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Friday, July 29, 2011

Trust And Timing

I've found myself saying more than once, especially over this last year, that I could never have guessed in my younger days that I'd be doing what I'm doing, studying what I'm studying, and finding interesting what I'm finding interesting. I feel so blessed to be what I am and where I am right now at this very minute.

"Learning is movement from moment to moment." ~ J Krishnamurti

I'm about 3/4's through with reading John Edward's, "Crossing Over - The Stories Behind The Stories." It's excellent. Tho' ANYTHING by John is wonderful reading. In fact, I believe I've mentioned in a past post how important his book, "Practical Praying - Using The Rosary To Enhance Your Life," has personally been for me...thankfully responsible for my happy saying-of-the-rosary on a daily basis.

I've noticed that a book often comes into my life when I most need it. This same thought can extend to a person entering OR leaving my personal realm of life, not to mention an event/situation taking place at a particular point in time...things happen for a reason and once the bigger picture can be seen it becomes evident that what has happened is often for the highest and best for all concerned. And let's face it, the big pic is sometimes not always immediately known up-front.

Right now, I couldn't imagine a book being more important to me than "Crossing Over." Why? Because as a Spiritual Medium it's gives me a 'behind-the-scenes' peek into John's life as a professional. The abundant info in this book's pages have literally addressed countless situations I've already encountered when I do readings and energy work/healing and is even heading future questions off at the if John knew I'd be having questions and here is the possible answer to them for my consideration. I KNOW that this book wasn't written personally for me, but that's what it feels like. Now THAT'S a good book...well, at least for!

Timing and trust are so important. A good friend of mine recently said that the years of work I put into my spinning/dyeing/knitting book, with all the ups and dowwwnnnnnssss, have prepared me for what I'm doing now and what's to come. My friend has added more than once, "You haven't seen nothin' yet...!" It's become increasingly clear that I HAD to write the book and go through all that I went through over the 5 years spanning from the original lightbulb-moment of what the book would entail to riding the rollercoaster all the way to actual publication. I HAD to do this to be emotionally and mentally strong enough for my work as a Spiritual Medium.

The easily-bruised Jenny of even a few years ago could not have handled the 'misses' (as in hits and misses) that inevitably occur when readings are given. After all, only Spirit/Mother God - Father God/Divine/Universe/I AM/One/etc. is correct 100% of the time. Another way to say it is that Spirit is never incorrect, but my interpretation of the information could be off John points out, all sorts of other reasons could be responsible for the information not hitting a home-run. In fact, John listed five reasons on why a client might not acknowledge/understand information given by a psychic medium, such as myself, in a reading: 1) As the psychic medium, I might be misinterpreting what I saw clairvoyantly and/or heard clairaudiently and/or felt clairsentiently/empathically; 2) If there's more than one person in the room, the info given might be meant for the person I'm not reading for; 3) The client might be unfamiliar with their own family tree or just might not be aware of what was being discussed in the reading, even tho' it may be true; 4) There may be personal reasons the client does not want to acknowledge something; and 5) John suggests the client might have a form of what he calls temporary "psychic amnesia" when being read for. This makes it hard for clients to remember their own middle name let alone the names of people and pets in their own family,

As a psychic medium I'm happy when the info I relay in readings is 75% correct and above, with my average in the 85-90%+ range on good days when the readings are spot-on and the information flowing freely. I was too much of a control freak for much of my life to have handled when the 'misses' occurred in readings before now, however this last year I have been consciously practicing my wise Aunt Loraine's "Let Go; Let God" advice. Add to that the important encouragement that's reinforced at FOTS, time and time again: to trust that Spirit will never let us down and to get out of our own way so we can be simply a clear and compassionate conduit for readings that are loving, healing, and helpful to the client.

Would a person who is not a professional or aspiring professional psychic medium like John's book, "Crossing Over?" I think so. However, for practicing psychic mediums, the book is GOLDEN.

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