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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Practical Praying

For those who are friends with me on Facebook and otherwise, you KNOW how happy I am that my youngest son, Alexander, and his wife, Emi, landed in NYC this morning, leaving temporarily their home in Japan. They are staying with our oldest son, David, in Brooklyn for a few days. Chris and I will pick them up and bring them back to our home in Vermont after Chris' musical gig in Manhattan on the weekend.

It is no accident that this trip of Alexander's and Emi's was planned months ago. Thank GOD for making sure it was so and that their airplane was able to take off, despite the recent disasters in the country they live in.

Of course it goes without saying that many of my recent prayers have centered around the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, with pleas of help for all of Japan's people, animals, land, water, and air...not to mention the cooling of the damaged nuclear reactors...and for all the people, like Chris and I, who have family and friends in Japan.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll know that I pray the rosary regularly because I've written about the rosary several times, such as in the past post: Raising Vibrations.

Today, not able to substitute teach because the call came in too late for me to catch a ride to work, I found myself reading the entirety of a used (but in brand new condition, including an accompanying CD that was never listened to) book that I had purchased not long ago: "Practical Praying - Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life," by John Edward. Yes, THE John Edward who is an internationally famous psychic medium. The book is not long, with the 2005 edition being 103 pages, not counting the blank pages to be used for your own 'prayer notes' at the end.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. I love that it discusses not only the traditional way to say a Catholic rosary, but also John's 'practical praying' way, which suggests one add personal intentions for each decade said. Given John's suggestions, one can 'practically pray' either without the traditional way being followed, or in addition to it...your choice. I also love the way John openly and honestly wrote about how the book came about...which you'll come to know that it was his Spirit Guides, who he fondly calls 'The Boys,' who gave him 'the nudge.' AND, he relays true stories surrounding his experiences with Mary (in her various forms as Mother of All).

Now please note that there have not been that many famous people I've admired in my life whom I have personally written to, to say how much I appreciated what they have contributed, either by writing and/or teaching and/or just by being a positive example and inspiration for me. The few who come to mind include Rita Buchanan, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Meg Swansen, plus a few psychic mediums and spiritually-minded people I particularly respect. Today, I was nudged to write to John Edward to relay just how much I loved this book. I know he doesn't directly get my e-mail, but maybe...maybe...some staff member will pass on what I wrote. And even if not, I've put out in the Universe that he has influenced me for the better. Such an intent has a positive ripple effect for all.

Have YOU let someone know...whether they be famous or not... that they mean A LOT to you? Have YOU let them know that what they've contributed to the world means A LOT to you? Perhaps the time is now to let them know. It's fun to be a true, sincere fan. It's neat to have true, sincere fans. I'm blessed to know this firsthand on both counts. Thank you.

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