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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

May 2013 be bright & beautiful! May each and every one of us move positively forward as we live life to the fullest. 
Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

No Expectations

Recently I found myself alone in the house. Often in solitude important, life changing, lightbulb moments occur for me. Seemingly out of the blue (Thank you, oh trio of Guides! I heard your call for action!) I got the idea to call or write 6 people who I was estranged from...or said another way, I contacted 6 people I was 'out of touch' with, the reason-for and root of which stemmed from one or both of us in each, individual case. I somehow knew that the most important outcome of this decision was to not expect any outcome at all from the folks I contacted. What was essential was to move positively forward by extending a proverbial handshake of peace, love, and in some cases, forgiveness. Of course, I, too, would love to be forgiven for all that I did to contribute to said estrangements, but whether or not my reaching out was accepted and returned-in-kind is really beside the point. And let's face it, we're not all hearing the same 'call' at the same time, and just because it was my time to make a move, there should be no expectation from me that others are willing to do the same. So deeds done. It was the right thing to do for me. It makes for a good ending to what's turned out to be a very difficult 2012, and a GREAT beginning for 2013!

An interesting 'extra'...A day or so after my above decision to move forward, this happened...I've copied it from a post I wrote on Facebook:

At first Chris' decision made no sense. He had a haircut appointment in 15 minutes but he suggested we go to the Goodwill, my FAVORITE place to shop in Bennington, VT, prior to. I was going to suggest going after the haircut appointment, but I kept quiet. Just as we were getting out of the car to go into the Goodwill, I saw a friend who I've not seen nor been in touch with since 1987. AND, we got to meet one of her 6 children, who we never knew. A delight on all counts! Of course Chris' decision made sense. Of course!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"In Person" Happening on Saturday, 12/29/12

Canceled by TNSA due to an impending winter storm.
On Saturday, December 29th I'll be a reader for a Psychic Fair at The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) in Montague, MA from 11am-4pm. It's a GREAT place to get a reading. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"In Person" Happening On Friday, 12/21/12

I will be one of the Mediums at the Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st, 2012; 
The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) in Montague, MA; 7pm; no charge for the event however they are asking that each person bring a non-perishable food donation to benefit The Franklin Area Survival Center in Turner's Falls, MA. Hope to see you there!

Monday, December 17, 2012

What If?

Now I'm not proposing to have any answers whatsoever, but I do have questions that I've been pondering of late. What if, in any given 'tragic' scenario, be it a natural or people-made disaster, the souls who are involved have collectively made a pact before coming to earth to be part of a teaching moment for humanity? What if...young and old alike...perpetrator and victim alike... mentally and/or physically ill or not...irregardless of what they believed in on the earth plane or not...irregardless of their part in any given situation...WHAT IF ALL THE SOULS INVOLVED ARE TEACHING SOULS? And if that was so, what could we learn from that which they have shown us? Would we move beyond our own pig-headed, stuck-in-the-mud, not-budging-stances in order to debate, with an open heart and mind, the lessons that the teaching souls have laid before us? Would we take a fresh look at those people-made laws/rules we cling to so righteously, with the aim that humankind go forward in positive, unconditional LIGHT and LOVE? What if? WHAT IF???

Sunday, December 16, 2012

For Your Consideration

Please take the mere 11 minutes 24 seconds it requires to watch this. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing.

My Hope

It is my hope that someday soon ALL teachers, support staff, and administrators from pre-school on, in EVERY school district in the country, get superb, up-to-date training in mental illness...from anxiety and depression to full-blown, complex mental health illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and all the other disorders including PTSD, OCD, and on and on and on. As a country we are shamefully ignorant on understanding let alone treating mental illness, and yet there is probably not one person in the US who has not been touched by it in some way, shape, or form. Such education should not be just for special education workers. We all need to be responsible to spot issues before they lead to disasters, in order to help people as early as possible. The stigma regarding these illnesses has got to stop. There is no room for 'witch hunting.' Mental illness needs to be understood, and not feared nor swept under covers. We must stop pretending that mental illness is not a major epidemic. Until WE ALL deal with mental illness in our society (what it is, how it comes to be, how it accelerates, how to treat it, etc.), how on earth can anyone expect government or people-in-their-homes to make sound decisions on that which much of society has accepted as OK? How can it be that electronic games focusing on killing and destruction, not to mention children and adults watching TV (often together!) with outrageous violent themes and horrendous graphic displays, be sanctified as mentally healthy? It boggles the mind. Literally.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Fork In The Road

Back in 1981 I was at a creative fork in the road. I had begun knitting in earnest but also was still taking various classes such as stained glass and bobbin lace making. I considered our extra cash back then (which was often hovering at zero) and decided that I'd go farther in my goal to 'inhale' knitting if I stuck pretty much to it alone and left other creative paths untrodden or in the dust. That way, any extra pennies in my pocket could go towards buying books for a personal knitting library...which Elizabeth Zimmermann said was a wise thing to do, so of course I saved my panty-drawer-pennies and bought knitting books. BTW, that was when I began shopping for clothes in used/thrift stores so I wouldn't piddle any monies away on retail clothing. In about 1983 I justified learning to spin because it fed my knitting. Soon after I justified learning to dye because it, too, fed my knitting. Anyways, I'm at that fork in the road again. I've got a bunch of interests in the metaphysical field and could go a number of ways study-wise. I'm choosing astrology. No more messing about. It's time to get serious. Astrology is my 'knitting' of 2013 and beyond. I've already begun my personal astrology library and something tells me EZ is giving me a satisfied nod of approval.

Am further pondering that it took me 30 years to write and have published a spinning/dyeing/knitting book in 2010. If I think of 2013 as my astrology-starting-point and I'm now soon to be 55 years old...and if I'm keeping to my life's 'pattern,'...the line of probability is that I'll have some sort of astrology-based book published by the time I'm 85 years old. Hmmmm. LOL!

And a final, added note: A few years back I wrote a letter to Barbara Walker about my book and how she had inspired me to turn the TV off and use my time wisely to study that which interested me. I've teased friends that I'm the Barbara Walker of spinning (tho' I'm NOT proclaiming to be legendary, and I'm certainly not popular or as well known as she is) because Barbara and my interests are VERY similar, considering Barbara created her own Tarot deck and more. Barbara kindly wrote back to me. That letter is a treasure of mine. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I really love Facebook. This is an interesting statement from a person who fought all advice to even sign up for it a few years back. Friends would suggest I do so and I would balk and say something akin to not wanting to get involved in social, online chatting. A virtual 'time-eater,' I proclaimed. Friends... the kind of friends who weren't going to give up easily, and clearly weren't going to take 'no' for an answer...would emphatically insist that I'd love Facebook. They lured me in by saying it's a great way to stay in touch with my youngest son and daughter-in-law in Japan. They said that I'd get to meet up with long lost classmates and childhood friends. And let's not forget the free advertising for the readings I facilitate and my book, "Spinning Around." Finally, one morning I received a phone call from a friend who said that I needed to join Facebook that day. No more excuses. That's all there was to it. So I finally listened and did so. OK, OK...they all were spot-on correct. I love Facebook. 

