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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Riding With The River's Current

We all know or can at least imagine what it is like to paddle upstream against the current. In contrast, I think most would agree that it is much easier to 'go with the flow.'

Now I'm not talking about going with the status quo here. Far be it from me to suggest jumping on the popular bandwagon of anything, unless doing so makes your own heart sing. Instead, I'm talking about choosing a path that 'feels' correct for you...paying attention to your gut instincts; paying attention to that voice which is nudging you to head towards that which is for your highest and best good; in fact, just PAYING ATTENTION and acting on what you know to be good for you. When we do so, chances are that it can feel as effortless as riding with the river's current. It simply feels right.

Have you ever experienced something being proverbially 'handed to you on a plate?' This can be an awesome experience when what's on the plate makes you extremely happy. Such an occurrence has, what I would term, a magical quality. Thankfully, Chris and I have experienced such magic on a number of occasions, especially over the last two years. One such 'gift,' which came in the form of an important job for Chris, enabled me to attend school for the last two years. Had this not occurred, it would have been doubtful that I could have taken part in one of my most positive, life-changing events. Most recently this 'magic' has manifested in a conference that he and I will be attending: The Downeast Spiritual Life Conference. One moment he's e-mailing someone-in-charge to offer his musical services for the event, and the next thing we know we're both attending! Something tells me that this particular conference will have it's own amazing, positive, life-changing effects! How do I know this? I can FEEL it!!!!

I've found that some of the best things in my life have flowed in. Truth is, on pondering, I've allowed them in. In fact, I've no doubt attracted them...of course, ALWAYS with help from my Guides, Angels, etc. But one thing is sure 'nuff, I didn't block them through fear, anxiety, or worry. Blessings all 'round!

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