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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Nose Knows

Whenever my Dad is around, and perhaps it's important to know that he crossed over in 1983, I smell cigarettes. Even tho' I intensely dislike cigarettes and their smoke, I love when I smell this 'cause I know that Dad is making a visit. You see, he was an enthusiastic chain smoker. I always state that he died from this addiction, even tho' a massive heart attack was noted as the official cause of death. In fact, my Ma and my oldest brother died from their enthusiastic smoking, too, in my opinion...even tho' Ma's demise is listed as congestive heart failure and Alzheimer's Disease and my brother, Jack, left due to a brain tumor. So given all this it's quite ironic that I love when I smell cigarette smoke (albeit, only when no one alive is around me smoking), knowing that Dad is close by.

When I was in the hospital recently, Dad was around A LOT. And when I drove home from the hospital, he came along with us, not to mention coming right into our house and staying close for days on end. I have to admit, that the intense cigarette smoke started to get to me when I was still so sick. I didn't want to offend Dad or anything, but I did beg that he use some other smell to announce his presence. I didn't want to equate gagging with Dad being around! So what came to me to specifically ask him to try was this rather odd deodorant he was fond of using. It was actually a deodorant for women, in a pink bottle, called "Chantilly." I Googled it to see if it's even available anymore. It is! It's by Dana and was introduced in 1941. It is listed as being an oriental fragrance with a refined blend of sandalwood, moss, and orange blossom. Now I'm guessing not many, if any, of my friend's fathers wore such a deodorant. I remember questioning Dad about it and he simply said he liked it. Well anyways, I asked telepathically if Dad could announce himself with Chantilly's fragrance, which I, too, always liked and associated just with him.

Now Dad came several times after this request still smelling like an ashtray. No matter. I love him. But last night, as Chris and I were about to fall asleep, there it was...Chantilly. I asked Chris if he could smell it but he said he could not. For the record, sometimes Chris could smell the cigarette smoke, especially during the time when I was sick. I smiled and said, "Hi Dad! Bravo! You figured out how to smell better!! Much nicer. Thank you!"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My Dad always said that if you had your health, that was more important than just about anything else. 'course when he'd go on about this back when I was a teenager, I'd say to myself, "Yeah, yeah, Dad. Whatever." I had no clue what he was talking about. I do now.

Yesterday I was extremely lucky that I was able to be seen by a kind and gentle doctor at a local (25 miles away...local is relative when you live in Vermont) free, medical clinic. I was given some antibiotics to help with the urinary tract infection I am currently suffering from, caused by all the various antibiotics I was prescribed during last month's bout with pneumonia. I found it quite ironic to be now taking something which caused the problem in the first place. No matter, a few pills later and I'm not climbing the walls anymore from the intense burning. To say I am grateful and thankful would be an understatement. This wonderful doctor, along with the three nurses who were present, all volunteer their time at the free clinic twice a week. There ARE people who care that millions of people in this country are without health insurance. They are an example of what I like to call Compassion-In-Action. The clinic is in existence due to a number of interfaith folks who stepped up when they saw a dire need. They are truly Angels on Earth.

Whilst I was being seen by the doctor, Chris was talking to a woman in another office in the Baptist Church where the clinic is located. As we were leaving Chris told me that he had offered his services to play piano at a "Put  People First" gathering organized by the Vermont Workers' Center, where members believe that "all people have a right to healthcare, education, housing, and dignified work. Compassion-In-Action.

I'll be going back to the clinic soon because the doctor is ordering an ultrasound to get to the bottom of what we think are gallbladder attacks...periods of intense stomach pain coupled with horrendous back pain.  I did a little research and know major diet changes have to be agreed to if I'm going to beat more grease or fat-laden foods. It's high time. I'm ready to be well. And I'm glad that health professionals care enough to get me on the road to being well.

Oh, and btw, the doc said the pneumonia is now down to a few 'squeaks.' I know that soon all will be peacefully quiet in that left lung. Success due to Compassion-In-Action from the medical staff at the hospital I was recently in, not to mention the friends who made sure I got to the hospital in the first place.

Wishing YOU bountiful, bright, and beautiful blessings on Thanksgiving and always!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Many Paths

Chris and I have a subscription to the wonderful magazine, Parabola. I actually look forward to additionally getting any e-mails from them, because their web newsletter often contains wonderful quotes or passages, and it's no secret that I love quotes and passages that make me think.

Recently, this beautiful-to-me passage was in Parabola's e-newletter:

"God has made different religions to suit different aspirations, times, and countries. All doctrines are only so many paths; but a path is by no means God Himself. Indeed, one can reach God if one follows any of the paths with wholehearted devotion…

As one can ascend to the top of a house by means of a ladder or a bamboo or a staircase or a rope, so diverse are the ways and means to approach God, and every religion in the world shows one of these ways. … People partition off their lands by means of boundaries, but no one can partition off the all-embracing sky overhead. The indivisible sky surrounds all and includes all. … When a heart is illumined by true knowledge, it knows that above all these wars of sects and sectarians presides the one indivisible, eternal, all-knowing bliss.” ~ Ramakrishna, a 19th-century Hindu saint

Parabola's most recent magazine issue, Winter 2011, has articles all dealing with the theme of "Many Paths, One Truth." It's no wonder the above passage appeared in their e-newsletter, supporting this same theme.