I'm a quote geek and Facebook happens to be a place I like to indulge this geeky-ness. I'm also a ponderer and enjoy putting up on my wall whatever catches my fancy. I like reading what others are pondering about, too! Below is a post I put up this evening. BTW, it coincides with my reading the book, "Teaching Meditation To Children: The Practical Guide to the Use and Benefits of Meditation Techniques," by David Fontana and Ingrid Slack. 

Something I did today got me wondering...what if everyone took some time to meditate on their lunch break or at some point midway through their work/school schedule? I found myself alone in the classroom I was subbing in during my lunch break and, taking advantage of the peace, meditated for about 15-20 minutes. This made all the difference to the quality of my afternoon. So, I repeat, what IF everybody did the same? What if it was encouraged all around the world for adults and children alike? What if? Indeed, why not?

Facebook. It's a good place to exchange ideas and promote positive, life-affirming change...if one so chooses to do so...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in December's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included as my gift to you, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings do let me know, please.

The winner for December's free reading is: Kelly K!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Miracle

A miracle occurred in our home yesterday. Plain and simple as that. Chris picked me up from my substitute teaching job near to 3:00 pm. Good man that he is, he said he had dinner and a hot cuppa tea ready and waiting for me. My musician husband had to scoot off to Boston for a gig, so he simply dropped me off and headed out. There was my meal, steaming hot and smelling delicious. I ate. Then I sat on the couch so our most excellent black cat, Chloe, could get lap-comfortable and receive her Reiki healing that she loves. I fell asleep for awhile with the Chlo keeping me warm. When I woke up I ventured upstairs to the computer and to change into more comfortable clothes.

About 4:15 pm I came downstairs. Something smelled different, but nothing awful or anything. Then my eye caught the light on the stove. The oven was on. I opened the oven door and there were cookies that Chris must have started about 2:30 pm that I knew nothing about. I quickly turned off the oven. The cookies were black but there was NO SMOKE and NO FIRE and NO TERRIBLE BURNT ODOR. No smoke alarm went off. Those cookies had been baking at 350 degrees for near upon 2 hours.

The only repercussion of this was that my eyes stung for several hours after I discovered the cookies.

Now make no mistake, I have wonderful Guides. And I know that Angels are ever on the alert to help in true emergencies. But when the realization hit how this was another miracle, I was and am in nothing short of awe. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! It's clear I'm not meant to experience a fire disaster in this lifetime. For let's face it, two hours of cream of wheat raisin cookies baking in a 350 degree oven for 2 hours would have most definitely caused a disaster otherwise.

Here is a post about a previous miracle along the same 'line' as above: Lesson In Miracles. I'm reminded that I shall have to write up another incident that comes to mind where I was saved from a fire back when I was a teenager. I'll do that soon. In the meantime, I'm counting each and every one of my blessings...   

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"In Person" Happening On Sunday, 12/2/12

On Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 I’ll be the minister facilitating the church service at The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) in Montague, Massachusetts; 2pm. Hope to see YOU there!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A War No One Showed Up For

Today a friend on Facebook mentioned a Polish saying that translates in English to mean, "Not my circus, not my monkey." Simple, but profound. How often we take on other people's stuff. How often other people want us to take on their stuff. How often I've given my stuff to others to help ease my own burden. It happens all the time. It's part of life on the earth plane. The positive difference that can prevent any of this from falling into the 'unhealthy' category, is to be aware and attentive; to be mindful. Not easy, but worth working towards. Living in the now. Learning from and blessing both light and shadow experiences. Daily meditation, without a doubt, helps immensely. I've asked myself how on earth I functioned without a regular meditation practice in my life. Thank goodness for excellent Guides! 

The Polish phrase got me thinking about, once again, how we don't have to show up for every argument that comes our way. We can walk away. We can say 'no.' On a bigger scale, what if a war was planned...and make no mistake, wars ARE planned...and no one showed up? If this happened, the disappointment to the organizers would perhaps stop them from planning a future war. What a difference THAT would make in our world, eh?!     

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Moon

The Moon

You can take the moon by the spoonful

or in capsules every two hours. 

It’s useful as a hypnotic and sedative

and besides it relieves 

those who have had too much philosophy. 

A piece of moon in your purse
works better than a rabbit’s foot. 

Helps you find a lover 

or get rich without anyone knowing, 

and it staves off doctors and clinics. 

You can give it to children like candy 

when they’ve not gone to sleep, 

and a few drops of moon in the eyes of the old 

helps them to die in peace.

Put a new leaf of moon 

under your pillow 

and you’ll see what you want to. 

Always carry a little bottle of air of the moon 

to keep you from drowning. 

Give the key to the moon 

to prisoners and the disappointed. 

For those who are sentenced to death 

and for those who are sentenced to life 

there is no better tonic than the moon 

in precise and regular doses.

~Jaime Sabines

Thank you, Silja, for kindly and lovingly making me aware of this beautiful poem. It is with great Love that I, too, share it with others. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

"In Person" Happening This Sunday 11/18/12

On Sunday, November 18th, I'll be a Psychic Mediumship and Tarot reader for one of the many Connecticut Psychic Fairs coordinated by Rev. Robert Stempson. This particular fair is being held at the Danbury Maron Hotel in Danbury, CT; 11am-6pm; (203) 791-2200, 42 Lake Ave Extension/ Mill Plain Rd - I-84, Exit 4, turn right for 1/2 mile - next to Stop and Shop.

Hope to see YOU there!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in November's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included as my gift to you, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings do let me know, please.

The winner for November's free reading is: Jeannette! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

May All Hallows Eve be fun, safe, and full of treats and delightful surprises for you and your family! 
Samhain Blessings, Jenny

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two 'In Person' Events This Coming Weekend ~ 11/3 & 11/4

Please note: I have sadly cancelled from being at both of these events due to flu and throat issues.
Saturday, November 3rd: I'll be a Psychic Mediumship and Tarot reader at the Light Workers' Fair, Jamaica Healing Arts and Wellness Center in Jamaica, VT; 11am-4pm; call Margaret for more info: (802) 874-7201.

