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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Nudge

It's not usual for me to write two posts on the same day, but rather than overloading the first post today (as I often did when I wrote the 'Spinning Spider Jenny' blog), I have chosen to relate in today's second post something important and rather unusual that happened to me at the Ft. Wayne, Indiana airport on the way home after my Life Between Lives Regression Therapy Session with Tina Zion.

I had just gotten through security at the tiny Ft. Wayne International Airport, where for the first time in my life I experienced a 'pat down.' A bit discombobulated after that, I settled into my seat, ready to while away the time with book in hand until my plane departure. I found myself nodding off here and there, but soon became acutely aware that there were some problems at the service desk of the gate I was at.

An employee of the airport was paging, over and over again, two people who were about to miss their flight. I watched with one eye on my book and one eye at the service desk. Soon the employee left and a woman toting her luggage arrived at the desk. A while later a man showed up at the desk, as well, and clearly they were together. When the employee returned, she told the couple that they had, indeed, missed their flight (even tho' their plane was standing there; still attached to the tunnel thingy that makes it possible for passengers to get from the terminal to the plane).

The woman who missed her plane burst out crying. The man tried to comfort her. I overheard her saying how it was all her fault...something about misconstruing that the time the plane was boarding was instead the time the plane was taking off. I tried not to eavesdrop but it became clear that the couple had just had their wedding ceremony and this was just another thing that didn't go right on their trip. The employee made things worse by saying they both may be charged a fee for this whole mishap (thankfully, that did not happen...whew!).

Next thing I knew I had this STRONG...and I mean strong...feeling that this couple was supposed to miss their flight. They were NOT meant to get on that airplane. I was not told why, and it didn't mean that the plane would necessarily encounter anything dire, however...this couple was NOT to get on that plane. I had the strong feeling it had to do with timing...perhaps as they headed home to their final destination from the airport via car or whatever...

Now let me just say that I've never gone up to anyone I don't know and give them a reading/message. But that's just what I was nudged to do. By this time the couple had gone to another gate (just a few gates down from me...there's only like 4 or 5 gates total in this wee airport anyways! lol!). I argued with Ken, my Guide. I told him I cannot just go up to these people who don't know me and I don't know them. I said telepathically to Ken, "If I'm supposed to tell them that no mistake was made, I need a sign, please." Well, I just about fell off my chair when I immediately saw the sign in the form of a butterfly, flying around the plane that still hadn't left...the plane which the folks who missed their flight were not get on to. Let's just say that in my just-facilitated Life Between Lives Regression Session, I was shown that the butterfly is my sign for me to trust and follow my intuition. Still I argued with Ken. I told him I'd be embarrassed to just go up to them. His reply came in the form of the butterfly going right up to the window that was in front of me. I think I mumbled something out loud like, "Bloody hell..." (I may be a Reverend, but I'm no Saint!) I grabbed my stuff and walked over to the couple.

The woman was still crying. I carefully sat down by them and told them that I was the woman sitting near the service desk. I introduced myself, told them I was a psychic medium, and reassured them both that they were NOT to get on that particular plane. I told the woman that she did not make a mistake and has no need to feel bad. I told them that this was not a coincidence; that it was important they didn't take that plane. I added that I didn't know exactly why, but it was so. I congratulated them on their recent wedding. They both thanked me and I walked back over to my original gate.

"Oh my goodness," I thought. Did I just do what I think I just did? I couldn't help but worry that Chris was going to think I've gone off my rocker. It took me awhile to settle down again.

A little while later the woman walked over to me. She said how very thankful she was that I...a complete stranger...came up to her to comfort her. She said her husband warned her not to get involved but she felt compelled to come over and thank me. We talked awhile. I was nudged to give her my contact card (good ol' Ken again!).

Soon I was getting ready to board my plane. What a blessing of a day. Perhaps little did this woman know what a gift she had bestowed on ME. Indeed, blessings all around!


  1. What a wonderful gift, all the way around! We don't know how far reaching our vibrations really are. It is so important to follow our inner guidance. Wishing you many blessings!

  2. Jenny, what an awesome story. I love butterflies and how their subtle appearance, suddenly lightens us up.

    Your inner dialogue with 'Ken' seemed symbolic to what the five stages a caterpillar must go through to break from the old and come into the new. Hmm sounds like a parable!?!?

    Love you

  3. Ha...sounds like a parable, indeed, dear Janice! Have so much to share with you when my trip to the Dale is over...gosh, I won't know where to start!! I've thought of you often during these last weeks. Something tells me you know that. ;>)!!!