The moment I read Ramakrishna's words, I flashed back to when I was about 7 years old. Raised Catholic and enrolled in a Catholic grade school, I distinctly remember one (and knowing me, no doubt more than one) night, tossing and turning over how at least some of what we were taught at school (and from my Ma at home) could not have been correct. I must admit that even as a small child, I firmly believed that God loved ALL folks who were good, kind, loving people, no matter what religion or not they were. And I somehow KNEW that God didn't care which path folks took because all the good spiritual and/or religious paths led to Spirit/Source/Father God/Mother God/etc. Perhaps this is not what all 7 year old's ponder about, but there you have it...these were the kinds of things I've had on my mind during much of my life.

A past post, hell, also addressed these issues. Obviously they're something that I feel strongly and deeply about, considering here they've surfaced once again on the blog, this time near the end of '11.

'course I had to keep my mouth zipped shut over these 'revelations' back in the 60's, lest my very Catholic Ma and the nuns at school get wind of what was really going on in my mind. Now I'm not nearly so careful to keep my mouth shut tight...hopefully for the

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pondering Pneumonia

I've been considering how I'd write about the weeks that led up to my pneumonia, the days the pneumonia took center stage, and the weeks of on-going recuperation. Usually I can just tap out thoughts as I see/feel them. After all, I'm a self-prescribed, often-audacious spider, pretty much not afraid of standing up for what I am, what I believe in, and what I think about. But writing about these recent weeks gets a bit complicated when there are very personal situations to discuss, involving friends whose identity I'd rather not divulge because I know they'd prefer it that way. Well, here goes. Since writing is and has always been a form of therapy for me, I can only trust that whatever comes out will be for the highest and best good of all, including me.

Chris accused me of 'burning the candle at both ends,' especially in the months preceding the pneumonia that filled up my entire left lung. I'd have to agree. I make no excuses because I simply expected my body to know that it had to keep up with what I wanted to do. Such keeping up may have worked 40 years ago...30 years ago...20 years ago...even 10 years ago...but obviously not this time. Here's what I was doing for months: Getting up anywhere between 3-4 am to meditate, pray, and enjoy the quiet by reading the books I was hankering to inhale. Waiting for the call to substitute teach and getting ready when it came in. Or if I knew I was already scheduled to teach, eating breakfast and drinking a few cups of tea before I headed out the door. Then there was the day-job of sub teaching...not a job for the faint-hearted, but one I immensely like...gotta hand it to those kids...they keep a teacher like me on her toes. Once home I did breathing exercises, yoga, and always enjoyed taking walks with Chris, talking over whatever was on our minds. Eventually, I prepared for the evening's work of psychic mediumship readings and/or energy work/healings. Even as I type this schedule, it doesn't seem too grueling. My body obviously insisted otherwise.

On the Monday prior to the following Monday that found me in the hospital, I came home from work and said to Chris, "I don't feel very well." I uncharacteristically went to bed in the early hours of the evening. The next days which followed remain a blur. Severe flu symptoms wracked my body, including what turned out to be a full-blown sinus and ear infection. Perhaps you're wondering if I got myself to the doctor? Well, no. You see, people who don't have health insurance tend not to go to the doctor. Yes, we fall into the category of working adults, but having no benefits. Those who are not in this category haven't a clue what this is like. They haven't any idea what kind of decisions that people without health insurance find themselves making. Just as well, it would make the hair on their backs stand up. That said, things were so bad sickness-wise by Thursday, we did call the doctor. When that wasn't helpful, I had Chris call a friend whose advice I revere. She said to get to the hospital NOW. Which we did. Uh oh...wonder what the ER trip will cost?... By that time, I was so sick I didn't care.

I arrived at ER only to throw up. And throw up some more. They said my flu symptoms were severe. Yep, that they were. They started an IV to rehydrate me. They wanted to take a chest x-ray. I said, "No." Now that may sound ridiculous, but I somehow thought that an x-ray would be exorbitantly expensive. I obviously wasn't thinking clearly nor correctly. In my defense I can only say that folks without insurance make strange decisions, and Chris did not override me 'cause he, too, worried about not being able to pay the medical bills. The ER folks said, "OK," with regards to my no-x-ray-decision, and sent me on my way with a prescription for antibiotics and anti-nausea pills.

I did not get better. I got much worse. SCARY WORSE. I could barely walk. I could barely make it to the bathroom. "Why weren't the antibiotics working?", was all I could think. By Monday, Chris had to get to one of the schools he teaches at in order to prepare for that week's classes, taking him away from me for a few hours. Whilst in bed I heard the phone ring in the other room. I couldn't get up to answer it. I heard messages being recorded from two friends of mine. Both are incredible psychic mediums. I do not want to say who they are because this is very private to all concerned. I will call them Medium #1 and Medium #2, labeled in the order they called me. Medium #1 said that she saw I would be in an EMS vehicle, with oxygen and an IV attached to me. I said out loud in response to the message coming from the other room, "Yes, yes. I have to wait 'til Chris gets home." Soon after, a message from Medium #2 came in. She said I needed to be in the hospital right away. Again, I said out loud that I have to wait for Chris. Some time passed. I had to make it to the bathroom even if I had to crawl. The phone rang again. This time I answered. It was another friend who we'll call Medium #3. She said, "I want you to hang up and call 911 right now." I asked her what she saw. She said never mind what she saw, I was to hang up immediately and call 911. I argued. She wouldn't take no for an answer. In fact, when I called 911, she was calling 911 to make sure I called and she lives in the Midwest, not in VT where I am at. I had to make my way downstairs to open the doors for EMS. How I got down there, I still have no idea. Medium #3 called back and kept talking to me until EMS arrived. I have hardly any memory of what I said to her. I do know I rocked and rocked my body as I sat on the lower step of the stairs, head in hand. As EMS was getting ready to take me away, Chris arrived home. He followed us to the hospital. Exactly what Medium #1 said came true. They slapped oxygen on me and they started an IV immediately as I lay in the EMS truck.

