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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


2011 has been my year of learning some really BIG lessons. Rather than lamenting over that which was sorrowful or feeling guilty about when I didn't handle something well, or crying over relationships lost, I shall be grateful for that which helped me grow stronger, more healthy, and much more positive. "Standing in my truth no matter what" most definitely is the phrase best describing my personal 2011.

A major lesson I have learned this year has to do with pedestals. It's become clear that I've put some folks on gloriously lofty pedestals. I realized this after such people didn't measure up to the high ideals I attributed to them. I realized this when I got angry when these crowned-by-me people acted less than I saw fitting. I realized this when they hurt me. However what I truly now understand is that they are beautiful souls in a human body just like I am, coping as best as they can on a not always fair playing ground, with baggage of their own and burdens that only they know of. The biggest thing I learned is that these folks DID NOT ASK TO BE PUT ON A PEDESTAL by me. This is my issue, not their issue. It is unfair that I expected more from them than what they could give. It is unfair that I judged them. I trust that this lesson is now finally learned by me, but I shall remain ever vigilant in the future not to make the same error.

I'll end with a prayer that was posted on Facebook awhile back by Doreen Virtue. It's deals when one walks away from a friend, but can also be important when one has to walk away from a family member or anyone else for the betterment of all concerned.

"Beloved Creator, I know, deep down, that my friendship (relationship) with _________ is ending (has ended). I ask Your help to accept this transition with grace and peace. I ask that You and the angels help me be honest in a loving way, with myself, and with my friend (family member, etc.). Please help me be true to myself so that my actions stem from love instead of from fear, guilt, or obligation. Please comfort my friend (family member, etc.) so that we can both accept this change in a positive way." 
~ Doreen Virtue

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