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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Number 9 Kind Of Year

A recent e-mail from my beloved friend and teacher, ravenstar, was so helpful to me, I felt it had to be shared. Thankfully, she agreed that it could be posted on my blog. Hugs to you, ravenstar!

Here's a website link that you may find interesting, especially if numerology is as fascinating to you as it is to me. It will help you calculate your own personal year cycle: Soulful Living

Now as for me, here's what ravenstar shared. It resonated deeply within me...

You're in a 9 year cycle. Your last birthday December 21, 2010 (1 + 2 + 2 +1 + 2 + 1 + 0) = 9
The 9 year cycle brings you to the end of a complete nine year cycle of your life. This is a time of completing unfinished business, reaching conclusions, tying up loose ends, and cleaning up behind you. These actions will enable you to step into the next nine years of your life without the pressure of unresolved matters of the past pulling you back.
Everything happens for a reason Jenny. In this case, you're moving to a new level...which you already know. Speaking Hebrew, nine is called Tzaddi (Tsaw-Day); its hieroglyph means 'fishing hook'. Fish in esoteric teachings means 'food for the Initatie'. The fishing hook is the FORCE that draws us and connects us to the's about a higher and nobler purpose.
Jesus was this drawing power when he taught his disciples to be 'fishers among men'. The fishing hook can also be words from a guiding teacher or minister (school)...or it can be from an awakening within us. Ring any bells? Fishing hook also has to do with taste and swallowing...if we like the taste, we swallow the belief's like eating the right foods to keep our body healthy. We could also swallow a belief pattern that isn't us!
9 is also a humanitarian number. The 9 is the hermit's lamp that lights the holds all the numbers before speaks of understanding and feelings of brotherly love and spiritual dedication. 9 is able to draw from all the previous has been called 'the stage where the drama unfolds'. Turn 9 upside down and you have 6...the voice that must be heard. Pythagoras called 9 'good and evil.' Being enlightened, 9 should understand and balance the two. You see, 9 is all about LOVE in its highest and sees only GOOD...this offsets the pendulum, causing it to swing the other way. When good and evil are eclipsed we see the Truth in a situation...AND SAG is the 9th planet of the zodiac!!! So Phew! Talk of a double whammy!
A 9 year says there will be alterations as well as improvements to all areas of your life, even though you may not see it now, when the 'old' is released, life suddenly becomes a much lighter well as being understood and enjoyed. So there ya have it!

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