I remember saying to the folks in ER, I have no idea how we're going to pay for any of this. I remember telling anyone within earshot that we have no health insurance. Hours later I was admitted to the hospital, pneumonia being the diagnosis. I spent nearly a week there, being visited regularly by the wonderful respiratory therapy staff and many compassionate, caring nurses, doctors, etc. Once home, I unfortunately had a horrible reaction to the oral antibiotics I had to take. This landed me back in ER 5 days later. Note that I had been in ER 3 separate times during this whole ordeal...and this from someone who hadn't been in a hospital in many a year.

Medium #1 AND Medium #3 later said that if EMS had not come when they did, Chris would have found me dead. It was that much of a close call. I was in respiratory distress, fast heading towards respiratory failure. On talking to Medium #1 and 3, we KNEW that this experience was one of my 'exit' points, decided upon by my Spirit, in conjunction with my Guides and Angels, in-between lives. I do remember that I did have dreams/visions involving Angels that made this clear. I know I kept saying "No" when asked if I wanted to go "Home." I kept telling them that I had things I needed to do on Earth. I love my life. I love my husband, children, friends, school, and my work as a psychic medium and fiber artist. No, thank you very much, but I'd like to stay and see this lifetime out, please.

Now that said, I somehow never totally consciously realized I was on the brink of actually dying. I know that this sounds contradictory to what I wrote in the paragraph above, but I truly didn't think I was dying. Funny, but when I had a near death experience when my oldest son was born, I didn't realize I was dying then, either...until Hungarian Lady came and spoke to me (please see the past post, The Hungarian Lady). Interesting.

Another thing that's been discussed with a friend...let's call her the that all physical illnesses have their association with mental causes, and as such there are metaphysical ways to overcome them. The book that came to mind when the Herbalist and I were discussing this was none other than Louise Hay's classic, ground-breaking, "Heal Your Body." About pneumonia Louise writes of the mental cause: "Desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal." She gives as an affirmation to heal pneumonia: "I freely take in Divine ideas that are filled with the breath and the intelligence of Life. This is a new moment." Also, regarding lung issues, the mental cause is listed as, "Depression. Grief. Fear of taking in life. Not feeling worthy of living life fully." The affirmation Louise gives to heal lung issues is: "I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the fullest." The Herbalist pointed out an indisputable fact that I had experienced EXTREME grief, especially regarding various people and situations I had encountered as I worked on a major writing project that took me 5 years to complete. Over this past year I knew I was healing VERY slowly emotionally, but my body didn't lie that I hadn't totally rid myself of the sadness, bitterness, and trauma associated with what I had experienced in the past 5 years and tucked away ever so deeply. Whenever I'd get sad or depressed over what had happened (not to mention what was still happening regarding the book project, if one can believe that!), I'd immerse myself further into my school work and psychic mediumship work, learning all I could about that which is spiritual...for THAT gave me total joy. Unfortunately this joy couldn't take away that which I had hidden inside my body and not totally got rid of. The result for me was the physical ailment known as pneumonia. When push comes to shove, I can now see that the emotional suffering over the book truly did nearly kill me. Never will I again underestimate the power of emotions held within one's being...both those that are positive, as well as those that are negative. I trust that the happy ending to this story is that after I totally recover from my physical illness, I'll be done with the grief that, until now, I couldn't seem to let go. Knowledge and acknowledgment is a big step on the road to wisdom.

Now as for our medical bills, Chris and I have "Let go, Let God." We know that whatever happens is for our highest and best in the long run.

"Where there is great love there are always miracles." ~ Willa Cather

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reading Testimonials

Below, dear reader, you will find testimonials from clients who have had Psychic Mediumship Readings and/or Energy Work/Healing facilitated by me. Thank you to all who have taken the time to give me permission to include their lovely quotes. I am very grateful. Considering that there are over 75 quotes, I trust that folks who are contemplating whether or not to have a reading facilitated by me will be able to decide based on what others have said about their own experiences having done so. For the two types of readings I offer, please see the right sidebar of this blog. Look for the red type.

I have done many Tarot Readings over the local shops, via e-mail, and over the phone...but unfortunately I had not gathered any quotes from folks regarding these readings. Know that many clients continue to be 'repeat customers,' coming back for additional Tarot readings after they receive their first one. You'll just have to consider trusting me on that fact! LOL!

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My father, who had recently died (came through). He was easily recognisable by the fact that he died of lung cancer and that the message he gave was about my mother and events that were happening with her. I was very impressed with Jeannine's reading. She is a lovely person and a compassionate and accurate reader. I would highly recommend her to anyone." ~ Jeane, Ireland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "She contacted my husband's grandmother who popped in and was accurately able to give me 4 names of other family members. I was amazed! Best reading I've EVER had! Right on with everything she said! Already looking forward to another one, and will be recommending to everyone!" ~ Danielle, Florida

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny was friendly, helpful, professional and approachable. It was nice being able to be interactive with the reading and ask questions and comment rather than simply being "read to." At no point did Jenny impose her own views but simply presented the information for consideration in a non-judgmental, factual way. Jenny explained clearly how she worked and the whole experience was very enjoyable and supporting." ~ Nicola, England