Sunday, November 4th: I'll be a Psychic Mediumship and Tarot reader for a Psychic Fair, Sheraton Smithtown; 110 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway in Long Island, NY; North Service Road of LIE Exit 53; call Mindy for more info: (631)-231-1100; 11am-5pm 

Hope to see YOU there!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Fundraising Seance!

Consider attending a seance when the 'VEIL IS SAID TO BE THE THINNEST!"

Wednesday, October 31st: I'll be one of the TNSA Mediums at the Halloween Open Spirit Circle (seance) at the
The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) in Montague, MA; Thompson Temple. Doors open at 6:30pm with Rules of the Circle announced at 7pm, and no one permitted to enter after 7:15pm. Fundraiser for TNSA. Admission fee is $10, payable at the door. No children under 16 years old. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Refreshments available after the Circle.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two 'In Person' Events Next Weekend 10/27-10/28

I'll be facilitating readings at two, wonderful events next weekend!

On Saturday, October 27th I'll be a reader for a Psychic Fair at The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) in Montague, MA from 11am-4pm.

On Sunday, October 28th I'll be doing platform/gallery-style readings at Facilitating All Hallows Eve Psychic Fair in Warwick, RI. The event is 10am-6pm, and I am reading for 2 one-hour platform sessions at 11am and 2pm.

Hope to see YOU there! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Reading I Gratefully Received

The other evening I took part in a reading exchange that is generously set up by mediums for mediums. It's called Mediumship for Mediums (M4M). One of my beloved classmates at Fellowships Of The Spirit (FOTS), Jeff, told our class about this neat program that was developed by Alyson, a friend of Jeff's. If memory serves me, M4M came out of the desire for a class-full of mediums who took a workshop with James Van Praagh a few years back to stay in touch and exchange readings with each other on a regular basis. I've belonged to M4M for over a year now and always find the reading exchanges fun and fascinating.

The most recent reading exchange, however, was particularly memorable. The medium who facilitated my reading for me was gentle, articulate, and spot-on. Her messages had me at times in tears and were very profound. First she told me how my fiber art spinning, dyeing, and knitting...was created with so much love and fashioned with such deep, deep good will. Just as I get messages for upcoming clients that I'm going to read for (They 'knock' on my door, so to speak!) when I'm out in the dye studio/garage as I exercise on the Gazelle or when I am meditating, I equally tap into spiritual dimensions when I spin, dye, knit, and no doubt also when I do beadwork. Therefore, the finished pieces that I've worked on hold much more within them than what meets the eye.

She asked me if I had a dog who had crossed over. I told her I had two from when I was younger. Then she went on to explain a brown-furred dog of medium size. At first I didn't know who this dog was because Buns was an apricot-colored standard poodle and Cindy was a black mix. But then I got a clairvoyant picture (It pays to be psychic! LOL!) of a neighborhood dog named, "T," that I knew several years back. T was named as such apparently because of cream markings in the shape of a T on his chest. He seemed to be always outdoors, held on a way too-short chain, with a nearby shelter that was built for a dog half his size. He was the sweetest boy one could ever imagine. Every time I'd go to the post office I'd pass by his house and stop to talk and pet him. One day a thunderstorm had started on my way back from mailing a letter. The thunder was deafening and the lightening was non-stop. Poor T's whole body was shaking miserably and he was crying softly. I brought T close to my chest and wrapped his wet body up with my unzipped jacket. He tucked his head down into the warmth and eventually stopped shaking. My whole being cried for him. Another day the woman of the house stuck her head out the door and asked, "You want that dog?" I sooooooo would have loved to take him home, but that would have been unfair to Chris (who unfortunately grew up to be afraid of dogs) and to Chloe, our most excellent black cat. Sadly I told her I couldn't take her up on the offer. Soon after "T" was gone from the neighbor's house and I never saw him again. The medium who gave me my reading said that "T" walks with me always. I feel very honored and grateful for his companionship.

Finally, the medium asked me if I knew a Norwegian lady, or if I was Norwegian with ancestors from Norway. I said, "No, but my family landed from Europe in St. Paul, Minnesota in the 1800's where a lot of Scandinavians live." After awhile I realized that this woman, named "Marie," was the Guide that my other incredibly loving and helpful Guide, "Ken," had told me about who would be coming into my life. Here was a Guide who understood my love of color-patterned knitting and the beauty of spinning! Here was a Guide, who without a doubt, had already inspired me...seemingly out of the write up a proposal for a class that combined yarn spinning with meditation. NOW I understand why I spent a day writing this proposal and sending it out to various venues for consideration! At the time I didn't know what had come over me because I had recently stated to Chris, "I don't want to teach anymore. I have nothing to teach," etc.etc.etc. Ha! Famous last words, indeed, from a wounded warrior.

Thank you, Judith, for a truly wonderful reading!!!    

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Online "Gallery Style/Platform" Skype Reading Gatherings

On Tuesday, November 13th from 8pm - 9pm EST I am launching an exciting new type of Psychic Mediumship reading experience: Online "Gallery Style/Platform" Reading Gatherings for 5 people at one time via SkypeThis first 'test' Gathering will be entirely free for the 5 participants. Online Gatherings thereafter will be offered for a fixed donation of $10 per person. For one hour the 5 folks who are signed up will be connected online via Skype with me, as I facilitate readings throughout the hour for each person. These are not private readings for each person, but are akin to going to a small-group, Psychic Mediumship 'party' where readings are given to folks sitting together in the same room...except that for this online-style event, those signed up won't even have to leave their own home! Each person will get a short reading whilst the others listen in. Being at an event where platform readings are given is healing on many levels as often there are 'cross-over' messages, where one person gets a message but others can also relate to what is being said. It is important that those who sign up for this hour event stay connected for the entire hour. 

The computer requirements necessary to take part in this event are:
1) You must be a Skype customer (free and so worth it!) using a version which is 5.0 or higher.
2) A webcam is needed.
3) A broadband connection is needed.
As suggested on the Skype website: "For the best video quality, we recommend you use a high-speed broadband connection of 4 Mbps down/512 kbps up and a computer with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor. The minimum you'll need is a high-speed broadband connection of 512 kbps down/128 kbps up and a computer with a 1 GHz processor. Note: People with Skype video-enabled mobiles are currently able to join group video calls via voice only."

