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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading Gatherings

Reading Gatherings! Here's how they work:

A host decides to have a Reading Gathering at his/her home. Gatherings are scheduled on Saturdays from noon to 4pm (allows for transitional time between readings + host's reading). The host confirms the attendance of 4 people as guests, each receiving a 30-minute reading at $50 per guest (in addition to host's free reading which is not counted in the guest total)An additional fee of .50 cents per mile round trip can be divided among participants so that the host is not responsible for all of the travel fee. The host schedules the four guests for their readings. If a guest wants a double reading (60-minutes), this counts as two people. As an example, let's say 2 people both want double readings - that would be enough people to schedule a Reading Gathering (adds up to five 30-minute sessions total - which includes the host's reading). The host is responsible to collect the reading fee from each person. The host receives a free reading for sponsoring the Gathering. 

The host is asked to provide light, nutritious snacks and beverages during the Gathering. NO ALCOHOL is served or allowed before or during the Gathering. A room with a door containing a table (card table size or larger) and two or three chairs is necessary to maintain the guests' privacy. Each guest has a choice of having either a Tarot reading (utilizing cards as visuals to work in tandem with the messages of their Spirit Guides), or a combination Psychic Mediumship reading and Tarot reading (where the door is open to messages from crossed over loved ones, etc. and the cards are used as visuals to help relay messages from Spirit Guides),
Consider booking a Reading Gathering around holidays and other special events: New Year's, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Winter and/or Summer Solstices, Fall and/or Spring Equinoxes, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, wedding showers, baby showers, etc.. The host can "gift" their guests by paying for their readings OR each guest can pay for their own reading. 

If YOU are interested in hosting a Reading Gathering, please contact me at 802-368-7217 or e-mail me at Thank you!!!


  1. What a wonderful evening at the White House of Wilmington. All of our guests who enjoyed a reading stated "how spot on Jeannine was" we can not wait to do this again.

  2. Thank you so much, "Jackson," for your kind words about the readings I facilitate. Much appreciated that you left a comment on this post! I LOVED reading at the White House Inn in Wilmington...lovely venue and staff! 'twas splendid in all ways! Thank you!!!!