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Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Goes On

As mentioned in the last post, a beloved family member has been in the midst of a serious health crisis. Because of this, our whole family has been thrown drastically off-kilter in more ways than one. While things are not exactly what one would call 'better' at this time, at least we know that this family member is safe and being cared for by wonderful doctors and staff members. There are many amazing folks who have gone the extra mile for us and our loved one. We are so very grateful. Many thanks for all your good wishes and prayers...please keep 'em coming. The road ahead for our loved one to regain his health seems long and arduous, but there is hope and I trust that better days are coming.

For weeks I found that I couldn't write. I couldn't even think of topics to write about. It was hard enough to keep my minute-by-minute thoughts straight in my own head. I'd have to read sentences in books over and over again just to comprehend what was being said. As odd as this sounds, I didn't necessarily see this as a sign for me to rest...ha, funny how that is when you're stuck in the thick of a crisis. I did spend time outwardly grieving, which was undoubtedly a good thing to do as the situation was and is grievous, and it wouldn't do to keep such feelings squashed or numbed with no place to go...THAT would not be healthy! But soon I realized I wasn't much good to anyone if I didn't eventually move beyond my grief; if, after I honored this intense sadness, I didn't let it go. Yes, to "Let Go and Let God." Thank you, cousin Janet, for reminding me of your mother's, my Aunt Loraine's, sage advice.

Something that has helped me immensely of late is my work as a substitute teacher. For one thing, as I immerse myself in the routine of this day-job, at least for awhile, I move beyond my own troubles. It's satisfying to know that I can be helpful to others. I may not be able to directly, in a hands-on way, help my own loved one, but I can lend a hand and say a kind word to those I work satisfying and comforting to all concerned, myself included.

And then there's the readings that I facilitate. I cannot stress enough how healing and helpful a reading session can be, not only for the client, but for the psychic medium, as well. What a blessing these gifts of Spirit are! I thank Spirit every day for bringing me to this work, for having been taught by some of the most loving and ethical instructors/teachers on the planet (FOTS), and am humbled that I have found that which really, truly, makes my heart sing.

So, Life Goes On! This is not just a cliche phrase, but a joyous proclamation that the sun WILL rise tomorrow and we'll have another chance to experience life in the fullest sense of the word. Blessed Be!    

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