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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Astrology?

Now that I've finished with all my homework and can look forward to simply enjoying the last two sessions at FOTS...graduation/ordination included...I've begun traipsing down the astrology road again. Why astrology, you might ask? Well, it goes back to childhood. My Dad got two papers delivered to our home every day, "The Detroit News" and "The Detroit Free Press." Once in a while Dad would ask if I had read my horoscope for the day. Sometimes I had, and other times I had not. Dad always felt it quite important to do so when it was one's birthday. In fact, even after I was married he would clip out my horoscope on my birthday and save it for me. This became such a ritual, that when I moved away from Michigan, I would ask my Ma to send my clipped birthday horoscope to me. When the internet came into being, I would look up the Detroit News or Detroit Free Press and see what my horoscope had to say on my if Detroit was the only place I could get such! Well, my actions were more sentimental than anything and always made me feel my Dad was a bit closer when I did so.

Despite this rather elementary early view of astrology, I somehow knew that there was MORE to do with it than just funky newspaper horoscopes. Over the years I've read a few books on the subject, and about two or three years ago made a concerted effort to settle in and delve farther. Alas, I was still writing my book, "Spinning Around," at the time and got caught up in all that had to be done to complete that project, so astrology was put on the back burner again. Then I began my wonderful, two-year program of schooling at Fellowships Of The Spirit - FOTS,, in Lily Dale, NY and assignments given to us took precedent over self-study of astrology.

But now is my time to jump right in and finally learn that which I somehow know has been waiting for me, and I it. I must admit I was more than a little worried about how I was going to successfully tackle the math that's involved in astrological study. Yes, nowadays one can get a computer program that whips out the answers to any astrology math problem you feed it. But I want to eventually become a certified astrologer, and all the places one can get such certification require that the astrologer be able to cast a natal chart and more from scratch. Besides, I rather like the challenge of learning such math, despite my math 'disability.' So, I have armed myself with a variety of used books and a few DVDs to  help the process of astrology-self-study along...

Here's what I'm reading and working with presently:
I'm reading "Astrology for Dummies," by Rae Orion. I love this book! The author is very knowledgeable, and funny, to boot! It's a great way of easing back into reading about astrology. Having natal charts of folks you know when reading any astrology book is helpful to learn what is being discussed. I got my charts for free from Astrodienst. This is a GREAT site, with all sorts of free stuff, including a daily horoscope that's not just based on your Sun sign (like in the newspapers), but instead on your actual birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth. I did purchase a few years ago their "AstroText Personal Portrait," based on my natal chart...highly recommended and very reasonably priced.

Astrology math-wise I'm working with Terry Lamb's,"Beginning Astrology - Just the Math! - On DVD. This comes with a math workbook, as well. This was just the hand-holding I needed, making learning astrology math rather fun. Also, I purchased a used copy of "Astrology Math Made Easy," by Kevin B. Burk, just in case I had further questions.

Chris, too, was wondering, "Why astrology?" I told him I'm a spiritual counselor and the best way I know to help people is via readings. In fact, my favorite way to serve humanity is to give pyschic mediumship and Tarot readings. I explained that astrology will be yet another tool that will help me to facilitate healing, loving, and compassionate readings.

Perhaps there are readers of this blog who are into astrology. I would love to hear of your favorite books, websites, etc. on the topic. I'll be sure to occasionally post about anything more that is helpful as I continue my self-study. Thanks! 


  1. I too used to read that Sidney Omar forecast for my birthday! I even cut it out and kept it for the year. It got me in the habit of still reading my daily horoscope (although I mostly only pay attention when it says to keep my mouth shut!)

    1. LOL, Theresa! I think one can books by Sidney Omar for one's Sun sign for the year. I've never looked into Sidney's background. Think I'll do a Google search and find out more about this astrologer...

    2. Interesting:

  2. Yes i do think astrology would be a great tool for accuracy. one of my spiritual teachers mentioned that i should learn too. at this point, its a nascent thought. Currently i like teaching and doing meditation and also healing.