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Saturday, January 15, 2011


As wonderful as I know 2011 is going to be, these first few weeks of January have been doozies, emotionally and otherwise.

I was warned.

My beloved Reiki teacher gently hinted that stuff which needing to be cleared out was going to surface once I received my Reiki Level II.

It has.

My teachers at FOTS have mentioned more than once that big boulders were going to surface as the months of school go on.

They have.

And as I clear the big dawg boulders, there may be more such rocks waiting to rise from the dirt to see the light of day for complete removal. After all, to be the best we can be, that which no longer is for our Highest Good has to go. Hoooo boooyyyyy...onward...

These difficulties I've experienced have thrown me off a bit. Or have they? Yes, I'm behind on things I normally would have done by now. But how does one define "behind" anyways? And life hasn't ended, nor has anyone died, because I haven't completed what I aimed to do on a schedule that I, myself, decided upon.

What HAS happened is that I'm more informed than I was a month ago. My eyes are seeing more clearly than they were a month ago. And I'm more at peace than I was a month ago. I now see that the detachments that I've experienced were "in the cards" a long time ago. I can also see that the detachments which took place were in the best possible interest for all concerned...I'm sad, but knowing, when all is said and done, that good will rise out of the detachments helps immensely. And my heart is warmed by the many friends who have stood by my side during all the difficulties...sending sparklies, giving hugs, phoning, e-mailing...letting each other know how important and special our relationships are.

So now life continues. The webcam and headphones/microphone I've been waiting for have arrived. By next week I'll have figured out how this new-to-me technology works and be able to officially post that I'm a psychic medium who is up and running on Skype, allowing me to do as close to in-person readings as one can possibly achieve at this time, THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! How cool is that?!!! Also know that I CAN officially record even long phone readings and send them successfully as an audio file via e-mail, with no voice distortion or degradation, on "yousendit." Thank you, Jeff. "Yousendit" works GREAT! You can teach this 53 year old new tricks after all!


  1. From my perspective nothing new usually happens until necessary endings are made.

    The more we strive to begin something new without first releasing the old, the more resistance life will give you. If we do not make an effort to accept the emotional realities of our past, history will simply keep repeating itself.

    Congratulations Jenny, you've come such a long way!

    Love ravenstar xoxoxo

  2. Thank you, my dear friend and teacher, Ravenstar. Your vote of confidence makes me soooo happy! Bring on the NEW YEAR!
    Love always,

  3. A friend wrote this on FB the other day:
    "Sometimes it's best to just quietly close the door & walk away." ~ Sandi Albright

  4. One of my favorite quotes -What is not recognized cannot be redeemed. I found it engraved on a stone in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and it came at a time in my life when I needed to hear those words. So now that you've recognized the situation, what can be done to redeem it? This doesn't mean it needs to be fixed, but it may have another purpose to reveal. Thing unfold in their own time.

  5. Thank you, Anne. What a wonderful quote and understanding thoughts you have shared. Much appreciated.