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Monday, July 18, 2011

Symbolic or Literal?

I love stories. Chris and I often read passages to each other from the books we're reading. Yesterday he read to me from "The Oldest Story In The World," by Phil Cousineau. Chris read a chapter called, "The Mountain Man." The story was wonderful but the quote that caught my attention was by Carl Jung, "Never say just a symbol."

When I heard this quote my head perked up because I've been knee-deep in symbolism and metaphors as I do my work as a Spiritual Psychic Medium. Often, when I've begun a reading for a client I see a clairvoyant visual, which could be a single picture or it could be moving like on a movie screen. Sometimes the visual is accompanied by clairaudient words and/or clairsentient feelings. Often when I begin a reading these days, I simply explain, as clearly as possible, what Spirit has given me to relay to the client. I tell them that what I'm relaying could be symbolic or it could be literal...or it could be a bit of both. Whether the client can relate to what I'm saying or not, I ask Spirit for more information and delve deeper into the 'story.' Thankfully, I get a power surge of Kundalini energy up my spine when what I've presented is on-target, letting me know to continue down that path. Otherwise, I continue to ask for help from Spirit to put us on the path that is for the best and highest good of the client.

So anyways, hearing Jung's quote read by Chris got me thinking about how Spirit gives me a story-of-sorts to gift the client who has trusted me to read for them. I have come to the conclusion that symbols are no less important than literal facts. That which is symbolic and that which is literal intertwine to tell a person's story. In that story there are many, many chapters already well as chapters happening right now...and chapters yet to unfold in the future. Each person who encounters a story, be it their own or that of someone else, may interpret the story in any variety of ways. We all have free will to play out the chapters. We all have free will to decide how we will respond.

Here's another 2 quotes that caught my eye in Mr. Cousineau's excellent book:

"There are only two or three human stories,
and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely
as if they had never happened before;
like the larks in this country,
that have been singing the same five notes
over for thousands of years."
~Willa Cather, O Pioneers!

"If you miss the story, you miss your life."
~ Phil Cousineau, The Oldest Story In The World


  1. Symbols are such powerful messages.

    Here's a couple for you....

    "Symbols.....carry the ego-mind beyond its definitive and limited third dimension to the undreamed of deimensions of the human soul. They supply humanity with meaning and meaningfulness that make life something worth living. Eugene Pascal

    "The symbol plucks all the strings of the human spirit at once... J.J. Bachofen

    Janice xoxoxo

  2. Two fabulous quotes, Janice! Thank you so much for sharing them!