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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was just chatting on Facebook with my cousin, Mary Pat, and we got to talking about her amazing mom' beloved Aunt Loraine's...concept of W.A.I.T. What does W.A.I.T. stand for? Image, Attitude, Wisdom, and Time.

Rather than try and explain W.A.I.T. in my own words, I found a letter from Aunt Loraine that explains it from the author herself. The letter was dated June 16, '04.

Dear Jeannine,
It suddenly occurred to me that you'd made a request for the "Wait" words. Now that I'm feeling better and my mind is becoming activated, I thought I'd better honor your request. So - here 'tis...

Each of us has a personalized way of "seeing" in our mind's eye that which is an IMAGE of: what we plan to do; what someone or something looks like; just where we are; etc.

ATTITUDE also is an individual response to that image. It is, or can be, what our brain or what our heart reacts to, resulting in our general overall feeling, emotionally, and part of this is our character. Each person (or perhaps "animal") induces its own unique response.

WISDOM, which we all try to seek, is more or less like an open end to knowledge that truth and time provide. It's beyond ourselves.

TIME must be God's dimension. This, too, is beyond ourselves.

We've had the guidelines presented to us and it's up to us, each individual, as to whether or not we choose to recognize "it."

And that's how I "see" it. Hope that this makes sense to you and may be a reference or guide. So, for what it's worth, I trust it may be a clue to Life in general.

With my love and my prayers always,
Aunt Loraine

Aunt Loraine insisted that she was going to put on her husband's grave stone: "Hurry Up," and on her grave stone, "Wait." And she did.

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