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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Dreams

Here goes with the last batch of recorded dreams. If you are someone who always says that you never remember dreams but hanker to do so, consider keeping a dream journal next to your bed with the intention of writing out your dreams before you even jump out of bed in the morning. Before you go to sleep each night, strengthen that intention by saying that you most definitely want to remember your dreams, and keep reinforcing this intention each night. Before long, you, too, will know what you're dreaming about!

11/22/10 (an afternoon nap)
I was looking down at land that had been divided into sections. Into each section was a cauldron with a figure standing over the cauldron, stirring with a long stick. At first I thought that the figures were all different beings, but then I knew that the figures were all various parts of myself.

Caroline from my FOTS class came to say, "You know this. You've done this thousands of times."

Dream began as a recurring one where I was at Eastland Mall in Harper Woods, MI searching for 'something'...trying on perfume at Hudson's Department Store...roaming the Concourse...etc.
Then, I found myself at a party in rural Whitingham, VT. The party was in someone's house. A woman was all excited, handing out sheet music so we could sing-a-long with June Carter tunes and the like. Hardly anyone sang with the first tune and the idea fizzled away. I found it hard to find a chair. I was going to sit in one chair and thought it best to ask two women if that one was OK. I heard someone in the bathroom. The two women said, "No, better not." They pointed to the bathroom and said 'that' person was sitting there. In an adjoining room I saw a chair and these same women said, "Oh, that's OK because Gordon Floyd was at a Guernsey cow meeting and he wouldn't mind." Metal frames were passed around and we were to glue cabachon gems in the frame. I couldn't help thinking how lame a craft this was and that art had been reduced to this ridiculousness.

I was lying down and my hand hung down over the bed. A polar bear mouthed my hand, as if to bite it.

I was at a friend from-our-past, John's, house and he had made breakfast for himself, scarfing it down in front of me. He said, "This is for you,"pointing to spare ribs wrapped in a pancake on his plate. He called the pancake a waffle. I said, "No thank you." I told him how kittens like playing with pop bottle caps, as I took a piece of garbage bag away from his kitten for fear she would choke. Another friend-from-my-past, Michelle, walked into John's kitchen saying that she would clean under his sink as it was so messy. She said, "Folks would think a 'witch' lived there."

For what seemed like all night, I dreamed I was designing and making jewelry. I literally got up to go to the bathroom and when I got back into bed the dream resumed where I left off. I woke up feeling very satisfied that I had made A LOT of jewelry.

1/1/11 (mid-day nap)
I dreamed of a tree with long, spear-like leaves that were brilliantly tri-colored. I noticed as the wind blew the leaves in one direction, that the tree looked like one of the leaves' colors. As the wind blew a different direction, the tree turned a different color present in the leaves.

I had a rather large tick in the middle of my hand. At first I didn't know what it was and worried that it was a cancerous mole. But then I saw its face move and knew it was a tick. Chris got out pink, plastic tweezers and he dipped them in alcohol. Just as he was ready to remove the tick, I woke up.

I was a teacher and encountered a student who inadvertently acted selfish, always putting herself first in the mix of things. I tried to explain to her what she was doing, but she seemed clueless as to anything being wrong with her behavior.

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