The 5 people to take part in this first online reading gathering will be those who first e-mail me with their desire to do so and who include their contact name on Skype. My e-mail address is: The first 5 folks will be listed below and I'll respond back to each person via e-mail. Only first names will be listed, unless a last name initial is needed to distinguish folks who have applied with the same first name. Thanks!

1. Dari
2. Noreen
3. Annie
4. Sangeeta/Ashtoreth
5. Alfred

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In Person at Abundant Wellness Center

I have cancelled to be a reader at this event due to persistent laryngitis and flu symptoms. 
Next Saturday, October 13th, I'll be facilitating Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings at the Psychic Fair being held at Abundant Wellness Center in Chicopee, Massachusetts; 11am - 4pm. For more info please call Carol at (413) 592-2828, or e-mail her at
Hope to see YOU there!

Rob Brezsny - Astrologer

My friend, The Herbalist, hipped me to yet another wonderful Astrologer that I'm excited to share with readers of my blog. His name is Rob Brezsny. And while I most often prefer 'full' astrological horoscopes that take into account my whole chart...such as what one can get for free at do love a witty, intelligently written, spot-on, Sun-sign-only horoscope, too.

You can get Rob's newsletter which includes his weekly horoscopes for free here: Rob Brezsny's Free Weekly Horoscopes. Nice!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tarot Musings

I've been a Tarot reader for about 7 years now. As a Psychic Medium, I offer to clients either Psychic Mediumship readings (without the use of cards or tools) and Tarot readings (a psychic reading using cards). Sometimes, if I'm nudged, I offer clients a combo of the two, but this usually is done for 'in-person' readings.

During the day I am a substitute teacher at a few different area schools. This day-job puts me in touch with all sorts of neat and interesting teachers and students. Not long ago I was with some older students and overheard a conversation where two girls were talking about Tarot cards. Actually, the word 'Tarot' was never said. The one gal talked about how her sister had cards with pictures on them and that she didn't understand how they 'worked,' but seemed very interested in them. Because I was right next to these students I piped up and asked, "Are you speaking about Tarot cards?" The one gal said, "Yes." The other, looking somewhat horrified, said, "My mom told me never to touch cards like that." Now I'm no fool. I realize that it's not my place to discuss that which I am and that which I do with kids in a school setting, but I felt it was safe and kosher to at least ask, "Why not?", regarding what the girl's mother had said. The girl just hunched her shoulders and said she didn't know why. The subject was then dropped, but later the gal who was interested in her sister's Tarot cards came looking in the board game closet for something. She asked me, "Do they have Tarot cards in here?" I said, "I doubt that very much." She looked further and then drifted off to do something else. Obviously I didn't share that I had a deck of Tarot cards in my purse!

The above scenario got me thinking about my own childhood. I would have NEVER felt safe to gravitate towards Tarot cards when I was a kid. For one thing, they seemed 'off limits' for a Catholic kid like me, whose mother would have banned such 'tools.' I don't think Ma would have gone so far as calling them 'tools of the devil,' but she may have come close. For another thing, I didn't know a single soul who used Tarot cards when I was a child. The cards simply weren't included in my world perspective as a child. In retrospect, back then neither my Ma nor I knew anything about what Tarot cards really are: a deck of cards with pictures on them that represent archetypal symbols and scenes dealing with all aspects of life, philosophy, myths, and more. No hocus-pocus. Certainly nothing that was dangerous in any way. However, since all in the world is connected to each other, above and below, it's no coincidence and no mistake the way the cards fall...

Then I got to thinking about how I had not long ago met a Minister/Psychic Medium who had developed her own oracle deck because she said that Tarot cards were too dark and negative to use with her clients. I didn't say anything outright to this woman but I thought, "WHAT on earth is she talking about?" Dark? For goodness sakes, did this Reverend and Psychic Medium ever actually study about Tarot cards at all? Did she not realize there are literally 1000's of decks to choose from and she could stay away from any theme deck that did not resonate with her? I have no issue that she wanted to develop her own oracle fact I think it's really cool...but the reason for why she stayed away from other Tarot cards boggles my mind. What cards is she talking about? The Death card? The Devil? The Ten of Swords? The Three of Swords? The Five of Cups? Does she not like (nor understand) when Pentacles is used as a suit because the symbol of Pentacles is not something she relates to in her life? These aren't 'bad' or 'negative' cards. They are addressing issues, just like all the Tarot cards...sometimes lifetime(s) issues and sometimes more mundane, day-to-day issues...that each one of us have dealt with or have to deal with. Would this 'reader' prefer that such issues get shoved under the covers, or pushed down deep inside the gut, where they are never talked about or released? Geesh. I, personally, would not want to go to a Psychic Medium/Tarot Reader who sugarcoats my readings. What would be the point of that? I would, however, want the 'reader' to ethically, compassionately, and honestly relay messages that were for my highest and best good.

Well, nuff said. I'll get off my Tarot soapbox for now. I do realize that not all of us are ready to deal with things that are difficult, not to mention hard (or even not hard!) to understand. Not all of us are at the same learning level and that's perfectly fine and dandy. In a nutshell, that's OK.  I'm not better than someone just because I do not have fears about Tarot and see the cards as tools for learning. I'm just glad that today I have worked to learn one or more things that I didn't know yesterday. Daily learning is a goal that I plan to incorporate the rest of my life.

However, all that said, I do believe that...speaking only for myself...the following quote is important to remember:

"The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about." ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Person At Vision Of Light Church

Next Sunday, October 7th, I'll be a Visiting Minister at Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism and Healing in Hartland, VT; 10am-noon service; light pot-luck after service. Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in October's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included as my gift to you, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Wait for my post each month, which will generally be on the first of the month. Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings do let me know, please.

The winner for October's free reading is: Shonna!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Whether You Fall

This wonderful tune pretty much speaks for itself. Thank you, Kelly, for bringing it to my attention.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Person At Psychic Fair 9/29/12

This coming Saturday, September 29th, I'll be 'in-person' facilitating Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings at 
The National Spiritual Alliance's (TNSA) Psychic Fair 
2 Montague Avenue, in the Village of Lake Pleasant,
Montague, Massachusetts
11am - 4pm
$25 for 25 minutes
For directions please see the website.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Seasons Changing

A few days ago we slid quietly into autumn here in southern Vermont. As if gently whispered, summer said farewell whilst the maple and beech leaves fell with greater purpose in our adjoining forest. Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. So many fond memories are attached to this colorful season...jumping into piles of leaves that my Dad had just raked, tramping through a forest path strewn with yellow leaves in order to spend time at a friend's house, and HALLOWEEN...oh most fabulous Halloween...a holiday I shall forever love as it brews and bubbles all sorts of magic even in my 54 year old mind.

