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Saturday, May 14, 2011

No 'Buts' Allowed

Last weekend, once again, I was able to inhale all the wonderful energy and knowledge that is imparted at FOTS. Presently, I'm excited that a fellow spinning friend is taking Spiritual Insight Training I as I tap this post out. AND, another spinning friend who is finishing up Second Year School and will soon be a lifetime Minister of the Spiritualist Church, is actually mentoring the SIT 1 class the next weekend following this first session. How cool is that?!!!

During my last session at FOTS we were taught by three different instructors. On Friday evening and for the morning and afternoon of Saturday, Dr. Kenneth Koles amazed us with the depth and breadth of his wisdom. I've never seen anyone do what Dr. Koles does and I'm not sure I can adequately explain it. Among other things, he practices Applied Kinesiology. I've never seen anyone speak as fast as he does when he's doing alternative healing on someone. And I'd be hard pressed to say I know anyone who has such an extensive meditation practice when he wakes up in the morning...not that I've interviewed a whole lot of folks about Let's just say it's mind-blowing. At the end of our Friday session with him, I found myself scratching my head wondering what I've been doing with the majority of my 53 years on this planet, for goodness sakes! But after our Saturday workshop with him, I settled in to realize that what Dr. Kole does is a synthesis of MUCH rigorous study in various alternative healing practices and spiritual paths...perfect for him...and not necessarily something I have to do, nor would even want to do. That said, if I'm ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area, I would not hesitate to book a check-up appointment with this incredible man.

On Saturday evening at FOTS, we were led by Rev. Tom Cratsley, my school's Assistant Director, in group distance healing. It was an incredibly powerful experience, to say the least. I'm regularly involved in doing distance healing for clients myself, but when you gather a circle of healers together to send such healing energy to those in need...well, I'm surprised the roof didn't blow off the top of the building because the collective vibrations were indescribably heightened. We were encouraged to share what we were seeing and/or hearing and/or feeling throughout this work, and that, in and of itself, was a learning experience. WOW!

During the day on Sunday at FOTS we were instructed by Ed McGaa. What an honor to be in the same room as this man. I was situated front and center as he spoke, and I found myself mesmerized by the stories he told and the personal experiences he relayed. From his website: "Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) is a registered tribal member of the Oglala Sioux and was born on the Pine Ridge reservation." I hadn't planned on buying one of his books, but having this gentleman right there with us and knowing then and there that I'd love to own a book autographed by him, led me to purchase, "Creator's Code: Planetary Survival and Beyond," Four Directions Publishing, Minneapolis, 2007. I'm presently reading this book and savoring each word.

After our class on Sunday I was blessed to be part of a Sweat Lodge, led by Dr. Neal Rzepkowski. Here's what is written about Dr. Neal on the FOTS website: "Dr. Neal Rzepkowski has been interested in Spiritualism since he came to Lily Dale when he was 16 and received his first reading. That started a spiritual journey of adventure. He was ordained as a Spiritualist minister in June of 1978, one month after graduating as an "M.D.", and is also a registered medium in Lily Dale. Spirit led him to begin doing sweat lodges in Lily Dale 15 yrs. ago, and he continues to do them. As a medical doctor, his specialties include HIV Medicine and Family Practice with a holistic approach. He himself has been HIV positive for over 24 yrs., and in part credits the healing vibrations around Lily Dale to his continuing good health."
Dr. Neal is a knowledgeable, gentle, caring, and loving person. He set up, patiently instructed, and led several of us...all newbies to the particulars of what happens in a Sweat this incredible healing ritual. I shall never, ever, forget his kindness and my first experience in a Sweat Lodge. For more info on Sweat Lodges, please see: Sweat Lodge.

Last but not least, I had a wonderful talk with the owner of the Sunset View Guest House (please see: Lily Dale Assembly » Guest Homes), where I have lodging reserved during both years of school. We were chatting about next year's schooling and beyond. She reminded me of our earlier NLP training at school. We had been taught to remove the word 'but' from our vocabularies. Why? Because 'but' negates everything said prior to it. We were encouraged to replace 'but' with 'and.' Good, positive advice. Not easy to do...and...worth striving for.

I'll end with a quote I saw on the fridge of the FOTS office. I'm not sure who is the author of this quote. It tickles me so much that I laugh out loud whenever I think of it.

"Enlightenment takes a long time - unless it doesn't." more thing...consider checking out this inspiring video: Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee Beans
Thank you, Neil, for posting this little gem on Facebook!

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