other Side informed me to tell Chris that he needed rest. They said to tell him to, "Have fun with his music and at the piano." They said that, fun, etc...informed his music, not just practicing and playing.

I was working in a beauty parlor. I was praised for how nicely I kept the shop by the other hairstylists. BUT, I had no training whatsoever in cutting and styling hair. My first customer went OK because it was just a trim on long, straight hair. The second client had me freaked out because she had short, curly hair and was trying to decide if she wanted a color job. I told another stylist that I had no idea how to deal with any of this and admitted I had no experience. It looked as if the stylist was going to help me with the customer, but then I woke up...end of dream.

Nightmare! It became apparent that Chris loved and was having an affair with Sonia C., of all people. He was doing so right under my proverbial nose! I saw myself, laying on a bed, with Chris in the middle and Sonia on the other side of him. I called her a "bitch" and let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she would not "win." I kept thinking how weird it was that he was even attracted to her because she was so much taller than he.

Convoluted dream. Began when Chris and I were at a warehouse-like place and found we had to sleep on the floor next to an old neighbor (Susie) of ours. I found a bubble mat and slept between Susie and Chris. Next thing I knew I was traveling and was in an airport. Apparently I was handicapped, in a wheelchair. Throughout this dream I was reminded to remain positive and cordial. I came to a complicated airport machine, with many copies of paperwork needing to be put through. A woman began helping me but soon moved on when she realized that I needed help for all of the process. I kept yelling, "Will someone help me please!", but everyone ignored me. Some workers at the airport stared at me but ignored my plea. I screamed that I would miss my plane, even though I knew that I had plenty of time. Still, no one came to help.

I dreamed that Chris and I were looking at a beehive and admiring the bees. Next time we went to the hive the bees were all gone; no honey or anything. We knew a terrible illness had wiped them all out.

I was in a small, Catholic church with my Ma and Dad sitting in the pew on either side of me. The time period seemed to be the late '60s or early '70s. My girlfriend from when I was in grade school, Margaret, was in the back of the church, looking like she did back then, but I knew she wouldn't talk to me, just like she won't now! A popular 1950's kitschy tune was playing throughout the dream. When mass was over, my friend, Regina, walked with us to our car.

A woman I knew back in Great Barrington, Massachusetts was feeding a rabbit a chocolate Eskimo Pie. I got all upset because chocolate and ice cream are not good for rabbits and may even be poisonous.

I was teaching a class on how to make a hamburger patty, thinking to myself, "This is what things have come to...Look what I'm teaching and I don't even eat hamburger!"

I was looking at myself, face-to-face. One side of me said, "It would be sooo easy to drift down the river and leave everything behind. Soooo easy..." The other side of me screamed, "NO, NO, NO!" I woke up feeling stronger than I thought I was.

I was with a group of people and I looked down to my hand to see my Ma's engagement ring, which I always wear, literally explode. I held the broken pieces in the palm of my hand, bewildered, showing them to the people milling about me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"What Would I Create If I Could Not Fail?"

I'll begin this post with an announcement. My first book, after five years of work and 30 years of being in the fiber arts, "Spinning Around ~ Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics," Schoolhouse Press, is due out December 15th. Much of these last weeks have been difficult as we prepared the book to go to press. Finally the book has been sent off to the printers with a kiss and a prayer. If you're interested in pre-ordering, you will get free shipping if you do so prior to November 15th: Spinning Around. Thank you!

Life after the BOOK already is proving to be exciting! I've got readings to do, with more coming in regularly. On November 15th I will begin my first week at Fellowships Of The Spirit School Of Spiritual Healing And Prophecy. And if that wasn't enough, I'm already enjoying beginning to learn things I've always wanted to do, such as beaded and wire jewelry making and calligraphy. Ain't life grand?!!!!

There are two books that I've been reading of late, neither of them finished given my especially busy schedule of the last weeks. I'd like to address one of them here on this post, "Intuition and Beyond ~ A Step-by-Step Approach to Discovering Your Inner Voice," by Sharon A. Klingler.

I had the good fortune of seeing Sharon do readings at "Inspiration Stump," on the last day of the summer season at Lily Dale. To say that Sharon is an incredible psychic medium would be an understatement. Enthusiastic, amazing, knowledgeable, clear, confident, and caring would all describe her well.

In Sharon's book was a question that caught my attention: "What would I create if I could not fail?" My first gut response was, "I would draw and paint." When I relayed this to my husband, Chris, he totally understood my answer. You see, I met my husband in college back in the '70s, got married in 1980, and finished my art education degree in the early '80s. Newly married with a young son to care for did not allow for much personal, creative least not the type that I was used to. My medium was watercolor back then and my "young-mother's-schedule," did not give me the long stretches of uninterrupted time that I required to draw and paint. Plus, let it be known that I always felt inadequate as a painter, with the thought somewhere deep down that I needed more schooling and just wasn't "good enough" as is. It was then that my path forked and I found myself knitting again, having learned the basics as a child. Here was something I could pick up and put down. Here was something I could teach myself to get better at. Knitting led to spinning. Spinning led to dyeing. Knitting, spinning, and dyeing led to teaching and eventually led to the book...that I'm waiting to hold in my very own hands.

So back to the question that is the title of this post. Chris asked me recently, "Would you like to go back to school for painting?" "NO," I adamantly proclaimed. Funny about that. I'm happy about where I WILL be going to school soon. I figure if painting and drawing enter my life at some point in the future, it will be because I know I can't fail at them and that I've got nothing to prove to anyone, including myself. Who lifelong interest in calligraphy may lead to me illustrating what I write. Time will tell. There's a place...deep down in me, probably not far from or perhaps even the flip-side of the other deep down place where long ago I felt I needed more schooling to really paint...that wouldn't be surprised at all if suddenly I whipped out the paints and, with utter ease and confidence, began creating.

What would YOU create if you knew YOU could not fail?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - November

It's November! Time again for my offer of 5 free Empath readings. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll re-post this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

#1. Nicola - completed
#2. Tina - completed
#3. Jeremy - completed
#4. Sharon -
#5. Alicia - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading for YOU!