I've felt close to ALL of the seasons all of my life. A book that was passed down from my brothers that I still have to this day is "The Bumper Book," edited by Watty Piper and published in the 1940's. Below are pics from pages which I've loved and took in so deeply that I feel I've carried them in my heart throughout all of my life. How can one explain the sheer excitement about traveling through the seasons year after year?! Of being not only part of the seasonal changes, but being the change, as well! Even as a little girl I somehow realized that I had a choice on how I reacted to the changing of the seasons. I could celebrate the seasons and their associated weather patterns, or curse them. I could honor the light AND shadow side of the seasons, or disregard them as something not connected to me at all. I could be joyful about the holidays tucked into each season, or be disgusted that my schedule had been disrupted and that I had to take part in the festivities. Our happiness is directly connected to our choices.

The seasons speak to me of simple pleasures at their best. Changing seasons feel to me like such a miracle, such a blessing. May this autumn bring you joy, laughter, and delight. Go on...jump in that pile of leaves!!!! And do set out a pumpkin or two for me, please!
The Garden Year

The Garden Year

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Individual In Person Readings 9/22/12

It's occurred to me that it would be a good idea to post on the blog each event that I'll be at in-person as they are coming up. So here goes:

On this coming Saturday, September 22, 2012, I'll be at Abundant Wellness Center in Chicopee, MA facilitating individual readings all day during what they've advertised as "Jenny Day!" The readings can either be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an entire hour. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call Carol at (413) 592-2828. 
Here's the link for the venue's website: 
Abundant Wellness Center
  AWC is located at:  
94 Chicopee Street, Route 116
Chicopee, MA 01013
(Located next to WWLP-TV22)
Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


When I was little and growing up as a Catholic, I memorized all the prayers Catholics said before bed, when waking up, before meals, after meals, during and after being in a confessional, all throughout the mass, and no doubt during other situations I found myself in. I would add all sorts of names of individual people and animals to those I prayed for. I asked for help from Mother Mary, Jesus (tho' as a kid I didn't want to bother Him much), St. Joseph, my Guardian Angels, various Saints, and others up in Heaven. All and all, taking into account that I said even more prayers when at my Parochial grade school, and when going to an all-girls Catholic high school, it's suffice to say I said A LOT of prayers as I grew into adulthood.

Around age 10 or so it occurred to me that much time was spent praying for various, needy situations and folks. I got the keen idea that I'd start off the prayer I wanted to say and then finish with, "and all that stuff," rather than list each situation and person individually. This seemed fair enough. After all, I reasoned, "They" knew what and who I meant.

Somewhere between the end of high school and beginning my years at a Jesuit university, I pretty much stopped praying. I got the idea that God knew what was in my heart and that I didn't need to spell it all out for Him or anyone else 'Over There,' for that matter. Besides, I was busy: dating, putting on make-up, working odd jobs, studying...all important stuff, you know...

Once I had children I taught them both how to say some of the prayers that I knew as a Catholic. It just seemed the 'right' foundation to give them. Now that I think of it, I pretty much concentrated on prayers before bed with them and not all the rest that I had learned as a child. Interestingly, I still didn't say many of my own prayers during that time, other than the occasional, "Please help me, God," which could be conveniently shortened to "Help!" when necessary during an emergency. And then there's my "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph"...a plea for 'whatever,' if there ever was one! And yes, I'd throw in a random "Hail Mary" when flying on an airplane and even very occasionally said a whole rosary every few years. I was also attending Catholic mass with the kids but I can attest that what I was saying by rote with the congregation was not something I was solemnly ingesting or thinking much about. Still, saying those prayers at mass with all the others was somehow calming and felt like a welcoming 'hug.' I do know that then as now I love ritual, so it makes sense that I was comforted by the rituals of my childhood. Sadly, however, prayers of thanks to God were few and far between for many of my early adult years, and if said at all were blurted out 'on the fly.'

And here I am now, many years after my children were little, and a fully Ordained Minister, at that. Oh how the times did change for me. What I realized at some point in my adulthood was that I missed out on conversing with God/Source/Universe/Divine during all those 'prayer-barren' years. What a shame! I missed out on acknowledging that I was truly watched over and unconditionally loved. Oh, I'm sure somewhere within I knew this, but it's so much better to be AWARE and fully ALIVE, taking in the huge meaning of such a personal relationship with God.

Now to be honest, I'm not totally sure exactly what made me crave a one-on-one dialogue with Source again. But in the last 6+ years I can understand my want, especially given the Spiritual paths I found myself walking on and given what I was learning and experiencing. Perhaps it was the various hardships in my adult life that brought me back. No matter what, I AM GRATEFUL!

There's a special little book by Alan Cohen, "Handle with Prayer - Harnessing the Power to Make Your Dreams Come Through," that I'd like to highly recommend to anyone interested. In it he writes, "The most powerful prayer is not the longest, but the simplest. God is not impressed by fancy words, or cajoled by dense rhetoric." Mr. Cohen adds, "If your prayer comes from your heart, your communication is sent and received in one holy instant, and your answer will be manifested quickly. To offer a prayer that will reach heaven and the heart of God: Keep it simple. Keep it pure. Keep it you."

"Prayer helps us to respond to misfortune with courage, 
to react with confidence and to rebound with ENTHUSIASM."
~William Arthur Ward

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ma's Wisdom

An e-mail in my inbox this morning got me thinking about my Ma. The e-mail was the daily offering of Esther Hicks, who channels the oh-so-wise entities 'Abraham'.

Here's today's post:
"Other's Opinion Are Less Important Than My Personal Guidance System... You did not intend to use the opinions of your parents to measure against your beliefs, desires, or actions in order to determine the appropriateness of them. Instead, you knew (and still remembered, long after you were born) that it was the relationship between the opinion (or knowledge) of the Source within you and your current thoughts, in any moment, that would offer you perfect guidance in the form of emotions. You did not intend to replace your Emotional Guidance System with the opinions of your parents even if they were in harmony with their Emotional Guidance System in the moment of their trying to guide you. It was much more important to you to recognize the existence of your own Guidance System, and to utilize it, than to be deemed correct by, or to find approval from, others."
~ Abraham 

When I was little I used to think my Ma's word was the absolute, God-given, not-to-be-disputed truth. Now I'm pretty sure a lot of little girls felt the same way about what their own mother said. Or not. But in any case, I surely did think that Ma had an inside track on what was best for all. 

