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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hierarchy And Lack Thereof

Ever since I returned from having experienced my Life Between Lives Regression Therapy session in August, I have been thinking about hierarchy. As I transcribe the CD's of my four-hour hypnotherapy session, I am struck by how many times, whilst being in an altered state, I said that hierarchy is not something that even exists for souls. In other words, wherever we are at on our journey towards enlightenment, one soul is not better than another. One soul's path is not better than another soul's path. One soul is not working on something more important than another. One soul is not in a study group 'on the Other Side' that is of greater importance than a soul in a totally different study group. Yes, some souls have progressed further along than other souls, but this does not make one soul better than another. All souls, and the work they are doing, are equally important. Personally, I found such information incredibly profound.

This all got me thinking back to college where some friends made me feel less than good about my choice of being in art education; instead of, for instance, pursuing a so-called 'worthy' path of study in mathematics or the sciences. I never could understand how they could feel that one discipline of study was better and/or higher than another. After all, how can one compare apples and oranges? Apples are apples and oranges are oranges. One type of fruit isn't better than another, just different. Why would excelling in art be considered less by some folks than excelling in math? This notion, it seems to me, stems from the value that various groups of humans (especially power-driven humans) have given to various disciplines of studies and jobs utilizing such disciplines. It's come down to an absurd belief that, for many at least, one thing is of more value than another thing based on the money tag placed on it...or in the case of a job well done, the salary paid for doing such a job. Who decides on earth what something is worth? Why us humans, of course!!! We've done this to ourselves! This is a heavy EARTHLY issue, not a UNIVERSAL issue. Nor is it a Light-filled SPIRITUAL issue. We have decided on these issues as humans inhabiting a heavy, temporary body while we're living on an earth plane which itself is based on illusion...not as the loving souls we truly are, unencumbered by such a body, inhabiting our eternal, spiritual home.

One personal example I can give regarding my frustration over this earthly issue is when I was working at a mill job and my Chris was finishing up a Doctorate in Ethnomusicology. The road to achieving such a degree was not an easy nor a smooth one for Chris and our family, but persevere he did. I remember a co-worker flippantly saying to me, "Well, a PhD in music is certainly NOT the same thing, value-wise, as a PhD in science (which some relative of her's was working on). I was astounded. What does one say to someone who spouts the ridiculous apple vs orange comparison? I quickly decided it was not worth the effort to even discuss.

Also, I got to thinking how my Ma had turned her nose up at my study of the fiber arts: knitting, spinning, dyeing, etc. She once said to me more than snarkily, "Is THAT how you're going to use your degree?" Well Ma, after 30-some years in the fiber arts field, where I wrote and taught and had fun brewing indigo urine vats, I can say it was a very nice way, indeed, to utilize my degree. LOL!

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." ~ H. Jackson Brown

Ha! Just noticed today's 'Law of Attraction' quote. Nice! Appropos!:

"Get out into the sunlight — out where everything is — with a vibration that is so dominant that those who annoy you; those who don't agree with you; those who make your life feel uncomfortable don't come into your experience, because your vibration — through your practice — has become so clear, so pure, so clean, so in keeping with what you want, that the world that revolves around you just feels like that. That's what you planned." ~

Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Friday, March 9th, 2001 #189


  1. Very insightful, Jenny! Gave me a lot to think about.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Nancy! Glad you thought the post interesting.

  3. Love the quote at the end! A couple of years ago, due to influences from a number of sources, I gave up on the cultural struggle for power and recognition and started to do things for my own pleasure and enlightenment. What a huge impact that had on my perception of others and their worth! Thanks for putting that same feeling into words here.

  4. Thank you, Miranda, for stopping by the blog and taking time to comment. Much appreciated! I'm happy you found the post relevant.

  5. Beautiful post and I love the quote !