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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Raising Vibrations

I've been thinking a lot about vibrations lately. Since everything is energy, everything emits its own vibrations, and it's important to note that vibrations are not necessarily static, especially where humans and animals are concerned. Vibrations can change.

I've read, have been told, and somewhere within me I KNOW, that when I communicate with The Other Side, communication occurs easiest when my vibrations are higher/raised. When my vibrations are raised, I can easily see auras, Spirits, and am more acutely clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. When my vibrations are raised, the Kundalini energy that now regularly goes up my spine is stronger, more active, and cannot be missed. I have also read that those on The Other Side lower their vibrations in order to meet us...this makes sense to me, but I'm not quite sure how they go about doing that. Any thoughts or leads on where to learn more about this? I simply trust that those on the Other Side know to do this and I haven't been disappointed.

In pasts post I've talked about ways I raise my vibrations: Prayer and A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading. Being raised Catholic, the rosary is still something I often say prior to doing readings or energy work. I love the feeling of the beads in my hands as I recite prayers that are ingrained in my heart and soul. I love the heightened feeling I have after I say the rosary. For those who aren't Catholic-raised, perhaps looking into other prayer bead options would be of interest. I've recently bought a few books with the intent of researching such prayer beads in the future: "A String and A Prayer ~ How to Make and Use Prayer Beads," by Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon; "Pagan Prayer Beads ~ Magic and Meditation with Pagan Rosaries," by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn; and "Bead One, Pray Too ~ Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads," by Kimberly Winston.

Another way to raise one's vibrations is to be in a room with Spiritually-like-minded people. For me, this is literally done when I'm in the company of 17 of my classmates at Fellowships Of The Spirit School Of Spiritual Healing And Prophecy. It can also occur when I'm in a Sacred Space, such as a church, cathedral, temple, or structure-free Sacred Space. Please see this past post: Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience.

When I recently spent a week with my classmates and teachers, I can truly say my Kundalini energy went wild. Boy, there's no missing I'm alive and well when that happens! I often think of Kundalini as "positive truth energy," for when it shoots up my back, I know I'm to pay close attention and/or I know what's being said, shown, etc. is the truth, regardless of who is it me or someone else.

That same week at school ended with a Light Show. Roberta, my roomie, and I were chatting, each on our own single bed, the night before we were to leave. I was giving her a reading and relayed that as I did so, her aura was HUGE and golden. Just as I said that to her, Spirits started showing up around her, all of the same color as her aura. She, too, saw my aura and had her own Light Show. It was a profound experience.

Since I've been back from school, the person I most often see things around is my Chris. 'course he's the one I live with and am in the company of the most.

Soon, I head back to school for a weekend of instruction. Let the Light Show begin! Raising vibrations is much preferred to raising Cain, don't you think? Ha.

Would love to read your thoughts on raising vibrations. Thanks!

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