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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Recorded Dreams

Here are a few of the latest dreams that I recorded...

I was in a large house where Mick Jagger and I were packaging a tobacco product that apparently was superior to anything on the market. We had to mix and combine it with a sort of rock salt and other ingredients. I had no interest in the product regarding using it myself, although Mick was clearly excited about trying it, as well as selling it.

I had just begun working in a K-mart-like store in the woman's clothing department. A manager in that department was complaining about how one of her workers had put clothing in the back storage room that was on or about to go on sale. The manager was irritated and talked badly about the worker because of this. I made a mental not to myself not to do what the worker did but also how badly the manager, herself, had acted right at the beginning of beginning to know me and train me.

Chris and I were teaching and living at a school where it was a tradition to have faculty and students dress up in wacky costumes for graduation. In the dream I was looking at the graduation procession, as if I was a fly on the wall, and noted that it was outrageous!

Chris and I were in a HUGE, luxurious ship owned and run by George Harrison (...of the Beatles' fame...who was still alive on this earth plane in my dream). There was a lake-sized pool on the ship. Apparently the ship was still docked because it had a hole in it that was being repaired. There were all sorts of little shops on board...all of them selling candles. The color of the candle in each shop dictated the theme of what else was sold in that particular shop. I overheard a mother and daughter speaking with a heavy Cockney accent. In a rather sarcastic way (the mother worked in one of the shops) the mother said, "Well, if there's a bloody leak in this boat we're not heading out to sea with him. That's all there is to it!"

Dreams came and went all night but I only remembered this one... I was teaching a very large class as a substitute teacher. I was arranging the class in rows of chairs as to each student's astrological Sun sign. Two 'officials' came in from the school district to inspect me. One, not very nicely said, "Are you aware of the air quality in here? It's stifling and students may faint." I responded that I'd open a few windows.

I was at an amusement park and all the rides were there to advance my own and other people's spiritual development. I found myself on a roller coaster...not of my own choosing, I might add...and realized I did NOT need to go on this particular ride right now. The ride was being orchestrated by someone who chose the ride for himself, not for my highest and best. I asked to get off and found myself perched on metal walkways that were very narrow and hard to walk on. I knew I had to get away from the ride so I reminded myself to be careful and to walk away slowly.

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