By age 13 or so, I began to think that maybe Ma didn't know as much as I had once thought. LOL! Enter the turbulent years where not only did I buck up against her word, my facial expressions and body language most definitely showed just what I thought of EVERYTHING she thought or said.

In my mid-twenties, things settled down a bit between Ma and I. It's not that I always thought she was right. Far from it. However, I was able to at least allow her finish her sentences before I formed an opinion. 

As we both aged we got along much better once again. I know that it helped that I lived in a different state than her. Again, LOL! I called her everyday, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Somewhere between then and when Alzheimer's got its grip on her I remember Ma honestly saying, "You know, I don't know everything." I responded equally honestly, "When I was little I thought you did." She said that only God knew everything. I've never forgotten this pearl of Ma's wisdom. 

And now I understand that the best source of this incredible knowledge from Source...that which is for my highest and best available within me, should I wish to listen to it. Should I wish to act on it. What could be better than one's personal GPS?!!!   

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in September's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included as my gift to you, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Wait for my post each month, which will generally be on the first of the month. Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings do let me know, please.

The winner for September's free reading is: Maryjo!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magical Maine

"When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused." 
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Chris and I spent an unforgettable time in Maine this past weekend. In the above pic you'll find me gathering rocks that 'called' to me. Chris and I have been collecting rocks for years and years, often bringing one or two home from walks we take. This time we were on the beach of one of the numerous, beautiful bays along coastal Maine. We were driving home along Route 1 after having attended The Downeast Spiritual Life Conference.

We met so many warm, friendly, and interesting people at the conference and felt incredibly welcome and at home. The lectures we attended were riveting. Chris and I were particularly inspired by three, separate talks by Rumi scholar, Andrew Harvey. This incredible man is bold, brave, and walks his talk. His message centers on 'Sacred Activism' and one can't help but leave with the desire to truly do one's part to make the world a better place. I left with a CD of Andrew's favorite meditations from a variety of spiritual paths, "Body and Soul Meditations for Sacred Activists," which I know I'll utilize time and again.

I also couldn't help but be amazed by Phyllis Tickle's presentation. The breadth of her knowledge on religion, particularly that of Christianity, is astounding. I didn't always agree with her opinions, but I most definitely did appreciate all that she had to share.

I loved hearing Father Richard Rohr speak. Having just met him that weekend, I have already developed a great respect for this gentle, kind, and loving Franciscan priest. I look forward to reading his books in the future.

Chris and I had the good fortune to attend two wonderful evening concerts while at the conference. Both were a delight! The first concert featured Noel "Paul" Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary) and his wife, Rev. Betty Stookey. The program was One Light, Many Candles , with readings and music that honor and celebrate 'multifaiths.' A real blessing of a performance!

The other concert featured Paul Winter, Paul Sullivan, and Noel Paul Stookey. WOW! To have these three, amazingly talented performers together on the stage made for a night we shall never forget.

On Sunday Chris played piano for a service at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church. I was so proud of him. The sermon was given by Rev. Betty Stookey to a packed-to-overflowing church. Memorable on all counts.

Chris and I treasure ALL the time we spend together but we rarely get away for a legitimate 'vacation.' We will never forget all the people who made this weekend so very special. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation Notice

August 27th: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig! Am once again internet connected and ready to schedule readings. Also have removed 'vacation mode' from my Etsy shop.
Just letting folks know that I'll be gone and without internet from Thursday, August 23rd to Sunday evening, August 26th. I will be posting the same notice on The Spiritual Spider's Etsy Shop, as well. I'm excited to be heading to the The Downeast Spiritual Life Conference and will, no doubt, enjoy sharing what I experience here on the blog when I get back.
“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” ~ Patanjali

Bright Blessings,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Riding With The River's Current

We all know or can at least imagine what it is like to paddle upstream against the current. In contrast, I think most would agree that it is much easier to 'go with the flow.'

Now I'm not talking about going with the status quo here. Far be it from me to suggest jumping on the popular bandwagon of anything, unless doing so makes your own heart sing. Instead, I'm talking about choosing a path that 'feels' correct for you...paying attention to your gut instincts; paying attention to that voice which is nudging you to head towards that which is for your highest and best good; in fact, just PAYING ATTENTION and acting on what you know to be good for you. When we do so, chances are that it can feel as effortless as riding with the river's current. It simply feels right.

Have you ever experienced something being proverbially 'handed to you on a plate?' This can be an awesome experience when what's on the plate makes you extremely happy. Such an occurrence has, what I would term, a magical quality. Thankfully, Chris and I have experienced such magic on a number of occasions, especially over the last two years. One such 'gift,' which came in the form of an important job for Chris, enabled me to attend school for the last two years. Had this not occurred, it would have been doubtful that I could have taken part in one of my most positive, life-changing events. Most recently this 'magic' has manifested in a conference that he and I will be attending: The Downeast Spiritual Life Conference. One moment he's e-mailing someone-in-charge to offer his musical services for the event, and the next thing we know we're both attending! Something tells me that this particular conference will have it's own amazing, positive, life-changing effects! How do I know this? I can FEEL it!!!!

I've found that some of the best things in my life have flowed in. Truth is, on pondering, I've allowed them in. In fact, I've no doubt attracted them...of course, ALWAYS with help from my Guides, Angels, etc. But one thing is sure 'nuff, I didn't block them through fear, anxiety, or worry. Blessings all 'round!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Your Choice

Today I was busily sewing crystal beads on the edge of my black, velveteen Tarot cloth in order to 'bling' it up for some upcoming Psychic Fairs that I'm going to be facilitating readings at. Sparkly beads make me happy. I love looking at them. I love working with them. I love the beautiful colors of such beads.  I love how beads 'dress up' just about anything. I love how beads make me feel.

As I was sewing with my Ma's thimble in place, I was reminded of a long-ago scene straight out of my childhood. Ma was trying to teach me to hand sew. Now if truth be told, she was not a patient teacher by a long shot and I had not yet developed the thicker skin that I have today as an adult. I was extremely sensitive and prone to crying, especially if her impatience got the better of her, and her voice rose as her words became cross. 

I do, however, remember one wise gem that she said at that time. I was fumbling with the thimble she wanted me to use, about to give up because I just couldn't get the hang of having it on my finger. I've never forgotten her response to my frustration. Ma said simply, "Well, you can use the thimble or never use the thimble. It's your choice." Her matter-of-fact words sunk in and I knew it was MY choice to sink or swim. It was a turning point for me. I put that thimble on and never looked back, learning to use it as the tool that helped a needle get into stubborn cloth and come back out again.

