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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Graduation Notice

Just letting folks know that I'll be leaving for FOTS on Tuesday, May 29th and will not be home until Friday night, June 1st. Yes, I'll be graduating as a fully Ordained Minister of the Spiritualist Church and a full Metaphysician!!! Actual graduation takes place on Thursday, May 31st.

No readings will be scheduled during the time I'm gone. However, if you desire a reading, I'm available all this coming week and still have a few openings  (5/21-5/27), as well as from June 2nd onward. Thank you!

Also, I'll put out the notice for June's free reading once I arrive home again.

"Spread joy.  Chase your wildest dreams." ~ Patch Adams

Monday, May 14, 2012

Plant Talk

During the last session I was studying at FOTS we learned, among other things, that plants have specific vibrations, depending on what type of plant it is. Other things that contribute to these vibes include where the plant is growing, what time of year it is, what type of soil it's living in, how much water it's getting or not, and more. We each were sent out to experience the vibrations of plants, trees, etc. I took a notebook with me to record what I experienced.

I went to the garden area in front of FOTS. It was still the end of March going into the first day of April, but thankfully we didn't find ourselves traipsing through snow in the Lily Dale area during this exercise. I had fun telepathically talking to the various plants coming up, such as daffodils and evergreen bushes. I put my hands near to the plants to feel the vibrations they were giving off. It was enlightening, to say the least.

Here's some things I learned and noted. When I heard them speak, please know that this was clairaudiently...

Regarding the evergreen bushes, of which I dealt with two of the same species (I'll call them A and B): A spoke very slowly and B sounded old. Both A and B sounded male. When I asked if I could touch them, A said, "I won't hurt you if you won't hurt me.", and B said "No thank you." B said he didn't mind me being near him, however.  A said that the native people chewed on them for food and for their healing properties. A also said that his species contains vitamins C and A. B said, "Please don't prune me. It hurts." B also relayed that small animals, mice included, like to nibble on him, but he does not mind that. In fact, it seemed that B was pleased that mice used him for food and shelter. Both A and B gave off a deep vibration; not ancient per se, but old; and very gentlemanly.

Now as for the two daffodil plants I communicated with (I'll call them C and D): Both felt quite female. Both didn't mind if I touched them, but C said that I could only touch her leaves, not her bud. BTW, C was a closed flower bud and D was an open flower. C gave off a 'smooth' vibe, with energy traveling vertically, up and down. D's vibe can only be explained as being enthusiastically joyful! C cautioned that people shouldn't eat her. C also said that she will give off joy when she's open and that we need to be patient with her. C exclaimed, "I don't like it when anything hampers my full potential.", such as when a leaf from a tree gets stuck around her leaves. D said she was a "wound healer" and that such medicine could be found in the juice of her leaf.

Now I realize that all of this may sound quite outlandish as you're reading it, but upon my honor, it happened. I've always been one to talk to plants and trees, even as a child. You, too? What this exercise did is simply take it steps further...asking specific questions and paying attention to what was being said by the plant. And now that I'm spending time in my own garden patches, I'm conversing even more than I used to with all of the plants coming up and the seeds going into the ground. I can tell they like it, especially since last year I practically ignored them. I found myself apologizing to them for that. Some are forgiving; some not so much! LOL! In any case, I'll end this post by saying that several years ago a friend said I'd be seriously talking to the plants and I'd hear them talk back. Well, all I can say is "Never say never!" Ha! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Shouldn't We

We believe in things that we cannot see
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we
Hands that heal can set a chained man free
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we

We believe in peace within every heart
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we
Burning brightly, brightly in the dark
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we

So come on darling feel your spirits rise
Come on children open up your eyes
God is all around
Buddha's at the gate
Allah hears your prayers
It's not too late

And we believe in things that will give us hope
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we
Let your voice be heard, celebrate your vote
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we

We believe in things that make us all the same
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we
Love belongs to all in deed and name
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we

And we believe in things that can't be done
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we
Lift up your heart, put down your gun
Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we

We believe in things
We're told that we cannot change
Why shouldn't we
We had heroes once, and we will again
Why shouldn't we

So come on darling
Come on children
God is all around, Buddha's at the gate
Allah hears our prayers
It's not too late

Why shouldn't we
Why shouldn't we
Why shouldn't we
Why shouldn't we
Why shouldn't we
~ Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Why Shouldn't We"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At Peace

"When you find peace within yourself, 
you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others."
 ~ Peace Pilgrim

More than once over the past couple of weeks, I found myself stating out loud that I'm 'at peace.' It's occurred to me that this statement refers to the various, rather diverse, aspects of my life. For instance...