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "What was most significant to me was Jenny's ability to help me feel empowered and encouraged by what she revealed. Regardless of anything else that a reading may entail, I believe the ability to help someone feel like I felt afterward is invaluable! Thank you Jenny! :)" ~ Cheryl, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: Opened up the possibility of guidance from someone I knew and made me think about that relationship. I liked Jeannine's open and communicative nature." ~ Steven, New York

Energy Work/Healing: "When session started, felt pressure/presence like a blanket over me. I felt a bit unsettled, but could feel my crown opening. Felt/saw the image of a woman, who I did not recognize but I knew was the mother of a friend, with me. Seemed as though there were many voices near the top of my head, lots of energy rushing around, but I could not make anything out. Some pressure on the bridge of my nose. Toward the end, feeling of peace and calm swept over me, and it felt almost like there were green plants growing out of the back of my head/neck. Saw a blue pinpoint of light opposite me. Felt a bit lightheaded, but very calm." ~ Miranda, Maryland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It was very significant to me that a spirit I did not remember made the effort to come through to tell me that I had helped him during his illness. Jenny was wonderful! I would recommend her to my friends and family. I would love to have another reading with her in the future." ~ Francesca, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Having my Father come through for me. Was very emotional for me. Feels wonderful to know that we never lose the people who have passed on. That there is guidance from them even when they are spirit. Being a sensitive myself, had another one of my Father's little signals that he told me to look for, right after I hung up. It's a great feeling." ~ Caroline, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It made me think about taking the things I do in my life more seriously...and to put me first. I enjoyed my first ever reading. Now I would do this again...and not fear the unknown!" ~ Ellen, Pennsylvania

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My mother, who passed away two months ago, was clearly identified and had many wonderful things to say that were deeply moving. The moment when Jeannine said she was getting an image of the horse next door, stamping its foot and creating an "equal" sign was profound... Mom has appeared in dreams, in other symbols, as a horse, and she wrote horse books for young girls, tamed a young colt herself, and the first paragraph of the first book that was published was about a wild horse in Neolithic times... so this was startling confirmation that Mom wants the siblings to treat one another as "equals" which is exactly why I've been butting heads with them... Mom also advised me to walk away if I feel my blood pressure rising, it's not worth risking my health, better to be patient or to leave...! It was very moving to "talk" with Mom this way. She gave me "gifts" that I didnt recognize... perhaps they will become clear in time. Thanks....!!! Jeannine, I'll be sure to recommend you to others, and I feel that we should have more sessions." ~ Annie, Vermont

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "It was exactly the conversation that I expected to have with the person contacted so it made me feel good that they do see things differently now." ~ Al, New York

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "What was most significant was the insight into a breakup." ~ James, Ireland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The symbolic images that were discussed as well as the contact with the spirit. They were very interesting, beautiful, and spiritual." ~ Dominic, New York

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My father's family had a huge impact on my life and knowing they are watching gives me a sense of peace. Jeannine was great and made the experience welcoming. She left me wanting more." ~ Lisa, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My mom was contacted and she had just passed in June. She was very specific with details so I knew it was her. This was amazing to me. My mom allowed me to know she is OK and happy. It is a closure I think we all need after a death. She was patient and guided me slowly until all the pieces fit. She truly has a gift to make people see there is life after here and that their loved ones are really OK. It was a weight lifting experience." ~ Tara, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It's hard to say since there was so much. Here's a few - the part about me learning to stand up for myself, the part about empathic abilities and being a teacher, specifics about my career in the future, and the spirit contact. There were a lot of moments that just felt right and rang true for me. I was a bit surprised about the spirit contact because I haven't had a reading like that before. I was a bit wary at first because of all the connotations of that and being told its dangerous. But it turned out much more calm than before, and I was surprised that the name of the person to contact was correct on the first try. Great reading. I'm impressed. I personally read tarot, and I've know how hard it is to get messages without any kind of tool." ~ Anna, New York

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "I have been wondering for a long time, why my father always appears so distant to me and through this reading I managed to learn a lot about my father that I was unaware of. It was empowering and I believe that I now have the knowledge I need to improve my relationship with my father. Another significant part of this reading is that I finally got to release my guilt towards my grandmother who passed on. Recently, I have been contemplating on developing my clairaudient/empathic side of myself but I have been holding back out of fear. The reading with Jeannine has made me realize how helpful this could be for others and how much I could possibly learn from going down this spiritual path. This reading has given me the faith and the push I needed to go forward with my plans." ~ Melanie, Singapore

Energy Work/Healing: "The experience was perfect for me. I got to know my spirit guide through this healing process. I never had any idea of my guides prior to this but everything she described about my guide made perfect sense about how I feel about certain things (the ocean and shells). I have suspected that I might be clairaudient and empathic and this reading clarified it for me. I've also been dealing with throat problems for a very long time and the fact that it came up during the healing made me more aware that I should go to a doctor and seek medical help for it." ~ Melanie, Singapore

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The mention of an accordion and her asking me if I ever considered becoming a nun. I have always been drawn to the accordion since childhood and there is a funny story in my family about me becoming a nun." ~ Linda, Rhode Island

Energy Work/Healing: "When I read your description of what you saw and heard I was moved to tears. Thank you for a beautiful and meaningful healing interpretation." ~ Judy, Rhode Island

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The reference to my grandmother's famous potatoes and the name 'Angela.' Jenny was very warm, sensitive and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very unique and comfortable experience that I would definitely do again." ~ Concetta, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Contact with my mother's parents, especially my Nana. Jenny was amazing. I cannot express how much this reading meant to me and my family!" ~ Mark, Vermont