I was thinking today, as I sewed on bead after bead, that I often have found myself at a crossroads in life. Should I go forward or should I turn back? Should I take the challenging route or the easy route? Should I stay or should I go? More often than not, it's MY choice whether I want to rise to the occasion or not. Blame does not enter into this picture; personal responsibility and action does.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Georgia Nicols - Astrologer

It's a rainy Sunday here in southern Vermont and I'm busy transcribing for the new book I'm co-writing. Every now and again I take a break and read any e-mails that have come in and whatever is interesting on Facebook. In my inbox I saw that Georgia Nicols' weekly horoscope, based only on Sun signs, had arrived. I generally don't like just 'Sun sign' horoscopes, much preferring horoscopes where my whole chart is taken into consideration, such as what one can do on Astro can't be beat for computer-generated daily horoscopes, imho, and they're free! BUT, for basic, Sun sign horoscopes, I love Georgia Nicols. My friend, the Herbalist, hipped me to her. Here's the link to sign up for Georgia's free weekly horoscopes: Georgia Nicols' Weekly Horoscopes. And if you go to her website on a daily basis, you can get her daily horoscopes, as well. She's a hoot and a half! And amazingly spot-on. I'm even thinking of treating myself to buying her yearly forecast before 2013 begins. I like her THAT much!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in August's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included as my gift to you, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Wait for my post each month, which will generally be on the first of the month. Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings do let me know, please.

The winner for August's free reading is: Francesca

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vision Of Light Church Of Spiritualism And Healing

This past Sunday I had the great pleasure of visiting the Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism and Healing in Hartland, Vermont. This is the ONLY Spiritualist church that has a weekly service throughout the year in the state of Vermont.

Above is Reverend Paula Parker and myself. This lovely, sensitive, and kind woman is the Pastor of the church. She and the congregation members welcomed me in a most gracious way. I was allowed to participate as a healer, as well as a reader. And after the service I stayed for the pot-luck. What a nice group of folks!

I'll be a reader at this church during Medium's Day on Sunday, September 16, 2012. The service is from 10am - noon. Medium's Day begins at noon and goes until 3pm. Please see the link above for more information.

I'll be a visiting Minister on Sunday, October 7, 2012 and Sunday, November 25, 2012. Again, service is from 10am - noon. Come join us!  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unexpected Visitation

I've been waiting to write about my recent stay in Lily Dale, NY because so many amazing things happened I wasn't sure where to start. I have to admit I wasn't sure I even should consider sharing what I've written about below, if but for no other reason than my admittedly rather weak concern what folks might think about me. But then I got a firm nudge that this is no time to start worrying about THAT! LOL! After all, I've previously shared the two other 'visitations' from Spirits who have quite literally materialized before my eyes: The Hungarian Lady and Tubing Down The Apple why not this third incident?! Why not, indeed!

I'll start by saying that the vibes/energy level in Lily Dale are extraordinary on all counts. Simple as that, but oh-so-profound.

The Herbalist and I stayed at a Cottage in Lily Dale for all but one of the nights of our trip. It was opening week of Lily Dale's 2012 'Season,' where lots of classes and events are offered. A wonderful group of Tibetan Monks were present during this first week and many folks came to Lily Dale primarily for the Monks' programs. The Herbalist and I, however, were there to take Janet Nohavec's 3-day workshop (3 hours per day), "Evidential Mediumship."

There's a well-equipped kitchen in the finished basement of the Cottage that The Herbalist and I cooked most of our meals in. Adjoining the kitchen area was a 'TV' room, and a few table-clothed tables to eat meals at. The backyard of the Cottage is right on the lake and we often ate outside, as well.

One evening, about mid-trip, I noticed a man watching TV. In fact, he seemed to watching a lot of TV. I also noticed that he sometimes just left the TV going even though he had left the room for long periods of time. For some reason this stood out because it seems to me that not many folks these days just leave a TV running for no reason. But no matter. He seemed very nice.

The following morning I was up early to make coffee for The Herbalist and I. Actually, I woke early each morning of our trip with no help from any alarm, rising as the birds were beginning to sing. This man came downstairs as I was getting the coffee brewing. He was smiling and seemed very kind, with a definite twinkle in his eyes. I asked him if he was taking a class that day. He said yes and said he'd go get a Lily Dale catalog so I could read about it. The class focused on the fact that every form of life has a spirit...animals, plants, trees, crystals, etc. The aim of the class was to help people reconnect to these spirits around them for the highest and best of all. I told the man that I thought the class sounded fabulous. He seemed pleased with my enthusiasm. He then left and I got on with thinking about breakfast, but before I knew it he was back. He asked me to close my eyes and hold out both hands, palms up. I did as he asked, feeling quite comfortable with his request. He placed three objects in my hand. One was decidedly warm/hot. He asked me to choose one for myself. I could then tell that they were crystals and I chose the warm/hot one. He told me to keep my eyes closed and pick one for 'my friend.' I didn't even know he realized I was traveling with a friend. I picked a crystal for her. I never saw the third crystal. Mine was a beautiful, textured amethyst point. The Herbalist's was polished snowflake obsidian. I thanked him profusely and we hugged. Next thing I knew he was gone. I never saw him again. But the Herbalist relayed that this man had opened one of the doors for her when I was still downstairs, however at the time she didn't know he had gifted her a crystal. The Herbalist never saw him again either.

A few days went by. The Herbalist and I were immersed in our class with Janet Nohavec which was fantastic in very way. In the afternoons I made it a point to do platform readings at Lily Dale's famous "Stump" and the "Forest Temple." These experiences were so wonderful in many, many ways. I love to serve Spirit.

