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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My Dad always said that if you had your health, that was more important than just about anything else. 'course when he'd go on about this back when I was a teenager, I'd say to myself, "Yeah, yeah, Dad. Whatever." I had no clue what he was talking about. I do now.

Yesterday I was extremely lucky that I was able to be seen by a kind and gentle doctor at a local (25 miles away...local is relative when you live in Vermont) free, medical clinic. I was given some antibiotics to help with the urinary tract infection I am currently suffering from, caused by all the various antibiotics I was prescribed during last month's bout with pneumonia. I found it quite ironic to be now taking something which caused the problem in the first place. No matter, a few pills later and I'm not climbing the walls anymore from the intense burning. To say I am grateful and thankful would be an understatement. This wonderful doctor, along with the three nurses who were present, all volunteer their time at the free clinic twice a week. There ARE people who care that millions of people in this country are without health insurance. They are an example of what I like to call Compassion-In-Action. The clinic is in existence due to a number of interfaith folks who stepped up when they saw a dire need. They are truly Angels on Earth.

Whilst I was being seen by the doctor, Chris was talking to a woman in another office in the Baptist Church where the clinic is located. As we were leaving Chris told me that he had offered his services to play piano at a "Put  People First" gathering organized by the Vermont Workers' Center, where members believe that "all people have a right to healthcare, education, housing, and dignified work. Compassion-In-Action.

I'll be going back to the clinic soon because the doctor is ordering an ultrasound to get to the bottom of what we think are gallbladder attacks...periods of intense stomach pain coupled with horrendous back pain.  I did a little research and know major diet changes have to be agreed to if I'm going to beat more grease or fat-laden foods. It's high time. I'm ready to be well. And I'm glad that health professionals care enough to get me on the road to being well.

Oh, and btw, the doc said the pneumonia is now down to a few 'squeaks.' I know that soon all will be peacefully quiet in that left lung. Success due to Compassion-In-Action from the medical staff at the hospital I was recently in, not to mention the friends who made sure I got to the hospital in the first place.

Wishing YOU bountiful, bright, and beautiful blessings on Thanksgiving and always!