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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At Peace

"When you find peace within yourself, 
you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others."
 ~ Peace Pilgrim

More than once over the past couple of weeks, I found myself stating out loud that I'm 'at peace.' It's occurred to me that this statement refers to the various, rather diverse, aspects of my life. For instance...

I am at peace with who I am. I love my insides and my outsides. I aim to lovingly take care of my body, mind, and spirit...never alienating one aspect of me for another. I am proud that I am 54 years old. I strive to be continually grounded. I like me as well as love me...ALL of me.

I am at peace with what I am and how I am manifesting that which makes my heart sing. I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and I am not embarrassed in any way to proclaim this. I am soon to be a fully Ordained Minister in the Spiritual Church (Now less than a month 'til graduation!). I am thoroughly enjoying facilitating readings for folks, nationally and internationally. I am happy to know that I can, as accurately and clearly as possible, and with the always-present help of Spirit, relay messages that are for the highest and best good of the client I am serving.  I am grateful for my training at FOTS, which gave me the necessary skills/techniques, confidence, and knowledge to positively go forward as a Spiritual Medium.

I am at peace creatively. For years I was a fiber artist - a spinner, dyer, and knitter. While I still do spin, dye, and knit yarn, now it's purely for my own pleasure. I am happy to leave the 'business' (teaching, vending, writing, etc.) of the fiber arts behind, allowing me to move forward in other directions. I love owning my own business, "The Spiritual Spider," which focuses on the readings I facilitate AND the making of prayer beads and jewelry. I look forward to growing the business and growing within the business.

I am at peace with what I am presently doing for work in my life. I enjoy my day-job of being a substitute teacher. I love being with the kids at the schools. I am proud to be included as part of a team of teachers who are caring, compassionate, and often go the 'extra mile.' I love the flexibility inherent with substitute teaching. 

I am at peace with my relationships. I know that there are important reasons for every relationship I have and have had with people in my life, whether such relationships be positive and uplifting, or challenging and frustrating, or perhaps a little of both. I trust that when people choose to move out of my life, or I choose to move out of their lives, that this is for the highest and best good of all concerned. I know that we each have to live our own lives and make our own decisions. Therefore I am at peace with those who shared my life for a time, but have now moved on. I celebrate those relationships which continue to flourish and grow stronger.

I am at peace with where I live. For much of my life I have been decidedly restless, always waiting for the next adventure and what lies 'around the corner.' For the first time in a long, long time I am happy with where I live. That said, I am open to wherever the future will take Chris and I for our highest and best good, including changing residence or geographic location. But until that happens (if, indeed, it eventually does happen), I am enjoying right where I the rural northeast; at one with the mountains and the forest surrounding our home; at one with the land.

I know I could continue writing about other ways I am 'at peace,' but what I've listed are among the major biggies in my life. I'm sure that other folks can come up with ways that they, too, are at peace...or not. I find that aiming to be at peace is a continual process. It involves paying attention. I do best when I check in with my feelings and am honest about what I find. These days, when I find myself agitated and NOT at peace in any given situation, I don't just accept it as a given. Instead, I ask myself why I'm feeling this way. I ponder the possible reasons. I realize that I'm the one responsible for how I react in various circumstances and remind myself that I am not responsible for the way others act. Most importantly, I act on how best to bring peace back into my life. Doing so is healthy on all levels. Doing so is not selfish; it is essential for well-being and ultimate happiness.


  1. Beautifully stated, Jenny. Peace is the path and peace is the goal.

    1. Thank you, Anne. Your comment is much appreciated.