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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Minister-In-Residence At Lily Dale

Last week I was Minister-In-Residence for Fellowships Of The Spirit (FOTS), where I go to school, on the grounds of Lily Dale. Happily, Chris joined me for the entire week and was, as always, loving and supportive. We stayed in the comfortable apartment above the FOTS' office in the Dale. My adopted brother, friend, and fellow classmate, Jeff Dragon Star stayed in second bedroom of the apartment during our first night but after that we had the whole apartment to ourselves. Hands down, it was the BEST working vacation we have ever had!!! Chris had done some cooking prior to us leaving on our trip, so we enjoyed oodles of vegetables, rice, and other dishes that made us feel right at home even tho' we were away from home.

FOTS hosts the morning meditation in Lily Dale's Healing Temple all through the active summer season, and one of my duties as M-I-R was to lead this meditation. On the first morning I was a bit anxious...after all, I had never led meditation for anyone but myself! The folks who showed up each morning were delightful, patient, and helpful. They even put their chairs back once meditation was over. I met many wonderful visitors, including a friendly ginger cat who made its way nearly every morning over to the Temple as I was setting up. I started to call him the 'Healing Temple Cat,' and never did learn his given name. Chris commented that what I called him would make a dandy title for a children's book. Indeed, it would!!! May have to act on that sometime down the line... One such morning this spunky, orange cat sat on my lap as I recited my morning rosary on the bench outside the Temple. He literally fell asleep on the rosary for over a half hour. I had one hand gently laying on his back. I think he was truly enjoying the Reiki healing energy being sent!!

BTW, each morning I would get up at 4 am, as I usually do at home, and have my own personal meditation session. Then I'd get to the Temple around 7 am, set up, say my rosary, hang out with the Healing Temple Cat, and lead group meditation. Not a bad way to start a day if you ask me!

Other jobs performed as M-I-R included making sure the FOTS' brochures were distributed all over Lily Dale. Chris said he didn't mind at all helping me deliver the brochures. I told him there was no paper boy more handsome than he! Ha!

On the Sunday evening I was in Lily Dale, I was to be chairperson for a Spiritualist service at the FOTS' Lakeside Learning Center. This, too, in addition to leading meditation, was a 'first' for me. I was so excited I giggled as I began. a little kid! Once again the folks present were patient and kind, even unto helping me when I got into a bit of a jam. For some unknown reason I called the names of the mediums to come up all at once, instead of one at a time. What was I thinking, for goodness sakes? In unison the congregation corrected me and thankfully no havoc of mediums tripping over each other ensued! LOL!

Wednesday evening found me helping out with the Home Circle at FOTS. According to the FOTS' brochure, a Home Circle is where you can: "Learn to meditate and/or deepen the process and experience the silence for yourself; Unfold and develop your gifts of mediumship and healing; Experience the rewards of spiritual community when praying and meditating with others." During the summer, Rev. Greg Kehn runs the Home Circle. The FOTS' brochure lists Rev. Kehn as " acclaimed 4th generation Spiritualist medium and compassionate counselor. He has dedicated himself to spiritual work since his ordination in 1980. Greg's highly detailed and accurate work has made him a regular guest throughout the U.S. on radio and TV. He maintains offices in Lily Dale, NY and Ft. Myers, FL." I had great fun in this Home Circle and gave several messages myself. Plus, I received a spot-on message from Tony, who brought through my Ma. I knew my Ma had been visiting me when I was at the Healing Temple for meditation each morning, but apparently she followed me to other places around Lily Dale, as well. Nice!

I also attended Lily Dale's Thursday Development Class run by Rev. Patricia Price. Wonderful! The theme for that evening was nature spirits and elementals. Patricia is a lovely, sincere, and caring woman, with a great sense of humor and beautiful, twinkling eyes. I enjoyed being in the fabulous energy that flowed in and around our class.

Now all the above was truly memorable but the icing on the cake had to be that I had the chance to do platform readings in front of very large audiences for 5 of the days I was M-I-R. All in all, I read at least once during those days...sometimes at a second session...and sometimes I gave more than one reading per session. I read at the Auditorium, Assembly Hall, Forest Temple, and at the beloved Inspiration Stump. These experiences were worth no less than GOLD to me. Amazing things happened at each one, but they were of such a personal nature, both for me and the people I read for, that I cannot relay them here on the blog. However I think it would be correct to call what I experienced a LEAP in my psychic mediumship development. Also, I carefully watched, studied, and inhaled the varied ways each incredible medium relayed information, be they registered Lily Dale mediums or visiting mediums, learning more than I ever could have from just reading books. It was EXHILARATING!

Add to all the above the fact that Chris and I took regular walks each day and evening (stopping to chat with the various Dale cats), swung daily on the swing set, had fun sipping excellent coffee and tea at Cup-a-Joes (where the conversation is always excellent), unwound by watching old videos left for our enjoyment in the apartment, and truly appreciated each other's company. Yes, it was a vacation both of us treasured and neither of us shall ever forget.

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