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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Georgia Nicols - Astrologer

It's a rainy Sunday here in southern Vermont and I'm busy transcribing for the new book I'm co-writing. Every now and again I take a break and read any e-mails that have come in and whatever is interesting on Facebook. In my inbox I saw that Georgia Nicols' weekly horoscope, based only on Sun signs, had arrived. I generally don't like just 'Sun sign' horoscopes, much preferring horoscopes where my whole chart is taken into consideration, such as what one can do on Astro can't be beat for computer-generated daily horoscopes, imho, and they're free! BUT, for basic, Sun sign horoscopes, I love Georgia Nicols. My friend, the Herbalist, hipped me to her. Here's the link to sign up for Georgia's free weekly horoscopes: Georgia Nicols' Weekly Horoscopes. And if you go to her website on a daily basis, you can get her daily horoscopes, as well. She's a hoot and a half! And amazingly spot-on. I'm even thinking of treating myself to buying her yearly forecast before 2013 begins. I like her THAT much!


  1. I read Georgia often and always respect her all signs notes. My kids and husband often ask "Are we free to make important decisions and shop today?' I also bought her book You and Your Future and check it time and again.

  2. LOL, Annis! Ooh, thanks for the tip about Georgia's book.