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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Gift

A beautiful gift was given to me today. A kind reader had sent me a heartfelt e-mail that included this lovely YouTube video. Because she has done so, I can put into motion the positive ripple effect and gift you, dear readers, with this video, as well. Thank you, Nancy, with all my love and a basketful of gratitude.

Here is what Nancy e-mailed to me this morning:
You have shared so many blessings with us, Jenny. This is one for you today.

After I asked if I could share her words and the video, Nancy e-mailed:
Certainly share it, Jenny. In your spinning blog you opened your heart and shared your fiber knowledge, your family and your friends with all of us. In the spiritual blog you go even further, opening your soul and your journey for all of us to travel with you. It is a beautiful thing.

Please consider passing on this video to others. Keep the loving 'flame' going.

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