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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Reading I Gratefully Received

The other evening I took part in a reading exchange that is generously set up by mediums for mediums. It's called Mediumship for Mediums (M4M). One of my beloved classmates at Fellowships Of The Spirit (FOTS), Jeff, told our class about this neat program that was developed by Alyson, a friend of Jeff's. If memory serves me, M4M came out of the desire for a class-full of mediums who took a workshop with James Van Praagh a few years back to stay in touch and exchange readings with each other on a regular basis. I've belonged to M4M for over a year now and always find the reading exchanges fun and fascinating.

The most recent reading exchange, however, was particularly memorable. The medium who facilitated my reading for me was gentle, articulate, and spot-on. Her messages had me at times in tears and were very profound. First she told me how my fiber art spinning, dyeing, and knitting...was created with so much love and fashioned with such deep, deep good will. Just as I get messages for upcoming clients that I'm going to read for (They 'knock' on my door, so to speak!) when I'm out in the dye studio/garage as I exercise on the Gazelle or when I am meditating, I equally tap into spiritual dimensions when I spin, dye, knit, and no doubt also when I do beadwork. Therefore, the finished pieces that I've worked on hold much more within them than what meets the eye.

She asked me if I had a dog who had crossed over. I told her I had two from when I was younger. Then she went on to explain a brown-furred dog of medium size. At first I didn't know who this dog was because Buns was an apricot-colored standard poodle and Cindy was a black mix. But then I got a clairvoyant picture (It pays to be psychic! LOL!) of a neighborhood dog named, "T," that I knew several years back. T was named as such apparently because of cream markings in the shape of a T on his chest. He seemed to be always outdoors, held on a way too-short chain, with a nearby shelter that was built for a dog half his size. He was the sweetest boy one could ever imagine. Every time I'd go to the post office I'd pass by his house and stop to talk and pet him. One day a thunderstorm had started on my way back from mailing a letter. The thunder was deafening and the lightening was non-stop. Poor T's whole body was shaking miserably and he was crying softly. I brought T close to my chest and wrapped his wet body up with my unzipped jacket. He tucked his head down into the warmth and eventually stopped shaking. My whole being cried for him. Another day the woman of the house stuck her head out the door and asked, "You want that dog?" I sooooooo would have loved to take him home, but that would have been unfair to Chris (who unfortunately grew up to be afraid of dogs) and to Chloe, our most excellent black cat. Sadly I told her I couldn't take her up on the offer. Soon after "T" was gone from the neighbor's house and I never saw him again. The medium who gave me my reading said that "T" walks with me always. I feel very honored and grateful for his companionship.

Finally, the medium asked me if I knew a Norwegian lady, or if I was Norwegian with ancestors from Norway. I said, "No, but my family landed from Europe in St. Paul, Minnesota in the 1800's where a lot of Scandinavians live." After awhile I realized that this woman, named "Marie," was the Guide that my other incredibly loving and helpful Guide, "Ken," had told me about who would be coming into my life. Here was a Guide who understood my love of color-patterned knitting and the beauty of spinning! Here was a Guide, who without a doubt, had already inspired me...seemingly out of the write up a proposal for a class that combined yarn spinning with meditation. NOW I understand why I spent a day writing this proposal and sending it out to various venues for consideration! At the time I didn't know what had come over me because I had recently stated to Chris, "I don't want to teach anymore. I have nothing to teach," etc.etc.etc. Ha! Famous last words, indeed, from a wounded warrior.

Thank you, Judith, for a truly wonderful reading!!!    

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