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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turning Point

I am now home after having traveled to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for a whirlwind overnight trip. I had a Life Between Lives Regression Therapy Session with Tina Zion. I thought I might be able to share this incredible journey here on the blog, but it was sooooo personal and sooooo sacred that words, at least at this time, won't be able to do it justice. I can say that Tina is one of the most loving and caring individuals I have ever met. She said more than once that it felt like we already knew each other and I agree wholeheartedly. If you are even thinking about having a Past Life or a Life Between Lives Regression Therapy Session, consider looking no further than Tina. Being with Tina is like being held in some of the most capable, loving arms you could imagine. I felt safe and honored. Thank you, dear Tina. Oh, and btw, you may want to consider purchasing any of her excellent CD's and books. I highly recommend her book, The Reiki Teacher's Manual: A Guide For Teachers, Students, and is my FAVORITE Reiki book! Also, Past Life Regression - Entering into Your Own History (CD Version), with Tina's beautiful voice guiding you all the way.

From my friend and mentor, Janice, comes a parable. Janice wrote, "...something my dad loved to tell years ago. I'm getting shivers as I think of it." Janice said, "It had me in tears when I re-read it and it definitely made me think of you." The original parable was written by James Aggrey, "The Parable of the Eagle," in the 1920's. Janice added, "I like the way my dad told it. :))" Thank you, dear Janice.

"Once upon a time, while walking through the forest, a certain man found a young eagle. He took it home and put it in his barnyard where it soon learned to eat chicken feed and to behave as chickens behave. One day a naturalist who was passing by inquired of the owner why it was that an eagle, king of all birds, should be confined to live in the barnyard with chickens. 'Since I have given it chicken feed and trained it to be a chicken, it has never learned to fly.' replied the owner. 'It behaves a chickens behave, as it is no longer an eagle.' 'Still,' insisted the naturalist, 'it has the heart of an eagle and can surely be taught to fly.' After talking it over, the two men agreed to find out where this was possible. Gently the naturalist took the eagle in his arms and said, 'You belong to the sky and not the earth. Stretch forth your wings and fly.' The eagle, however, was confused, he did not know who he was and, and seeing the chickens eating their food, he jumped down to be with them again. Undismayed the naturalist took the eagle on the following day, up on the roof of the house and urged him again, saying, "You are an eagle, stretch forth your wings and fly.' But the eagle was afraid of his unknown self and world and jumped down once more for the chicken food. On the third day the naturalist rose early and took the eagle out of the barnyard to a high mountain. There he held the king of birds high above him and encouraged him again by saying, 'You are an eagle. You belong to the sky as well as the earth. Stretch forth your wings now and fly.' The eagle looked around, back towards the barnyard and up to the sky. Still he did not fly. Then the naturalist lifted him straight towards the sun and it happened that the eagle began to tremble, slowly he stretched his wings. At last with a triumphant cry, he soared away into the heavens. It may be that the eagle still remembers the chickens with nostalgia, it may even be that he occasionally revisits the barnyard. But as far as anyone knows, he has never returned to lead the life of a chicken. He was an eagle though he had been kept and tamed as a chicken. Just like the eagle, a person can become aware and discover their own life plan....for many this isn't can be painful and involves much work. Sometimes this is when we need the help of a rescuer to show us the way to our true potential."


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you liked it, Nancy. Heartfelt thanks go to Janice, for sharing her father's wonderful version of the parable.

  3. Aw Jenny, this parable sits so nicely with your session with Tina Zion. What you saw in her is also reflected in yourself....a loving caring, compassionate person.

    The reason I sent this parable is because you are the naturalist. You are the one that shares all your unique gifts, skills, talents, insight and wisdom to gently guide and help others.

    Janice xoxo

  4. You're a sweetheart, oh Janice, mentor of mine and beloved friend! Thank you. What you have said of Tina and I can also be said for you!!! The Law of Attraction...