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Monday, May 14, 2012

Plant Talk

During the last session I was studying at FOTS we learned, among other things, that plants have specific vibrations, depending on what type of plant it is. Other things that contribute to these vibes include where the plant is growing, what time of year it is, what type of soil it's living in, how much water it's getting or not, and more. We each were sent out to experience the vibrations of plants, trees, etc. I took a notebook with me to record what I experienced.

I went to the garden area in front of FOTS. It was still the end of March going into the first day of April, but thankfully we didn't find ourselves traipsing through snow in the Lily Dale area during this exercise. I had fun telepathically talking to the various plants coming up, such as daffodils and evergreen bushes. I put my hands near to the plants to feel the vibrations they were giving off. It was enlightening, to say the least.

Here's some things I learned and noted. When I heard them speak, please know that this was clairaudiently...

Regarding the evergreen bushes, of which I dealt with two of the same species (I'll call them A and B): A spoke very slowly and B sounded old. Both A and B sounded male. When I asked if I could touch them, A said, "I won't hurt you if you won't hurt me.", and B said "No thank you." B said he didn't mind me being near him, however.  A said that the native people chewed on them for food and for their healing properties. A also said that his species contains vitamins C and A. B said, "Please don't prune me. It hurts." B also relayed that small animals, mice included, like to nibble on him, but he does not mind that. In fact, it seemed that B was pleased that mice used him for food and shelter. Both A and B gave off a deep vibration; not ancient per se, but old; and very gentlemanly.

Now as for the two daffodil plants I communicated with (I'll call them C and D): Both felt quite female. Both didn't mind if I touched them, but C said that I could only touch her leaves, not her bud. BTW, C was a closed flower bud and D was an open flower. C gave off a 'smooth' vibe, with energy traveling vertically, up and down. D's vibe can only be explained as being enthusiastically joyful! C cautioned that people shouldn't eat her. C also said that she will give off joy when she's open and that we need to be patient with her. C exclaimed, "I don't like it when anything hampers my full potential.", such as when a leaf from a tree gets stuck around her leaves. D said she was a "wound healer" and that such medicine could be found in the juice of her leaf.

Now I realize that all of this may sound quite outlandish as you're reading it, but upon my honor, it happened. I've always been one to talk to plants and trees, even as a child. You, too? What this exercise did is simply take it steps further...asking specific questions and paying attention to what was being said by the plant. And now that I'm spending time in my own garden patches, I'm conversing even more than I used to with all of the plants coming up and the seeds going into the ground. I can tell they like it, especially since last year I practically ignored them. I found myself apologizing to them for that. Some are forgiving; some not so much! LOL! In any case, I'll end this post by saying that several years ago a friend said I'd be seriously talking to the plants and I'd hear them talk back. Well, all I can say is "Never say never!" Ha! 


  1. I do not think it is outlandish at all! I think it is fantastic!

    1. Thank you, badbadkitty! I'm not surprised at all that you'd give this a thumb's up! xoxo

  2. Amazing...I felt like i was there with you.