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Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween... the Eve when the veil is the thinnest between Earth and the Other Side. Halloween remains to be my favorite holiday of the year. Perhaps it is a fave of yours, too?

After the last few weeks of battling pneumonia throughout my left lung, I am grateful to be breathing more freely. I will be eternally grateful to all who have been kind, compassionate and beyond helpful, putting me on the path to recovery. You know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sometime next week or soon thereafter, I will contact those to whom I have already promised a reading and/or energy work. Thank you for your understanding.

That said, an interesting thing happened during these past weeks. Several people I highly respect insisted I start only offering my services for a fixed donation (as seen on the right sidebar of this blog). No more 'five free readings a month.' It seems that giving away my readings/energy work for free depletes my energy and does not allow for the necessary 'energy exchange' that occurs when people donate $ for services rendered. It was pointed out that folks on Earth, of which I am a part, have to pay bills and do so via getting paid for jobs they perform. I am no exception, and believe me, after my hospital stay, let's not even talk about the bills... In any case, thank you for your understanding. If you've received a reading and/or energy work from me in the past, please consider recommending my services to anyone who you think might be interested in what I offer. Thank you.

Samhain Blessings!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


All readings and energy work/healings canceled from today onward. I will be back in touch with you to reschedule. Thank you.

UPDATE 10/15/11: I have been experiencing severe flu symptoms, plus have a sinus infection, ear infection, and if that wasn't bad enough, I now have either bronchitis or pneumonia. Have already made one trip to the ER. Please send healing prayers and thoughts my way. Thank you!

UPDATE 10/25/11: I went to the hospital via ambulance on Monday, 10/17, and was admitted in the wee hours of 10/18. Pneumonia of my left lung was the diagnosis. I was released from the hospital on Sunday afternoon, 10/23, but unfortunately there was no improvement shown in the last chest x-ray. That said, I am grateful to be getting proper rest at home, as it's pretty hard to sleep in a hospital. I am grateful for all my friends, the fabulous hospital staff, and my loving husband. Presently have zero energy, little to no appetite, and it is an effort to even breathe. One thing I found I can do at home is meditate, and it has given me great comfort. I will not be able to resume readings and/or energy work for awhile, but as soon as I can do so again, I will post it here. I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts. Best wishes to all.

Oh, one thing that is hitting home is that I cannot burn the candle at both ends on a consistent basis, as I had been doing. It's clear that I'm not super woman. LOL! It's not easy for someone who goes, goes, and goes some more to be forced to a complete halt. A life learning lesson if there ever was one...

UPDATE 11/8/11: Thankfully, I am recovering well from my pneumonia ordeal. I have contacted folks and rescheduled appointments that had to be canceled during my illness. I am now available for all readings and energy work/healing sessions. For reading options, please see the right sidebar of this blog, all displayed in red text. Thank you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Precious Life

When I was a little girl...5 year's old to be exact...I remember waiting on the front porch of my girlfriend Terry's house after knocking, hoping she was home and able to play with me. As I stood there in the summer sun, a housefly hovered near my foot. I specifically remember raising my foot, wondering what would happen if I stomped on it. Quick as a wink, I did so. I'll never forget the intensely sad feeling I experienced deep in the pit of my stomach as I looked at that squashed fly, oozing its insides, literally seeing red blood, the life squashed out of it by ME. In that moment I realized I had taken a life. You may say, "Well, it's only a fly." But all these years later I've not forgotten this incident and it serves to remind me that ALL life is precious.

Chris and the kids can assure you that I never allow them to kill spiders in our house. We could take them outside or allow them to roam free in my dye studio (if it was winter), but never kill them on purpose. Even our cat, Chloe, knows not to go after them. I would always tell the kids that spiders help us by eating other bugs that we may not want indoors, and that by leaving them be they'll leave us alone, and the circle of life goes on in a natural way. And when I do accidentally end the life of a spider...perhaps by too quick of a wipe of a cloth without seeing it...I tell it I'm sorry. Because I am sorry.

Road kill, too, upsets me. Yes, it's an accident that animals get killed in this sane person sets out to wipe out animals on the road...but at least we can acknowledge the spirits of these animals and send them our respect. A funny aside in all this is how I have found myself thinking I was surrounding road kill with Love and Light, envisioning them embraced by God...only to look closer and find I was praying for a blown out tire. Such is life with less than 20/20 vision.

Now I'm no saint, and don't profess to be holier than thou. And I certainly don't mean to be standing high on a soapbox preaching to anyone. But I do think if people were taught as kids to respect ALL life when they are young, there wouldn't be a need for wars and senseless killing. Needless to say I abhor video games, TV shows, and movies that depict violence. They only serve to numb the public about the beauty of life and living. Hasn't anyone ever wondered what goes on in the mind of the folks who develop such 'entertainment?' If there is a moral to this post, perhaps it is to think before you act. Who are we to decide what is to live and what is to die? Who/What gave us that right?