I am at peace with who I am. I love my insides and my outsides. I aim to lovingly take care of my body, mind, and spirit...never alienating one aspect of me for another. I am proud that I am 54 years old. I strive to be continually grounded. I like me as well as love me...ALL of me.

I am at peace with what I am and how I am manifesting that which makes my heart sing. I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and I am not embarrassed in any way to proclaim this. I am soon to be a fully Ordained Minister in the Spiritual Church (Now less than a month 'til graduation!). I am thoroughly enjoying facilitating readings for folks, nationally and internationally. I am happy to know that I can, as accurately and clearly as possible, and with the always-present help of Spirit, relay messages that are for the highest and best good of the client I am serving.  I am grateful for my training at FOTS, which gave me the necessary skills/techniques, confidence, and knowledge to positively go forward as a Spiritual Medium.

I am at peace creatively. For years I was a fiber artist - a spinner, dyer, and knitter. While I still do spin, dye, and knit yarn, now it's purely for my own pleasure. I am happy to leave the 'business' (teaching, vending, writing, etc.) of the fiber arts behind, allowing me to move forward in other directions. I love owning my own business, "The Spiritual Spider," which focuses on the readings I facilitate AND the making of prayer beads and jewelry. I look forward to growing the business and growing within the business.

I am at peace with what I am presently doing for work in my life. I enjoy my day-job of being a substitute teacher. I love being with the kids at the schools. I am proud to be included as part of a team of teachers who are caring, compassionate, and often go the 'extra mile.' I love the flexibility inherent with substitute teaching. 

I am at peace with my relationships. I know that there are important reasons for every relationship I have and have had with people in my life, whether such relationships be positive and uplifting, or challenging and frustrating, or perhaps a little of both. I trust that when people choose to move out of my life, or I choose to move out of their lives, that this is for the highest and best good of all concerned. I know that we each have to live our own lives and make our own decisions. Therefore I am at peace with those who shared my life for a time, but have now moved on. I celebrate those relationships which continue to flourish and grow stronger.

I am at peace with where I live. For much of my life I have been decidedly restless, always waiting for the next adventure and what lies 'around the corner.' For the first time in a long, long time I am happy with where I live. That said, I am open to wherever the future will take Chris and I for our highest and best good, including changing residence or geographic location. But until that happens (if, indeed, it eventually does happen), I am enjoying right where I the rural northeast; at one with the mountains and the forest surrounding our home; at one with the land.

I know I could continue writing about other ways I am 'at peace,' but what I've listed are among the major biggies in my life. I'm sure that other folks can come up with ways that they, too, are at peace...or not. I find that aiming to be at peace is a continual process. It involves paying attention. I do best when I check in with my feelings and am honest about what I find. These days, when I find myself agitated and NOT at peace in any given situation, I don't just accept it as a given. Instead, I ask myself why I'm feeling this way. I ponder the possible reasons. I realize that I'm the one responsible for how I react in various circumstances and remind myself that I am not responsible for the way others act. Most importantly, I act on how best to bring peace back into my life. Doing so is healthy on all levels. Doing so is not selfish; it is essential for well-being and ultimate happiness.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's Free Reading

Calling all those who want to be in May's drawing for one free reading. The winner can choose between one 30-minute Tarot reading OR a 30-minute Psychic Mediumship reading. The reading will be via Skype or phone. An MP3 recording of the reading will be included, if one desires it.

How can you win this reading? Wait for my post each month, which will generally be on the first of the month. Either send me an e-mail ( OR comment on the blog post that has the free offer (include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win). After a few days of having the free-offer-post up I'll put all names in a hat and pull the winner (my random decision on when this will happen). The winner will be on the post that the offer was on, using their first name only (along with last name initials, if needed to distinguish them from others with the same first name). I'll contact that person via e-mail to let them know that they have won. We'll schedule a reading for a day/time that's good for both of us. If you win, please do not enter the contest again for one year. Thank you!

If you do not win this month, your name will automatically go into the drawing for the following months, so no need to e-mail me each month to be included. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be in future drawings, do let me know, please.

The winner for May's free reading is: Patti V.G.

BTW, you may want to take a look at this excellent video by Bob Olson of "Best Psychic Directory," on improving your readings with a psychic medium: Get Better Readings