Psychic Mediumship Reading: I had the opportunity to make peace with my father..." ~ Bonnie, British Columbia, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "The spirit of my father was contacted who has been deceased for 12 years. The specifics of the thoughts he expressed were astounding to me. I really appreciated the way Jenny worked with me and asked me questions to help me make solid connections with his words. This was an extraordinary experience for me and I am very thankful to have the session recorded so I can come back to it over and over as I begin to understand it." ~ Jess, Vermont

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Everything that came through about my grandmother was so very accurate and touching. Wonderful reading!" ~ Alicia, Missouri

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It was a wonderful affirmation for the morning I had on the day of the reading. It was an amazing set of circumstances that everything happened on the day it did. Thank you Jenny." ~ Trisha, Maryland

Psychic Mediumship Reading:
What was most significant to you? "Her insight of the type of person I am. And she knew how I feel about myself. I appreciate Ms. Bakriges' time. She is a lovely woman with really good energy!" ~ Shannon, New York

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Confirmation of beliefs and issues in my life. Reassurance and trust in path and in guides. Wonderful personality and professional manner. Very insightful, not only of herself, but also of spirit and of the readee. Gifted!" ~ Miranda, Maryland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Validation of who I am as a person and my personality. To have a new spirit guide come to me and to offer assistance as I move forward in my spiritual path. To be given a symbol. To be given a direction and time frame for an energy shift that I've been anticipating. To know that it's OK and how it should be that I am alone and that I need to be alone to do the work I have to do. It was such a pleasure to be given a reading by Jeannine!" ~ Mindi, Alabama

Energy Work/Healing: "Jeannine's insight and gift is a blessing to me. I will carry these words of insight day-to-day to help me achieve what I am searching for in my life. Thank you!" ~ Patti, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Jeannine's clarity, being totally correct in what she said. I could tell that she was "seeing" and "hearing" something very valid for me, specifically. She was professional and I trusted her immediately and knew that I would be getting a true reading. I was totally impressed by the overall reading. I am inspired and motivated after this reading." ~ Carol, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Coming to the realization that I need to go outside my present comfort zone to locate the answers that only I can find using my own self exploration. The thought of it is truly scary." ~ Fran, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "What a beautiful kind lady; the peace and calm coming from her. The surprise that little David came through and she was right what she told me. I felt him also. I have not thought of him since he passed 5yrs ago. She was also right what she said about my self and family and David's mam. SHE IS A SPECIAL LADY and I wish her well on her path in life. Thank you." ~ Ella, Ireland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "She gave me hope to look forward to my future and calmed my fears with my career." ~ Melissa, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My great granny had a special love for me when I was little, she died when I was still very young. The fact that she came through and to know that she is still watching me and that she understands and recognizes my struggles is so meaningful to me. I didn't expect for her to come through." ~ Tara, British Columbia, Canada

Energy Work/Healing: "This Healing was very accurate and helps me to understand myself better during a time when there is some inner struggles. It reminded me of things about myself that are so very true that I maybe didn't even realize, or wouldn't otherwise give any clout. I feel more relaxed now and am thinking a little more clearly than I was prior to the Healing." ~ Tara, British Columbia, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "I was not sure what to expect but I have to say the whole experience was amazing and I felt that Jenny sounded so familiar to me in a sense that I was very comfortable with her during the reading. I will definitely contact Jenny again in the future. I will also see if any of my family members want to received a reading." ~ Margaret, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "I considered the whole experience significant. Jeannine was extremely insightful throughout my entire reading. This reading was very helpful to me in understanding myself and what I need to do to move forward in a positive fashion. My father came through in our reading and I was most grateful for that connection. My reading was 100 percent accurate." ~ Patti, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "She very quickly honed in on the issue I am most concerned about. She connected with someone she said was one of my guides. I did not know who he was, but the information he gave her for me was right on. It was significant and very helpful to me. Everything Jeannine talked about resonated with me. She was very accurate concerning my personality, how I react to things, how hard I am on myself. She not only shared the information from her guides and mine, she also gave me some practical things to do after the reading that will be helpful to me. Especially about self-worth and the law of attraction. She picked up on my concerns about writing a book and gave me some guidance and confidence to go for it. She was able to talk to me like she knew how I think even though we had never met. She was a delight and I enjoyed the reading very much." ~ Sharon, New Jersey

Energy Work/Healing: "It's been an hour since the healing. I am very, very sleepy. I don't usually go to sleep before midnight, but it's 9:47 and I am going to get in bed. I can't keep my eyes open. Totally relaxed during and after. I felt a lot of tingling. At one point I felt a shift or release somewhere between my chest and throat and also in my solar plexus. The written feedback that Jenny sent to me after the session was very meaningful to me and brought tears to my eyes. I think that she is very gifted, a very special lady. Thank you." ~ Sharon, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "When Jeannine said I was very adaptive- my family has moved from country to country and I also happen to be transgendered- something Jeannine didn't know till I told her. Her specifics on countries I could do my residency were shocking- they mirrored how I felt. Truly healing! I feel much love and my path is illuminated thanks to Jenny." ~ Anastasia, Romania

Energy Work/Healing: "She's excellent! I don't see how she can 'improve' perfection. :) She was right on about all the insights she received- in retrospect they do seem to tie in with the reading I had earlier with her! I experienced clarity, peace and a sense that everything will be fine and that I'm always supported- very reassuring indeed! :) Thanks Jeannine- you're a doll! :)" ~ Anastasia, Romania

