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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Nose Knows

Whenever my Dad is around, and perhaps it's important to know that he crossed over in 1983, I smell cigarettes. Even tho' I intensely dislike cigarettes and their smoke, I love when I smell this 'cause I know that Dad is making a visit. You see, he was an enthusiastic chain smoker. I always state that he died from this addiction, even tho' a massive heart attack was noted as the official cause of death. In fact, my Ma and my oldest brother died from their enthusiastic smoking, too, in my opinion...even tho' Ma's demise is listed as congestive heart failure and Alzheimer's Disease and my brother, Jack, left due to a brain tumor. So given all this it's quite ironic that I love when I smell cigarette smoke (albeit, only when no one alive is around me smoking), knowing that Dad is close by.

When I was in the hospital recently, Dad was around A LOT. And when I drove home from the hospital, he came along with us, not to mention coming right into our house and staying close for days on end. I have to admit, that the intense cigarette smoke started to get to me when I was still so sick. I didn't want to offend Dad or anything, but I did beg that he use some other smell to announce his presence. I didn't want to equate gagging with Dad being around! So what came to me to specifically ask him to try was this rather odd deodorant he was fond of using. It was actually a deodorant for women, in a pink bottle, called "Chantilly." I Googled it to see if it's even available anymore. It is! It's by Dana and was introduced in 1941. It is listed as being an oriental fragrance with a refined blend of sandalwood, moss, and orange blossom. Now I'm guessing not many, if any, of my friend's fathers wore such a deodorant. I remember questioning Dad about it and he simply said he liked it. Well anyways, I asked telepathically if Dad could announce himself with Chantilly's fragrance, which I, too, always liked and associated just with him.

Now Dad came several times after this request still smelling like an ashtray. No matter. I love him. But last night, as Chris and I were about to fall asleep, there it was...Chantilly. I asked Chris if he could smell it but he said he could not. For the record, sometimes Chris could smell the cigarette smoke, especially during the time when I was sick. I smiled and said, "Hi Dad! Bravo! You figured out how to smell better!! Much nicer. Thank you!"


  1. Love this story, Jenny! Made me smile thinking of your dad saying: "Oh all right, give me the deodorant." So glad you are feeling better too. Stay well.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you've enjoyed this story, Nancy! Thanks for your good wishes regarding my always-getting-better health!
    xoxo, Jenny