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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adiemus - Songs Of Sanctuary

"Adiemus," by Karl Jenkins

"Hymn" by Karl Jenkins

"Amate Adea," by Karl Jenkins

Several years ago, sometime after we had arrived back in the States and after having lived in Toronto for three years, I was needing something to balance all the fiber work I was doing both at home and in my day job. In fact, I found myself aching for creative balance...looking for something decidedly tipped away from fibers. I joined the Brattleboro Women's Chorus and one of our productions was to sing the entirety of "Adiemus - Songs of Sanctuary." All songs are in non-lexical vocables...meaning the words have no standardized meaning, per se. It was challenging to learn and sing these musical pieces of art. Beautiful, beautiful tunes. I've never forgotten this amazing experience, nor this comforting, timeless music. Above are three of the wonderful songs for you to enjoy. It was hard to pick just three, as the whole original CD is incredible and so worth owning.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! So moving - they really touch the heart and soul. Thank you for posting them, Jenny.

  2. I'm so glad you've enjoyed these tunes, Nancy! They really are very special. Thank you for listening and commenting.

  3. I MUST get this. It was sooo calming and soothing. I feel a new meditation playlist coming on...

  4. Fiber Ninja, you won't be sorry getting this CD. Glad to have introduced you to it! xoxo