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny talked about a gathering of women for ceremonial purpose and said it was comfortable. I was going to a blessing way for my pregnant sister-in-law that day and had some anxiety about it so was comforted. Jenny also talked about my abilities as a receptive person and as a writer, which are both very important to me so it was nice to have that encouragement. I really loved it though and feel I will remember Jeannine's wonderful presence for a long time." ~ Shonna, British Columbia, Canada

Energy Work/Healing: I noticed that I sunk into a deep relaxation very quickly, almost instantly. I felt very peaceful and protected. My cat came and lay with me for the entire time and licked my feet near the end (something he never does). I noticed afterward that I looked and felt very relaxed and loving towards myself and others. Thank you Jenny : )" ~ Shonna, British Columbia, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jeannine is very gifted. I had a psychic medium reading which was spot on; she received information from my grandmother which later proved invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us all, Jeannine." ~ Jennifer, New Hampshire

Psychic Mediumship Reading and Energy Work/Healing: "It was lovely how calming Jeannine was throughout the reading. The reading was very specific to me and the most significant bit of information was the three beings that she saw (mother, maiden, crone). I would love to have another session with her in the future." ~ Katrina, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The validation that my intuition is leading me in the right direction and that the fruition of it is near. Jeannine was spot on in everything we touched on. From her first impression/image I knew I was going to gain some interesting insights and guidance." ~ Liz, Colorado

Energy Work/ Healing: "I felt a lot of different sensations. At first it felt like a scanning up and down of my body. I felt a lot of sensation at my head, around my eyes and nose area and then my low back. Hot and cold sensations, energy flows. It was very interesting. These experiences seem to go with what Jenny wrote too. I have been having some sinus issues and suffer from low back pain. She is not the first person to get a reading about kidneys, so I will pay more attention to drinking more fluids! I love the music and prayer, thank you!" ~ Liz, Colorado

Psychic Mediumship Reading:
"Jenny is an alert, in-tune & very warm reader. She communicates clearly & describes things vividly. She expanded the reading for additional details and information when needed. Jenny has an easy, comfortable style of bringing forth messages, simply confirming connection while maintaining focus. Lovely experience. Thank you." ~ Cheryl, Utah

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The innate insightful reading as a whole. Jeannine really did do a fantastic job. The reading made a whole lot of sense, was in-depth, accurate, a treasure to keep and come back to." ~ Dari, Vermont

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It was most significant to hear in words things that I have thought about, but shared with no one. It was meaningful to begin with prayer. I believe that this is truly Jenny's calling - she is gifted indeed. I was relaxed and energized at the same time at the end of the reading. I have some work to do, and it will take some time to get past some of the things we spoke of, however I feel that the guidance and direction are beyond having someone telling me to "just do it." I understand that I have some ownership as well and in doing so, I will be able to "just do it" :) Thank you so much!" ~ Kat, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Excellent work! She was able to receive spirit, describe him very accurately, and give an object of importance. I enjoyed the exchange very much. She also had a message, that I will need to express to someone. Bravo!" ~ Marilyn, Ontario, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The information regarding my own Spiritual abilities that are validating and life affirming with direction on how best to hone these skills via further specific education. We did the reading over Skype and Jenny was able to record and send me a copy. I look forward to hearing it again to glean further bits I may have missed. Jenny feels like a friend and I am very blessed to have had this opportunity to sit with her in Energy, Spirit and Connection." ~ Heather, Maine

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Although I did not know the woman described per se she fits what I do know of my father's mother so I will say I recognize her. All of it was significant, Jeannine gives her messages from such a place of love that it is beautiful and I felt she was very connected with me and with Spirit. Being open to being more aware of the males around me and of my own beauty and worth was really the most significant and affirming as well as healing. I pray that you continue with your work as you bring comfort, healing and joy to those you read and heal for at least from my experience with you and from connecting with your energy. You are a wonderful healer and reader and have such a loving presence, I hope to meet you face to face in person one day but Skype was great too." ~ Mary, New York

Energy Work/Healing: "I saw a rainbow and a bridge. The rainbow is an image I connect with and in a way symbolized the work that has been done as I have grown spiritually. The bridge to me means there will be more movement. Physically I felt waves of energy and felt a lot of shifting in the root chakra area." ~ Mary, New York

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "I was able to get some continuity from past readings and tie some things together. Some interesting past life events that help to explain some aspects of this life for me. Jenny is a very gifted healer. She has very effective way of connecting with the higher planes and getting significant relevant information. She is very gentle and insightful. I really enjoyed my experience!" ~ Jeff, Ontario, Canada

Energy Work/Healing: "Amazing that this healing can happen at such a distance. I felt energy all around my head and neck. Also the pain in the right hand side of my neck disappeared! It felt like a thumb was massaging the spot." ~ Jeff, Ontario, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "How absolutely right on Jeannine was on this reading. Jeannine is very gifted. I am excited to follow her journey. If she is every back in the Detroit area, I would love for her to speak at my church. I also would love to get a healing from Jeannine sometime." ~ Carole Lynn, Michigan

Energy Work/Healing: "Along with feeling extremely peaceful and relaxed, there was a powerful and pleasurable sensation of a current of energy moving gently up and down my whole body. It was a feeling of compassion, trust and affection that flowed back and forth to each other. I could feel my spirit and a Divine connection." ~ Janice, Ontario, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny and I 'clicked' immediately which set the scene. Her calm and friendly nature made her instantly trustworthy for me. I'm slightly skeptical about readings and readers but she 'homed in' immediately on questions I had considered the night before, but not asked! Her attention to detail and explanation of the insights was clear and if not understood immediately by me - explained to my satisfaction. I must say that I consider a reading to form part of a healing experience. Her gift is and will be a blessing to those she meets." ~ Mary, Ireland

