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Friday, December 9, 2011

More On Symbols

The topic of symbols has been recently popping up in various ways for me. I did write about symbolism in a past post: Symbolic or Literal?, however I can't help but pay attention to symbolism resurfacing in a continued sort of way.

For instance, one of my classmates, Joanne, sent out a survey on how symbols are personally important in our work as psychic mediums. This piqued my interest greatly. She asked if we had certain symbols that show up and/or recur in our readings, and wondered what we associated them with. She listed various, possible symbols such as actual things, colors, places, and more and wondered what they meant to us in a symbolic context. It was grand fun filling out the survey. I can't wait to find out what Joanne learned from compiling the results of the completed surveys.

Then there's the advice that author and psychic medium, Janet Nohavec, wrote about in her excellent book, "Where Two Worlds Meet - How To Develop Evidential Mediumship." She suggested we add to our own personal symbolic 'dictionary' by studying the book, "The Encyclopedia of Symbolism," (also called "Dream Images and Symbols" in later editions), by Kevin J. Todeschi. EXCELLENT ADVICE. Once I finished reading the intro pages, I noticed that the rest of the pages were filled with symbols in alphabetical order. Rather than go through the book from A to Z, I've chosen to daily open it up to a random page or two, reading what's listed and trusting that the symbols and their various meanings and ways they're used in metaphors are being absorbed into my being. I've already seen wonderful results of doing this daily practice in the readings I've given to clients. It's a painless way to add to your knowledge of symbols, requiring only minutes a day, and pays off big-time with clear and accurate readings. I, too, now cannot recommend studying symbols enough.

Finally, it occurred to me, as I embark on serious astrology study, how symbols are part of the horoscope and natal charts in the form of glyphs. Glyphs are pictorial symbols that can be used to quickly depict the zodiac signs, planets, aspects, lunar nodes, etc. Such glyphs allow for A LOT of information to be portrayed without having to fit tons of writing on the chart. These glyphs, with a bit of determination and effort by the astrology student, can be committed to memory quite easily. Comparing astrological glyphs to the many, varied symbols that pop up in readings, such symbols help a psychic medium to quickly get to the heart of the reading; be that the information relayed through the symbols is coming from a crossed-over spirit or from an even higher plane of wisdom.  Symbolism is a language that efficiently and speedily informs the psychic medium what needs to be relayed to the client for their highest and best good. That said, symbols are definitely worthwhile paying attention to and studying, in my honest and humble opinion.   

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