On the evening before the Herbalist and I were to leave Lily Dale, we wanted to take a walk, however it was raining, along with some thunder and lightening. We figured that if we waited until the lightening died down, all would be well. So armed with umbrellas, we waited in the enclosed front porch of the Cottage. Two other gals were on the porch. They were from the Buffalo, NY area and I know from having talked to them that one (or perhaps both) of them facilitated healings for folks the day prior at The Healing Temple. We had a pleasant chat with these two kind women as we waited for the weather to clear up a bit. The Herbalist was chatting at one point and said to me, "Jenny, tell them about the crystals." I said, "What crystals?" Seriously, I had no recollection of any crystals she was talking about. The Herbalist said again, "The crystals." I still had no memory of any crystals. Then the Herbalist said, "The two crystals that were given to us by the man." At that point my memory was flooded with what had happened. I briefly told them the story. I mentioned that we never saw him again after that. The woman sitting across from me said, in a very serious manner, something like, "Are you sure he was a 'live' man?" I sat there gobsmacked. I couldn't speak. Finally, I said something like, "Interesting." At that moment I saw that the lightening had let up and suggested to the Herbalist that we leave for our walk. The Herbalist said OK but that I shouldn't even think about swinging on the swings that night (a passion of mine) just in case the lightening shows its face again. We weren't many feet outside the door when ENERGY BOLTS..the Kundalini energy 'power surges' that have been occurring for a few years now...among other things, informing me when I'm on track when facilitating a reading...were SO POWERFUL I couldn't even walk. My shoulders flew back and my shoulder blades 'protected' and 'enfolded' my spinal column. I was shown this clairvoyantly as well, looking at my shoulder blades as if they were the buds of wings. I was shocked. Dumbfounded. I was so afraid on one level of scaring the Herbalist. But on another level, the power surge was so strong all I could do was stand there and try to muster a few steps every now and again. At this point it seemed as if I was speaking at Light Speed. Seriously, I worried that the Herbalist would think I was out of my mind. I only remember snippets of what I actually said. I do remember that some prayers I had been taught at FOTS were relayed. But all in all, I can't to this day tell anyone what was totally coming out of my mouth. After about 1/2 hour of this the power surges had let up enough so that I could walk slowly, but they never went away altogether until I fell asleep that night. I've never experienced anything like this in all of my life. The Herbalist later told me that I was giving specific advice to her; telling her WHO she was. I'll not go into what she said I had relayed to her here because it was very personal to her, but I knew it was extremely important that she hear all that was said. The Herbalist also said that I was talking about what the world needs us all to do to save it, etc. Importantly, as I was thinking that words were coming out of my mouth at Light Speed, she said I was in actuality speaking slowly and clearly. WOW. The Herbalist proclaimed that the man who gave us the crystals was Christ or Christ-like. There was a part of me that couldn't accept that so I said, "No. It was an Angel," (as if that was somehow more!). But in the end it may have, indeed, been Christ, or an Ascended Master, or an Archangel. When we went back to the Cottage to get ready for bed, we could hardly talk about anything. How can one possibly talk about mundane things after an experience like that? Geesh! But we both found it hard to put our joint experience into words. The Herbalist did say that I was surely in trance as I relayed my messages. I agreed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I clearly heard, in a very proper voice, almost British-like, tinged with amusement, "So, you can believe you were in the presence of an Angel, but you can't accept that the Herbalist is...(again, very personal so won't share this here). Tell her." I took this to mean I was to reinforce what I was channeling regarding her. I retold her when I got back to the room. We both slept well that night. In fact, we both slept incredibly well during our whole Lily Dale trip.

Now to back up even before all the above took place...a longtime (40+ years giving messages as a Visiting Minister at Lily Dale and privately, and coming from a lineage of descendants who were/are mediums) psychic medium (I'll call him the Medium) had befriended me and chatted quietly with me when I was waiting my turn to read at the "Stump" during one of the sessions this time at Lily Dale. Actually, the Medium was also kind to me last year when I was doing platform readings at Lily Dale as a 'Minister-In-Residence.' This time he shared with me all sorts of incredible things. It was as if he knew what was going to happen to me regarding the above. It was as if he knew that I, too, had had some similar experiences to that which he shared about his own life. In particular what stood out was his description of the different kinds of clairvoyance. He talked of clairvoyance when one gets a picture, moving or still, in one's third eye. Yes, I have this. He talked about seeing Spirit through one's own eyes. Yes, I had this, as well. This second type is differentiated from the third type he talked about in that, in my own experience, Spirit may be 'misty' and/or translucent and/or with color(s) in the second type. Then he just about blew me away talking about a third type of clairvoyance when Spirit materializes as if there was a person right there, in flesh and blood. Yes, I have had this (Hungarian Lady and the 'Angel' who saved me from drowning in the Apple River...both already discussed on earlier blog posts. See links above). He said this third type is rare and is the "Holy Grail" (the Medium's designation) of clairvoyance and he included that it's not often, if ever, talked about. He said it must include the Spirit actually touching you. During my two earlier incidences, the Hungarian Lady held my chin and the Angel lifted me out of the water and then walked sideways to put me down on land, after walking backwards through the rapids to first get me. And now you, dear readers, know that the third time a Spirit materialized 'in the flesh' occurred above, and touched my hands as he lay the crystals in them. Plus, I was hugged by him. I am nudged to keep the crystal in my purse, where it can travel with me.

When I later relayed (on the phone once I was home again) to the Medium the above story he asked if I was sure that it was an Angel. I told him that I thought so at the time. I thought it interesting that the Medium questioned this. There's no doubt very good reason he felt inclined to question this! The Medium then spoke of the Madonna -Mother Mary - where it's been documented that she's been recently coming to folks as a bag lady, etc. Hmmmm...

This whole experience has humbled me to no end. I think it's safe to say I'm still gobsmacked. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading Gatherings

Please see the following link for changes to Reading Gatherings for 2019: Important Changes For 2019 In-Person Reading Events

A host decides to have a Reading Gathering at his/her home. Gatherings are scheduled on Saturdays from noon to 4pm (allows for transitional time between readings + host's reading). The host confirms the attendance of 4 people as guests, each receiving a 30-minute reading at $50 per guest (in addition to host's free reading which is not counted in the guest total). An additional fee of .50 cents per mile round trip can be divided among participants so that the host is not responsible for all of the travel fee. The host schedules the four guests for their readings. If a guest wants a double reading (60-minutes), this counts as two people. As an example, let's say 2 people both want double readings - that would be enough people to schedule a Reading Gathering (adds up to five 30-minute sessions total - which includes the host's reading). The host is responsible to collect the reading fee from each person. The host receives a free reading for sponsoring the Gathering. 

NO ALCOHOL is served or allowed before or during the Gathering. A room with a door containing a table (card table size or larger) and two or three chairs is necessary to maintain the guests' privacy. Each guest has a choice of having either a Tarot reading (utilizing cards as visuals to work in tandem with the messages of their Spirit Guides), or a Psychic Mediumship reading + Tools (where the door is open to messages from crossed over loved ones, etc. and tools such as Tarot or Lenormand help relay guidance from the Spirit Guides.)

If you are interested in hosting a Reading Gathering, please contact me at 802-368-7217 or e-mail me at Thank you!!!