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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Resume

I'm being nudged to post my resume on my blog. I have no idea why. Folks...whoever they may be...will be able to access it via a link on the right sidebar. Ya know, sometimes you just go with whatever Spirit is telling you to do. Hey, maybe readers will find it wildly interesting, eh?! LOL! I'll remove my "Published Ponderings" on the sidebar and replace it with this full-blown resume. Note that wherever there are gaps in years of employment, I was working at whatever job I could get to pay the bills: retail clerk; office assistant (once at Wesleyan University's Campus Center and once for a Community Action Head Start program); accounts payable (Eesh! Heaven help this math-disabled-person-that-I-am so I don't have to do THAT again...); milk mom; bingo caller; you-name-it; etc. And if one wants to go back to pre-1980, the year I was married, we can include resident assistant at the University of Detroit, barmaid, mail room helper, dental assistant (Again, eesh...), photographer at Olan Mills, up-front product promoter at Hickory Farms, and counter girl at a bakery. Here goes...

Jeannine Bakriges


2010-2012 Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, New York
As of June 2012, I was ordained by FOTS as a Minister in the Spiritualist Church and a Certified Metaphysician.

1981 The University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
B.A.: Art Education K-12 (Magna cum laude)

Recent Employment:

2012-present Psychic Medium, Ordained Minister, and Certified Metaphysician 
Facilitates Psychic Mediumship for clients all over the U.S. and internationally. Has participated in psychic fairs, expos, and other events as a reader, platform/gallery-style reader, speaker, and visiting minister

2011-2015 Substitute teacher in local schools, primarily working with children of special needs. 

1997-Dec.'10 Self-employed author and instructor
Wrote first book, Authored magazine articles and chapters in books, Taught workshops nationally 'til '08 when I stopped to put all effort into finishing my book

2002-Dec.'05 Adams Farm, Wilmington, Vermont
Resident Fiber Artist, Fiber Program Development/Implementation,
Production Dyeing, Spinning and Knitting Instructor

2002-Dec.04 The Copper Moth, co-founder and co-owner
Natural Dyeing on silk and other fibers for handspinners

2001-2002 Green Mountain Spinnery, Putney, Vermont
Finishing Department, Yarn Development, Pattern Editing

1995-1998 Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, Downsview, Ontario, Canada
Historical Interpreter, Hand Spinner, Natural Dyer, Rag Rug Weaver


2011 "Seven Drafting Techniques." Interweave Knit & Spin: 38-41 (Special Issue 2011).

2011 "Funky Faroese Socks." Interweave Knit & Spin: 93-95 (Special Issue 2011).

2010 Spinning Around - Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics. Published Dec. 2010. Elizabeth Mrofka, layout. Meg Swansen, publisher. Wisconsin: Schoolhouse Press.

2010 "Drafting Techniques: The long and short of it." Spin-Off 34/2: 64-67 (Summer).

2009 “Seven Drafting Techniques.” Spin-Off 33/4: 66-70 (Winter).

2009 “Indigo and Lichen Beret.” All New Homespun Handknit: 25 Small Projects to Knit with Handspun Yarn, by Amy Clarke Moore. Colorado: Interweave Press.

2008 Daddy's Little Girl: Stories of the Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters. Gregory Lang, editor. New York: HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. A few of my personal stories are embedded in the text.

2007 "Spider Scarf."Article co-written with Beth-Ann Vogt. Spin-Off 31/2: 58-62 (Summer).

2005 "Sun Kissed Dyeing." Spin-Off 29/2: 68-72 (Summer). "Snazzy Solar-Brewed Half-Mitts." Spin-Off 29/2: 74-76 (Summer).

2005 KnitLit the Third. "Eye of the Grouse." Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf, editors. New York: Three Rivers Press/Random House.

2004 "Significant Soy." Spin-Off 28/1: 46-47 (Spring). "Soy Shells Shawlette." Spin-Off 28/1: 42-44 (Spring).

2004 KnitLit Too. "Knit Two Together." Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf, editors. New York: Three Rivers Press/Random House.

2003 "Sister Sweaters." Article co-written with Susan Krahling. Spin-Off 27/4: 36-42 (Winter).

2003 "Naturally Dyed Funky Faroese Socks." Spin-Off 27/2: 80-83 (Summer).

2002 "Scandinavian-Inspired Mittens and Hat." Article co-written with Deborah Newton. Spin-Off 26/2: 66-72 (Summer).

2001 "Dog's Paw Shawl." Article co-written with Nancy Bush. Spin-Off 25/3: 54-60 (Fall).

2001 "A Collaboration Between a Handspinner and a Sweater Designer."Article and cover photo, co-written with Meg Swansen. Spin-Off 25/1:62-67 and cover (Spring).

2000 "Drop Spindle Basics." Photographic demonstration of drop spindle techniques reprinted from feature article by Rita Buchanan. Spin-Off 19/1: 54-59 (Spring). Reprinted in A Handspindle Treasury - 20 Years of Spinning Wisdom from Spin-Off Magazine. Colorado:
Interweave Press.

2000 "Bobble-cuffed Socks." In Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools, Deborah Robson, editor. Colorado: Interweave Press.

2000 Winning entry in the traveling "Save the Sheep Exhibit," produced by Interweave Press. "Bobble-cuffed Socks" were chosen as one of 29 touring pieces that were shown in the various galleries and museums throughout the U.S. through 2002.