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Getting in touch with my Grandma and finding out I have an Archangel around me that I wasn't aware of!" The reading was fantastic! I have had several readings and this one ranks at the top! I will be calling Jeannine (Jenny) again and will definitely refer other people to her. I am also interested in a healing session." ~ Michele, Michigan

Energy Work/Healing: "I felt Jeannine's energy very strong, especially in my hands. She was so on target with everything she said. I was very pleased to find out my guide's name. I am still overwhelmed with the healing. I feel very good this morning after having the reading last night. I'm still processing but it was absolutely fantastic!!! I am very, very happy with the healing session!!!" ~ Michele, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny tuned into a time in my life I have been thinking about a lot and signaled her connection to that period with a very personal symbol for me. As I think about this more, I realize that it was at that time I was beginning to get interested in spirituality and first started attending a Spiritualist church. This is highly significant and what brought me to SIT (Spiritual Insight Training). A reading or healing with Jenny is an uplifting experience. She brings out the best in those around her. Working with her is a joy--she is open and full of connectivity and energy." ~ Joanne, New Jersey

Energy Work/Healing: "Jenny has the gift of being able to help others she works with reach higher. Very relaxed and would be a great SIT (Spiritual Insight Training) mentor." ~ Joanne, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny brought through my great Grandmother who I have never met, but comes through often for me. This was the most personal message I have ever received from her and it helped to confirm some things I had been curious about. Jenny is so warm and healing in nature. From the first moment we spoke I felt both loved and honoured by Jenny. This was a truly beautiful experience for me and listening to the reading was not only informative, but fun, and Jenny shared her visuals; which helped me to see the messages for myself. Jenny, thank you again from the bottom of my heart." ~ Lara, Ontario, Canada

Energy Work/Healing: "This was one of the best healings I have ever had the opportunity to experience! Jenny brings such a warm and loving nature to her healing and I felt completely embraced from the moment we started. I felt as though I was held still by the warmth and energy and with that feeling came complete peace and silence. I could still hear the sounds of the environment around me, but it was as though none of it mattered and for those moments, I was completely separate from the city and yet one with everything. I experiences great clarity and new insights and was able to release after achieving such clarity. This healing brought me to tears because it was such a beautiful experience and provided much desired clarity. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jenny. Thank you again!" ~ Lara, Ontario, Canada

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "The many messages that Jenny gave me were pertinent to where I am at and in my life. Especially, the message directly from Spirit that related to my stomach area: a flutter, a feeling of joy and excitement, yet something I had been secretly second guessing. This affirmation was very much needed, but also very validating for my own internal compass, to remind me how in-tune I am with reading the messages of my own life. Jenny was thorough, warm and very compassionate in her delivery. I love to receive readings from her! Thank you so much!" ~ Annie, New Hampshire

Energy Work/Healing: "This was my first distant healing. I was not sure what to expect, so I just allowed whatever I felt to come. I felt various physical sensations through out my body, but specifically on my head area. I allowed myself to go in - so much so that I felt other beings around me, and some in fact, spoke to me. My observation of this - clearly shows how wonderful healing Jenny's delivery was for me. She helped me to relax, and to let go.... in the middle of the day! I never do that!! Thank you!" ~ Annie, New Hampshire

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "A description of a childhood scene which included a "slang" reference which resonated with me. I was moved with emotion when Jenny commented that the "who-evers" commended me on my empathetic ways... It was at this time I felt a mental and emotional shift that I would call healing. When I use a psychic medium, I often "tag" any generalities in my head. It's the combination of "this and that" that leads me from designating a reading as fluff vs substance. I feel Jenny focused very well and somehow was able to narrow what she received to pertinent info that spoke directly to my question. In fact, she was the most focused one. FYI, they usually tell me I am psychic, empathetic... But Jenny framed things in a way that help me understand what went wrong and how I can fix it. I thank her for that. I will recommend her." ~ Irene, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "Jenny brought through a loving colleague in spirit. I hadn't known this woman had passed, but upon a look-see through the internet, I found out it was so. Jenny brought through restorative messages reminding me to be out in nature and with my animals as much as possible." ~ Robin, Massachusetts

Energy Work/Healing: "Thank you, Jenny. I felt restored and peaceful." ~ Robin, Massachusetts

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "I guess my Grandmother explaining how proud of me she was for my beliefs and that she supports me. I am happy to know that I have empathic tendencies. :) I really enjoyed this! Thank you for doing this for me! I learned a lot on how to improve myself both mentally and emotionally. Thank you so much!" ~ Megan, Florida

