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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Serenity Prayer

I've recently come back from a session at school, Fellowships Of The Spirit - FOTS, and almost immediately began reading a book I purchased whilst at school. Sometimes, no matter what I'm reading at the time, a book comes into my life that insists it get read then and there. Such was the case with, "twenty-five words - How the Serenity Prayer Can Save Your Life," by Barb Rogers. It's a little book that packs a positive punch. Once I began reading I could hardly put it down, finishing it within a few hours.

The reason this book jumped out at me was because one of my classmates, when giving a healing over the weekend, said that I might want to focus in on the Serenity Prayer. I've always liked the Serenity Prayer's simplicity and wise message:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." ~ Attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr

When someone I respect recommends anything for me to look into, I tend to pay attention. I always know that there will be something personal for me to learn and perhaps for me to recommend to a client, friends, and/or family. It's amazing how many times I am reading a book or have just read a book, only to find out that it's just the book that would help someone who has come to me for a reading session right at this very time.

I love this little book by Barb Rogers because of the honesty with which it is written. It's not full of flowery words or sugar-coating, but it does include moving narrative about the author's earlier, very difficult life and how this prayer provided a needed way towards the Light, literally offering a new way to conduct her life. I believe that no matter who reads this book, no matter what the state their life is in, they will find help and answers to move forward positively. Highly recommended!

And do consider checking out Barb Rogers' website. She's written several other books and offers interesting services.

I'll end with a little update on some of what I did at school this past weekend. We learned about ceremonies of all types that can be officiated by reverends such as ourselves: weddings, funerals, seasonal celebrations, commitment ceremonies, and so much more. We were given homework to write a ceremony of our choosing. I am planning to focus in on the fiber arts. I want to celebrate the diversity of those people who practice the fiber arts and the wide variety of ways they express themselves, such as through spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, rug hooking, embroidery, crochet, etc. Already I've found poems, songs, stories, and passages from various cultures and backgrounds that will be useful in creating this uplifting ceremony. Fun! AND healing for me, personally, in more ways than one.

My classmates and I were also instructed on what to do when clients come to us for readings but clearly need to be referred to other professionals who will be able to further help them in specific ways. Situations that were discussed included mental health issues, alcoholism and addictions of all types, abuse, and more. Our instructor was Rev. Dorothy McCarthy, an RN whose healing ministry has been in Mental Health Counseling for 39 years.  Each of us were instructed to make a binder with important phone numbers and addresses of various organizations to recommend to clients should they be needed.

Regular readers of this blog may have noted that I've been writing none-too-frequently of late. Ever since my pneumonia of last October, my immune system has been compromised and I've been dealing with fighting a variety of viruses and infections. I'm feeling better but I can truly say that I've never been more fatigued on a regular basis in my life. May this soon pass, not only for me but for anyone else experiencing health challenges. Your good vibes and prayers are always appreciated. Thank you!


  1. Talking about this booked peaked my curiousity. Checked my library with no luck but Barnes and Noble has it in stock. Hoping to get there today.

  2. It's a good, little book, Mary. I hope you like it as much as I do. xoxo