1999 "Shaded Lattice." In Tops with a Twist, Judith Durant, editor. Colorado: Interweave Press.

1999 Three original hats included in traveling slide show produced by Interweave Press: "Indigo and Lichen Tam," "Shaded Lattice," and "Turkish Patterned Pillbox Hat."

1998 "The Briefcase Charkha." Indian charkha spinning overview. Ontario Handspinners and Weavers Bulletin 41/1: 8,10 (Spring).

1997 "Spinning and Dyeing in Haliburton." Haliburton School of the Arts. Ontario Handspinners and Weavers Bulletin 40/1: 28-29 (Spring).

1995 "Drop Spindle Basics." Photographic demonstration of drop spindle techniques in feature article by Rita Buchanan. Spin-Off 19/1: 54-59 (Spring).

1993 "Spin-Off Challenge." Rose and leaf tam. Spin-Off 17/4: 98-99


2008 Coat of Many Scrumbles: Or Just Stop Worrying and Sew the Dang Things Together. By Prudence Mapstone and 64 Members of the International Free Form Crochet Guild. Brisbane, Australia, 2007. 100 pgs. Spin-Off 32/2: 20-21 (Spring).

2003 Sweaters from Camp. By Amy Detjen, Meg Swansen, and Joyce Williams. Pittsville, Wisconsin, 2002. 215 pgs. Spin-Off 27/3: 16 (Fall).

2003 Handpaint Country. Narrated by Cheryl Potter. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2002. 233 pgs. Spin-Off 27/1: 19 (Spring).

Selected Teaching Experience:

'99-'08 "Learn to Spin." 3-day intensive workshop. Harrisville Designs. Harrisville, New Hampshire.

'02-'08 "Beginning Spinning Plus." 3-day intensive workshop. Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts. Ludlow, Vermont.

'04-'08 "Hand Spindling." Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts. Ludlow, Vermont.

2007 "New Age Fibers," "Thick, Medium and Thin," "Wheel Plying for Beautiful Yarns." The Spinning Loft, Howell, Michigan.

2007 "A Knitter's Thick, Medium and Thin Spinning Intensive." Harrisville, New Hampshire.

2007 "Fiber Prep." 2-day workshop. Harrisville Designs. Harrisville, New Hampshire.

2006 "Silken Fibers" and "New Age Fiber Sampler." SOAR. Tahoe City, California.

2006 "Silken Fibers." Peters Valley Craft Center. Layton, New Jersey.

2006 "Hand Spindling," "Wheel Plying for Beautiful Yarns," "Spinning a Specific Size Yarn," "Solar Dyeing Lecture." Fiberfest at Lake Metroparks Farmpark. Kirtland, Ohio.

2006 "Solar Dyeing Lecture," "Solar Panel Workshop," "Wheel Plying Workshop." Nutmeg Spinners. Asnuntuck, Connecticut and Winsted, Connecticut.

2006 "Thick to Thin Spinning." Brookfield Craft Center. Brookfield, Connecticut.

2005 "Spinning Refined - The Next Level" and "New Age Fibers." Vermont Fiber Retreat. Wilmington, Vermont.

2005 "Solar Dyeing Lecture." Northeast Handspinners Association "Open House." Asnuntuck, Connecticut.

2004 "Brewing Natural Dyes with a Solar Twist" and "Complete Fiber Preparation: From Shearing to Scouring." Vermont Fiber Retreat. Wilmington, Vermont.

2002 "Brewing Natural Dyes with a Solar Twist," and "Hand Spindling." Northeast Hanspinners Association "Gathering." Lake George, NY.

Media Appearances:

2011 "Spinning Around: Jeannine Bakriges." Videotaped lecture about Spinning Around - Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics. "BCTV." Brattleboro Community Television (Taped in January '11. Aired in February '11 to present). Brattleboro, Vermont.

1997 "Pioneer Thanksgiving." Segment in the weaver's shop. "Sahar." Iran Cable Television, Global Network (October). Canada.

1997 "Weaving Rugs on a Nineteenth Century Barn Loom." Toronto Cable "Craftscapes" (Summer). Canada.

1996 "Pioneer Christmas Activities." "Real Life," Life Channel (December). Canada.

1996 "Natural and Solar Dyeing." City TV's Breakfast Television (May). Canada.

1995 "A Pioneer Christmas." Discovery Channel (December). Canada.


'95-'98 Features in interview segments at Black Creek Pioneer Village in historical interpretation, natural and solar dyeing, and weaving including Korean Times, Thornhill Reporter, etc.

Honors and Awards:

2001 Scholarship awarded by the Coupeville Arts Center to attend a Navajo Weaving workshop with Sarah Natani in Coupeville, Washington. 'twas canceled due to lack of enrollment, but at least I got the scholarship!

2001 1st Place Handspinning. Bothwell International Sock Knitting Competition. Hobart, Tazmania, Australia.

1999 Scholarship awarded by Interweave Press to attend SOAR in Potosi, Missouri.

1997 Bursary awarded by Toronto Weaving and Spinning Guild to attend the Haliburton School of Fine Arts in spinning and dyeing.

1996 Best of Show. New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Rhinebeck, New York.


2004-2008 Member of the SOAR Scholarship Committee which chooses scholarship recipients to attend the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat.

'99-present Founder and member of the River Spinners. Brattleboro, Vermont

1984 Founder of the Green Mountain Knitting Guild. Bennington, Vermont.

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