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "I think the most significant part of the reading was when I sensed my grandmother when Jeannine mentioned a 'purse, handkerchief, etc' in her vision. I always feel comforted and I know when she appears either in thought or visually in dream that everything is all right the way it should be, and I am strong enough to overcome whatever challenge is in my path at the current moment. Also, it was very important to hear that I have psychic abilities as well because time to time my logical mind tries to push this back inside and think logically instead of 'sensing' and trusting those feelings. It was an excellent session, what I had with Jeannine. It is really important to evoke emotions in the sitter - and as tough as I always am, I just shed tears out at the last minutes because it was very personal, comforting and inspiring, and I felt blessed to have this reading with Jeannine. I had a reading done, but I also feel there was healing there as well. I felt completely in peace and solitude (my mind is usually racing like F1 in Indianapolis). I really found a balance I was trying to restore after unpleasant information earlier of this week. As for me - I don't have any comments on how to improve healing experience. I got exactly what I needed. Reassurance in things I already know, but just needed to hear it from someone else as well. I feel very positive and sure of myself that I am really on a right track on my life path. I was not seeking any specific advice, just a general 'what comes along the reading'. Jeannine was very specific, helpful, and kind. I think the most important things were said very well, and I felt very comfortable,confident, and in peace with myself and my situation I am currently in. Thank you, Jeannine, for your words!" ~ Chilla, New Jersey

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "You were able to provide information regarding my personal relationship problems and gave me a new way to view the events that have taken place. Most significantly, you were able to convey "feelings" through words! Your link with Spirit is very smooth and it seems to come easily to you. You provided advice for me on different behaviors to "try on" in the future. Thank you for these suggestions." ~ Caroline, Pennsylvania

Energy Work/Healing: "All was good and very relaxing. During the healing I saw a stretching exercise that could help me relieve the pressure on my neck and shoulders. It was very specific and I am anxious to try it. Thanks Jenny!!!" ~ Caroline, Pennsylvania

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "Getting confirmation of what I was thinking on certain things. There was much enlightenment on the situation. This was quite eye opening and reaffirming. You are a wonderfully talented person. The readings are accurate, helpful as well as enjoyable. Thanks muchly!" ~ Cheryl, Vermont

Energy Work/Healing: "Incredible calm. Thanks, much needed. After listening to 'Send In the Clowns' several times and looking up meanings for the song...Oh my goodness. It is THE most appropriate song that describes me right now. It fits like a kid glove. Jenny, you have a knack of really zeroing in on things. 90% of this was right on target. Thanks bunches." ~ Cheryl, Vermont

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "My father always seems to come through, but this time a whole group of relatives were there too, like a cheering section. Reminded me that there are many on the other side that want to help and are in support of what I am doing now. And I guess I am still my mother's dumpling! And I would like to comment that Jenny is very good at connecting with spirit and bringing them through." ~ Eileen, Pennsylvania

Energy Work/Healing: "The healing cleared out an emotional ugly that needed to be removed. I felt lighter and brighter afterward. Brought about much inner peace." ~ Eileen, Pennsylvania

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "It was a wonderful present to be released of the guilt I felt about my son with respect to my daughters. Jenny is amazing." ~ Jofran, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The briefcase. Many of the "tools" mentioned were meaningful to me, especially the brown winged-tipped shoes. She did a wonderful job." ~ Jim, New Hampshire

Energy Work/Healing: "My first remote healing, and I still found it to be so comforting." ~ Jim, New Hampshire

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The feeling I came away with...I felt as if I were floating. I had a slight smile the whole time and didn't realize it until we were done. I was very relaxed. It acknowledged what I feel has been happening to me on a deep level. It was revealing-my first exposure to past lives and it was very telling and relevant. Jeannine did a good job explaining things about this as well. I understood. The information provided is helpful to me. It felt like perfect timing for me. I feel happy. I am going to recommend Jeannine to the people in my life. It was very special and significant. I look forward to the healing." ~ Linda, Michigan

Energy Work/Healing: "I seemed to relax very, very quickly. I felt warmth throughout my body, but then it focused on some pain in my right shoulder. My shoulder kept getting warmer and warmer. I felt tingles go through my entire body twice. the second time lasted for awhile. I also felt warmth in my hip joints. I felt very good afterward. Relaxed and happy." ~ Linda, Michigan

Psychic Mediumship Reading: What was most significant to you? "The information about my three boys future. Assistance in dealing with some recent bad events. I was a bit nervous about doing a reading, and had chickened out several times before asking for one. I was totally blown away by some of the information that was shared, especially small insignificant (to others) that meant a lot to me. The lines of communication were open both ways at all times. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was afterward, in spite of some pretty heavy information." ~ Loraine, Florida

Psychic Mediumship Reading: "There was contact with a recognized Spirit which was my Father. I felt his energy very much and was pleased to have confirmation that he was in fact present. There was also another Spirit present with him and at this time I'm unsure who this was. I find myself wondering about this and hope that I will recognize who this energy was and the reason for coming through at this time. I was also excited to learn that one of my Spirit Guides came through and remained for what I think was most if not all of the session. I've always been interested in verifying the existence of my Guide(s)and sensing a stronger connection to them. It was also confirmed that this particular Guide is not the only one I have working with me since he was referred to as "one" of them. However,I do feel that he is extremely important. I strongly suspect that the session was accurate but as I am still thinking through the reading that I received, I can't say at this time that all of the information is clear to me yet. Certainly much of what I heard I know to be true." ~ Pamela, Ontario, Canada

Energy Work/Healing: "I don't have a great deal of experience with healings and so am unsure what suggestions to make. I feel that this is a more difficult situation for me to connect with as I'm naturally more familiar with activities where I'm actively participating. It's difficult for me to relax and allow this process to unfold. I feel unsure of what to do. However, the healing definitely brought strong emotions to the surface even as my body felt quite still. I feel some lasting effects from the reading or the healing - likely from both. It feels as though I've shifted a bit. Very hard to describe but I feel a bit different physically and more sensitive to my environment. I'm very thankful to Jenny for her time and her insights." ~ Pamela, Ontario, Canada