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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sharing What You See, Hear, and Know!

Patti is a friend, fellow spinner, and Reiki practitioner. I received a lovely, uplifting, e-mail from her recently that she has agreed to allow me to share. Thank you, Patti. I think it's particularly helpful for those of us who worry about sharing what we see, hear, and know. If you're nudged to tell someone what you're experiencing, please consider doing so! When we share, the benefits outweigh the potential risk involved.

Patti wrote:
I attended a spinning workshop in Harveyville, KS, south west of Topeka, KS. I had a great time. One of the 16 spinners there taking the class with me was an energy worker, Laura; she said what type of energy she used, but I was not familiar with it on Friday night. I did not say anything about me and Reiki.

On Sunday afternoon she came up to me and seemed embarrassed about something, but she wanted to tell me something as she was so excited. I finally got her to tell me that on Saturday she saw three symbols over my head and an entity over my left shoulder! She kept apologizing for seeing something so personal and was embarrassed if I didn't believe what she had to say. I told her I was a Reiki Master; she visibly exhaled relief! I asked her what the symbols looked like and what color. She said she saw sticks and squiggly symbols, and there were 3 of them, Chinese looking. I told her they must be Reiki symbols I used, and that I always asked for angel help when I did Reiki. Again, she was so relieved - YES, it was an angel over your shoulder! She didn't know which angel. She again said she hesitated to say angel because so many people wouldn't admit to knowing angels were around us. Laura had never used Reiki, so didn't know the symbols.

I asked, again, what was the color of what you saw? She said bright gold. And, she also said it was so obvious above my head that she asked the lady sitting next to her if she saw what she was seeing! They had been talking earlier of energy work, so the other lady also knew something. She said, yes, she saw gold, but nothing real clear.


  1. so . . . what does the symbol and the color mean?


  2. Hi t,
    Thanks so much for your question. With Patti being a Reiki Master, the symbols are associated with Reiki healing, as Patti had mentioned. As for the color, what matters most is what Patti feels/knows about it. For me, gold represents a high spiritual connection. If I see a gold spiritual being, I know they are of a high vibrational level. If I see gold around a person, I know they are of a high vibrational level. How do you feel or what do you know about the color that was seen, Patti? What does this color mean for you, t?