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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Expect The Unexpected

Beloved FOTS

The FOTS building...where I go to school in Lily Dale, New York

Reverend Jeannine M. Bakriges, Associate Minister of the Spiritualist Church AND Certified Associate Metaphysician

Last Saturday I was finishing up an entire week at FOTS, culminating with our year-one graduation ceremony. I am now an Associate Minister in the Spiritualist Church...Reverend Jenny Bakriges at your service. I can now marry, bury, and be admitted into ICU units of the hospital, if needed. Next year at this same time, my classmates and I will be graduating as lifetime Ministers of the Spiritualist Church.

I have to admit, in my wildest dreams I couldn't have guessed I'd ever be a reverend in this lifetime. For one thing, I was raised Catholic and women reverends aren't accepted in that church. But I must admit I LOVE being Reverend Jenny and look forward to all that it entails. Of course this won't be difficult when celebrating the happy times with folks, but if I can be of help to folks in their difficult times, then I will be doing my job well.

Chris arrived in Lily Dale, NY on the early afternoon of my graduation. At first I could tell he was decidedly uncomfortable. After all, Lily Dale is no average sort of place. But also I think he was inundated by my enthusiastic-and-beyond-high-vibrational energy, accumulated to a near-fever pitch after a full week of meditation, yoga, and hanging with my classmates, mentors, and instructors...all of whom raised the vibrations to BEYOND HIGH levels. It was enough energy...albeit, positive knock anyone for a loop, especially someone who wasn't expecting it! But once he took a walk around Lily Dale's beautiful grounds and settled in, he was soon his old self...loving, supportive, and friendly. In fact, he turned into a proud, picture-taking-maniac on the night of the graduation. I'd venture to bet that many of the flashes in the Healing Temple, where our ceremony took place on the grounds of Lily Dale, were from his camera.

The week leading up to our graduation was busy, busy, busy. We had three 'visiting' instructors, as well as offerings from our amazing in-house mentors and instructors. The three visiting instructors were: Rev. Neal Repzkowski, M.D.; Rev. Gregory Kehn; and Caroline Boddie.

Both Rev. Neal and Rev. Greg gave us priceless instruction in giving psychic mediumship readings. I can absolutely say that each of them gave me tips that have already taken my readings up several notches. What profound gifts they gave us! Thank you, Rev. Neal and Rev. Greg!

Also, I sooooooo enjoyed our class with Reiki Master and healing crystal expert, Caroline Boddie. The healing techniques she showed us using crystals are excellent and do-able. And added to that, she sold high quality crystals and crystal jewelry at incredibly affordable prices. I'll admit that I came home with two pendants...a gold-flecked lapis lazuli set in sterling silver and a very light-colored, high vibrational amethyst, also set in sterling silver. Plus, I chose two clear quartz crystal points for my healing work. Nice!!! Thank you, Caroline!

There were many, many moments from my last week of year-one at school of a nature that are too personal to share here. I hold ALL these moments close to my heart and am thankful for them. I did get permission, however, to share one experience on the blog from the other two classmates that I was with when it all happened. The story follows...

One late evening after class, two of my classmates suggested I go with them for ice cream. We headed to Walmart for their Ben and Jerry's pint that they had planned to share, and to Mickey D's for my soft-serve snack cup. On the way back to FOTS, I was busy eating my ice cream in the back seat, when the classmate who was driving gasped at what she had seen on the side of the road. As she described the woman, she quickly turned the car around and headed back to where the woman was. The woman appeared very intoxicated on drugs or alcohol, and had been weaving back and forth into the busy highway traffic. My classmate in the passenger's seat rolled her side of the window down and what was apparent was that all was not right with the woman. Her voice was oddly high pitched...squeeky and downright squeely...and her face was red and raw, almost as if someone had taken sandpaper to the skin. The woman was busily puffing away on a cigarette. It was hard to tell what her age was, tho' we later found out that she was in her 30's. Thankfully, she had been dressed in all white, because otherwise she may have been an accident casualty before we had reached her. Our driver explained that we were all ministers and women in the car, and told her she was also an RN and we just wanted to help her. After several more questions, our driver got on the phone to call one of our main instructors, Rev. Elaine, who is one of the co-founders of FOTS, for advice. As she did so, my classmate in the passenger's seat kept asking the woman questions, doing so in a gentle and kind fashion which insured that the woman would not bolt or get scared. The decision was made for the woman to be taken to the hospital and she slid in next to me in the back seat. I shall not divulge the particulars of what we found out about the woman, but suffice to say there was more to the story that made it imperative this woman get help for her and her family. Once we got to the hospital, I took her in to get admitted. Between the woman and I, we were able to let the hospital admitting staff know that it was important she be listened to and receive help. Once in the hospital staff's capable hands, I went back out to the car.

I am very proud of the three of us and how, together, we handled the situation with delicacy and love. We are all grateful for Rev. Elaine's advice at a most crucial time. We are all grateful for Spirit's guidance and help. I teased my two classmates about how we operated together like 'Charlie's Angels'...but should, instead, be called 'Rev. Elaine's Angels.' LOL! Blessings all around.


  1. Congratulations and many, many blessings! Wishing you all the best.

  2. Thank you so much, Nancy! Sending bright blessings to surround you, as well!
    In Love and Light,