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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Bit Of This 'n That

Am resting at home this week after having attended my beloved school, Fellowships Of The Spirit (FOTS), this past weekend. I've never previously experienced the aftereffects of pneumonia since I had never experienced pneumonia before last October. Now that I'm an (unfortunate) old hand where pneumonia is concerned, I can say that when I overdo it physical or mental or whatever...I pay for it with a huge energy drop. A word that would describe such a drop is WHOMP. Geesh. Folks have been kindly reminding me that I need to guard against relapse, and I'm taking their advice seriously, which is why I won't be back substitute teaching (day-job) until after December 12th.  And while attending my own school was as wonderful as it always is...plain and simple, I'm exhausted.

Speaking of school, I was sooooo glad to be back amongst my classmates and teachers. I missed them and even mourned that I had to forego November's session. Thankfully, taped DVD's of that class helped me to catch up on what I couldn't witness in person.

This December, however, we learned an amazing technique from Rev. Elaine D. Thomas that advanced our mediumship to new levels. And we learned incredible healing modes from Rev. Tom Cratsley (scroll down link for name) that expanded on what we already have in our personal, healing toolbox. We also enjoyed a holiday party, complete with a gift exchange somewhat along the lines of a Yankee Swap, except for us it was a lesson in non-attachment. The gifts were not unwrapped until all the swapping (more like snatching!) was over. I received a wonderful perpetual calendar called, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life," by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, based on the Tao Te Ching. And even before class formally began, one of our mentors, Rev. Dave Orloski, brought copper rods that we were instructed to cut based on the extensive studies of Slim Spurling, to reduce the effects of Geopathic Stress around our homes. VERY INTERESTING STUFF!! Last but not least, I was able to hand in my first paper towards the school's graduating requirements. The paper compared and contrasted my experiential research on past life regression therapy and life between lives regression therapy. I gave a short presentation about my paper to the 'small group' that I'm part of. It was an action-packed weekend at school, no less!! No wonder I'm tired. LOL!

Will end this post with a decision made after some soul searching. Basically, I've been pondering "What next?" after school ends with full ordination into the Spiritualist church this coming June. Of course, I'll continue to offer my readings via Skype and phone, and hopefully sooner than later in-person, as well. I'll no doubt continue to study and read about psychic mediumship and anything related that will help me to be the clearest and most accurate facilitator of readings possible for clients. But what I'm adding, and planning to do so in a major way, is self-study (and beyond...meaning taking classes and even eventually enrolling in a program) in astrology, a discipline near and dear to my heart. Yes, I've attempted self-study of astrology before, ending when I found myself skipping down other paths, related tho' they may have been. This time, however, I'm serious about actually becoming an astrologer. Additional studies of numerology will also be included in this plan. So, we'll see where this all goes. Right now, a step at a time towards my ever-evolving dreams. 

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