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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Snowy Owl

This past weekend was delightfully spent with 18 other classmates, several mentors, staff, a guest instructor, and co-directors of FOTS.

This month's featured, guest instructor was Shirley Calkins Smith. As her website stated, among many other things she is a "...facilitator and teacher of the Transformational Breath work and the Healing Breath." For a good portion of the weekend my classmates and I experienced the personal benefits of such amazing breath work techniques, and we, too, learned to facilitate the healing breath technique for others. I KNEW that I'd be using these techniques with clients myself in the future; they're THAT good.

(Updated note (April 2016): Sadly, Shirley left the earth plane a few years after this was written. She is now happily home, and for that we are grateful. She is missed by all. I'm so full of gratitude to have been able to have been in her presence, and to have been taught by her.)

And if that wasn't enough, we were blessed to witness her beyond-amazing mediumship gifts as she read for each of us. These were no ordinary readings. In fact, I've never seen anything quite like what she does. Shirley uses her vast fact, she uses everything she owns...when she reads. And she does this with love and compassion that is so huge and deep, it's incredible she doesn't burst! Words can't adequately describe this wonderful woman.

One activity that Shirley introduced us to that I know none of us will ever forget was an "Angel Walk." Picture all the people present at FOTS divided in half, facing each other, with a small walkway between them. At the front of the room, the first person on one of the sides closes his/her eyes and Shirley whispers something loving and kind to them; specifically just for them. This person, with eyes continuing to be closed, is then guided to the next person, also at the front but on the other side of the line, who whispers into the ear of the same person. As this happens, Shirley takes the next in line to her and begins them on their closed-eyed journey through the walkway. The first person continues through the walkway with the second person (and subsequent folks) close behind, for the length of all the people, each lined-up person whispering one-at-a-time into the ear of each closed-eyed person coming through. Once a person reaches the end of the line, they, too, join the others to whisper to the next person coming through. This goes on until all folks present have gone through the line of love. I sobbed like a baby as one person after another told me loving, beautiful sentiments. Never have I been told so many nice things in such a short period of time. Both as a receiver and a giver, there were many revelations and a-ha moments. Life changing.

There's much more that I could share regarding the weekend, but for now I'll fast-forward to the drive home with Marie, one of the mentors, who so kindly agreed to having me as a passenger to and from school. To say we had REVELATIONS between the two of us would be an understatement. I had so many truth tingles (Kundalini) flying up my spine, I'm surprised I didn't shoot right through the roof of the car. I know that neither Marie nor I will ever forget that wild drive home.

Chris picked me up in West Brattleboro, and on the way back to our house, he talked of an amazing siting. A white, Snowy Owl, flew right past his windshield when he was near to our pick-up point. I told him I'd look up what Snowy Owl meant from a metaphysical standpoint. Chris and I were both gobsmacked when we read what I had found at this link:

Birth Totem - Owl - My Power Animals

BTW, December 21st is my birthday.

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