"The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life." ~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, October 6, 2011


As time goes on I'm learning more and more about the benefits of simplifying. For instance, as a knitter, it's the less complicated projects that often make my heart sing. Oh, don't get me wrong, I appreciate and enjoy amazing knitted construction, and lovely, intricate lace and textured stitches. It's just that I'm increasingly drawn to the beauty of that which allows my mind to wander where it will, as my hands happily repeat that which needs to be done to complete the project at hand. These days, there's got to be a gosh darn good reason for me to embark on something in knitting that takes my full concentration, allowing no room for mental meandering. It takes a lot for me to consider subjecting my mind to such tying down.

Same goes with my own meditation and prayer practice. Over the last few years I've read a lot of spiritual and metaphysical books. Sometimes the authors go into great detail over...say, clearing and aligning the chakras. Goodness sakes, with some of them it would take an hour just to do this clearing and aligning if one followed their directions, let alone all the other things I hoped to cover in my personal prayer and meditation sessions! It didn't take me long to come up with ways to do chakra clearing/aligning, for instance, that were both meaningful to me and also got quickly right to the heart of the matter. Being succinct can be a good thing, especially when one has to catch the Moo-ver, our cow-spot-painted local bus, to get to work to substitute teach in the morning.

When I first began meditating, I practiced some elaborate steps myself. One of the things I enjoyed was meeting up with my own crossed over loved ones, such as my Ma, Dad, my brother Jack, Aunt Loraine, and even my beloved pets who have trotted over the rainbow bridge. Now I realize that they are but a thought away, so my meditation practice has gotten much simpler, given that I don't feel inclined to have a family reunion each time I meditate. My current practice includes taking a deep breath or two, as I sit very straight in a chair*, shoulders back, feet flat on the floor, my back not touching the back of the chair, tongue (at least at the beginning) at the roof of my mouth, touching the inside of my upper, front teeth (thank you Rev. Elaine). I envision the White Light of the Holy Spirit coming into my body through the top of my head. I make an 'o' with my pointer and thumb of each hand and rest my hands on my lap. I repeat the mantra, "Sat Nam," for as long as I want (usually about 10 minutes), in order to focus and go quickly within. According to information gleaned about Kundalini Yoga: SAT NAM is the Seed Mantra or Bij Mantra and it is the most widely used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Sat means the Truth; Nam means to call upon, name or identify with. Sat Nam means Truth is my identity and I call upon the eternal Truth that resides in all of us. Chanting this mantra awakens the Soul, and more simply means "really". It is pronounced to rhyme with "But Mom!" And when I feel ready, I begin to slowly recite the Sutras as I've been taught at school. Time slips away at this point, so it's hard to say how long this takes. In any case, my meditation time varies from session to session, with a total of 45 minutes being about average. Afterward, I either sit in the silence or I go back to chanting Sat Nam for awhile. At the end, I gently wiggle fingers and toes, count backward from 5 to 1, and slowly open my eyes.

Some things to consider: There may be more than one way to achieve what it is you're looking to achieve. You are the best person to decide what works for you or not; what is for your highest and best good. You have the right to change anything you think or do at any point, and that includes your opinion. There are authors/teachers/etc. who can help you along the way, but I love the adage we learned at Fellowships Of The Spirit (FOTS), "Take the best and leave the rest."

Thank you, Patti (Old Goat Woman), for inspiring me with thoughts of simplifying.

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough." ~ Author Unknown *I do enjoy sitting cross-legged on the floor, but for some reason, no matter how I try not to let this happen, my feet fall asleep after awhile. That's why I decided on meditating in a chair. And anyways, that's how we meditate at school as a group.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five FREE Skype Or Phone Readings - October

It's October! Time again for my offer of 5 free Skype or phone readings. The first 5 people to respond to this offer will get a free 30-minute reading during the month of October. PLUS, I can...for no extra charge...send a MP3 recording of your reading to you via e-mail. Send your request with the type of reading you prefer to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail. If you have a webcam and are signed up with Skype, this is as close to an in-person reading as we can presently get. Skype-to-Skype does not cost anything for either of us. If you do not have a webcam, a phone reading is instead offered. In either case, we simply agree on a day/time that is convenient for each of us. With regards to phone readings, if you are one of the 5, you will be required to call me on the day and at the time we agree upon.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll re-post this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

Please note that now that I am in seminary (see My First Week Of School), I can count my Skype/phone readings for my homework reading requirement. I will send a brief questionnaire t0 each person who requests a reading to kindly fill out and send back to me after they receive their reading. These questionnaires are then handed in to my teachers as proof that a reading has been completed.

An additional service of free distance healing energy work (distance Reiki) is offered to all who request a Skype/phone reading. This is optional on your part but hopefully something that you will desire. Once your reading is done and the questionnaire is filled out, just let me know if you're interested in the distance healing energy work and we'll schedule it. Please note that it only requires that we are in touch via e-mail (not phone or Skype, as in the reading). Again, I can use this energy work for my healing homework assignment and so will ask that you fill out a brief questionnaire relating to it.

#1. Paul - completed
#2. Carol - completed
#3. Sandi
#4. Kelly - completed
#5. Julia

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading and healing energy work for YOU!